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You cannot order from them. Unless you live in Europe. They do not ship to the US. That being said if anyone wants to proxy me...... :)
I got this jacket in yesterday as well. I will have to exchange thou, its too small. Beautiful jacket thou. My wife didnt care for the flower buttons but I liked them.
Definitely grey Italian calf. I posted something a few pages back.
Rust stampede in today. Was on the fence but ultimately choose the flat waxed brown laces.
Whoever was blessed with feet the same size as @mdubs or @MrDV won the shoe lottery.
 Pretty sick man. Looks nice with eyelets. What was the cost? If you want you can PM me it, or let me know if you would rather not share. Since I will likely never attain the "workboot last" I would be in on something for 310 in the right color. Diggin captoe's on boots lately though.
 Im really not sure. I just pointed it out in the summer lookbook and these are the pictures I was sent from Melrose. I have one on hold with them because I love how this coat looks and want something really similar. I got measurements on size small and it had a 21 inch chest which I thought meant it ran big?The chore coat is 21 inch chest on a medium.
Yeah you just pick a store and call. Any store can do a send sale.Here is some pics I had sent to me for items in the summer collection I was interested in. Emerson Jacket. Not yet online.  Hawkins has been added now, but these pictures more accurately represent color. 
Most of its in store already if you call. I got s few pics sent to me of items not yet online.
I seen the second photo on Stag. There's some photos of a guy wearing it on denimbro's forum. http://www.denimbro.com/rrl_topic100_page55.html
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