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Yep these are the ones. They have a captoe.
The only piece of info they have from me is my paypal email so I would assume it's by that. I was excited about these tankers but may actually let them go. Too many other things lately.
These the same mahogany?Looks pretty good, wasn't interested before but this pic has me guessing.It's been a year and missing the Brandy's still kill me.
I'm hoping they keep that iced mocha in stock and we can throw it on the 310 last.
Wearing size small. It's pretty fitted. The jacket falls right at the waistline for me. It's lightweight, much lighter than I was expected. I have another quilted RRL (baker) and 2 different polo quilted jackets and this is easy the lightest of the bunch. Shoulder to shoulder is approx 18.5 and the P2P is 21.
Boots that are attainable right now?
Nice man, you definitely pull off denim on denim well. Did you pick up the cotton twill Jacket? I'm interested in seeing that jacket as well.  Off topic: the boots from my pic are Viberg Stealth from 3Sixteen. Viberg is top notch stuff.
Here's the new Carmack liner jacket. Icon Henley. Midland denim.
Sh*t, I'm right there with ya man. If Viberg can still do it?
Isn't that 1940 service boot posted a few pages back a 310?
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