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I'm with you. It's cool to know they would ship to the US thou.
Those boots are over 1000 usd. They don't have half sizes. There's no confirmation they will ship to the US.
Its easier to post a boot one specific way (as pictured) then to try and cater to everyone's demands. We would get significantly less votes by having a boot with a cap toe, one without, one with brogue-ing, one without, natural cxl, black, etc... you get my point. If people are willing to back a 310 boot it should happen as the millwright that we have lusted over. If not its just not meant to be.
Id be in for the pictured boot as well. Its definitely different and thats why I like it. There will likely be no chance of attaining it in the future. I would likely live without the perforated toe cap to get it made but would prefer the pictured boot.
I'm in, would love to see this boot just like this. I've got quite a few pairs of bergs now and outside of bringing something in from Denmark, there's just nothing on this level of awesomeness.
I really haven't seen anything truly different or interesting in the past couple months. I don't own any Trumans and I'm not promoting them by any means but the leathers on their Instagram are pretty sick comparative.
It's 110 degrees in Missouri, haven't worn boots outside my steel toes for work in months. That being said, I plan on putting some miles on the Natural Shell starting in fall.
Those are awesome. If they made a 31x30 would have been my first purchase of the collection.
Anyone pickup the baseball jersey that can comment on it?
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