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Tagged Size 31x30 Actual Waist - 16.5Aligned Actual Waist - 17Front rise - 10 inchesBack rise - 14 inchesLeg opening - 7.6Inseam - Just slightly over 30 inches  I have a few wears on these to, so these measurements will be likely how far they will stretch. I don't anticipate them getting any looser.No washes yet.
I really am not sure. I have my size narrowed down in slims, low straights, chinos, and cargos. Each of these has a little variation but not much in my opinion as far as waist goes. Now inseam, leg opening, and rise is a different story.It took me some returns to get it nailed down but sizing has varied very little from season to season.
You make me sick! J/K of course.It's like -6 here today and funny enough that sorta feels warm. It's so cold the deer are eating my pine bushes out front.
I'm guessing most will say longwing but I vote Chukka.Chukka's show off shell so well.
I have these jeans in 31x30.Not sure if it helps your cause or not but I could measure them when I get home.They run at least a full size off. I'm typically like 32.5ish actual waist.
What else went up at noon?
Thanks man for the heads up. I was able to kop these.
Fok, Any idea on what sizes?
These look awesome. I want something in this color pretty badly. Been watching their site like a hawk for a restock. Instagram said very soon. Not exactly sure what 'very soon' means these days.
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