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That's the general opinion, I like cordovan but its not the end all be all. I judge my favorites based on how many wears they get combined with their individual versatility.
@Burzan Right there with you man on the Whiskey NST. I'd take a CapToe or a WT boot as a consolation price thou. Favorite I own: Natural CXL CapToe (despite having the Ravelo NST, it's a close second)
Mine are still unworn in the box too. It snows and rains all the time. Most boots I can just get over it but with these.....
I do not go under the label. My favorite belt is a good 1.5 inch handmade natural CXL.Plus I have ripped a label before with my belt. It's no big deal to have it sewn back on but it still cost me a few bucks.
You guys have been killin it with these LWB's lately, Im starting to come around on the idea of owning them. Since I will likey never get a whiskey boot.
I believe it's just a Viberg logo and the size in the insole.
It's a rust stampede rough out I believe.They are already taking preorders and may even be sold out.
The leather is thicker on Viberg's but they are both appealing to me for different reasons.
Awesome. Hope you enjoy them! Couldn't keep both due to the Choco suede tankers, I admit it was a tough choice thou. The funds have already went to a good cause. Waxed flesh Vibergs.
I wear the same size in both. I have chicken legs thou.Slims are definitely much slimmer through the thighs.
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