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The common sizes are pretty much already gone. Unreal 3 minutes for 8 and 8.5D.
Anyone know offhand about how off Leffot runs the Tankers? Roughly every 6 months? Once a year?
Much appreciate Zippy for the help and the pics. ^^
Yep the Eaton is the toe cap. It would still have the cap toe, just no medallion toe in an attempt to create a more rugged rounded toe boot.The Hermann is potentially another option it wouldnt have all the brogue detailing on the sides or the toe and still would be the 4497 last. Im not sure if Trickers does antique and if they do what they call it? Does anyone here know?I have seen a tan barbour welt which might look like an antique would?Yes Eaton is on the 4497....
Im pretty set on Waxy Cuba but I just dont know which boot. Im leaning towards the Lawrence, I think currently because of the raised seem across the apron. I think someone here has a brown suede Lawrence or at least I thought I seen one. The Lawrence runs on the W2298 last. I have no experience with this last but based on other pairs I believe I can guess as to the sizing of it. The James loafer is on this last for reference. Alternately I love the Eaton boot. I think if I...
Those arent even worn! :P
Hey guys I took the time to contact Richard at Shoehealer about the made to order process and how it works. I am still getting finite details so I don't know everything.   I'm going to run 2 styles for myself. One at a time to lessen not only the cost burden but also the burden on the number of MTO styles that are to be submitted.   The first one I have basically down pat. There is only one thing left I am only questioning at this point. Since it is significantly...
I missed that you changed it to Tassels. :) Speaking of Tassels though they just put up some #8 Tankers on Facebook if anyone is interested. The price can be steep to import but if your really in the market you may be able to score from them.
Nice, should of snapped a few pics. They don't even advertise on their website that they retail Alden's anymore. Edit: You edit'd to say Tassels didnt catch that. :)
#4 is for sure a collectors item. Its not for me and I don't understand the pricing outside of just paying for the rarity of it.   What I will say though is some people on here pull it off with some insane style and grace!
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