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I am not sure how many times they have restocked them this year, but mine have gusseted as well. They are approx 2 months old now.
Oconnels told me you bought all their stock!  Im not sure Im feeling the new Cape Moc's either......
Grey for certain.
Awesome man, glad to see you finally got them. I like the look of the 2 tone lace but its hard to tie tightly. I thought about asking Viberg for a much longer pair so I can wrap them around the ankle. It provides no function, but looks cool to me like that.
Awesome. I love looking through all these fabrics just to see the variety.
Thought I'd throw up a pic today because I don't wear these as much as I should. Snuff WT's.
Try Ed at TSM. You might wait forever for it thou.
He/she owns a shop in LA. I think the general consensus is that the pairs are real but will have some cosmetic flaw. IE, seconds.
Pretty awesome look man. What are the pants? Ive really been into lighter colors this spring.
I spot creases! Stunning.
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