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I have never read the book or watched the movie, Im not attached to the name. I just googled the word grey, and thats what came up. Creative.... I know.
I really dislike calling out members, I thought that was part of the voting process as their tastes could of changed by now.Here are the people that I can find with a quick look who said they would be in or potentially in, please forgive me if your tastes have changed. @gambit402@BatmanFactory@jfclarky@bespoken pa I know the list is pretty limited, but in all honestly besides maybe the Hopper Engineer there is no consensus on any fully proposed makeup proposed this round....
Yeah split welt, blind eyes.... no captoe which is most important. Not my kinda thing. Really the only thing in common is the color.
I figured the grey service boots to be a "shoe-in" at least for the voting process, its one of the few makeups proposed that a handful of people said they were in on without any changes on both subs.
I still like it but I dunno if I 2800 dollar like it. Especially when I could grab 2 horsehide leather coats for the same price.
Jeez was expected to check this sub today and see a bunch of sucess stories. Theres like 1 person that was able to kop a pair. Who the heck bought them all.....
Awesome. Maybe that's something we could throw on the grey service boots if the people that are interested are down?
What's the ping pong structuring that was mentioned earlier?
I love pull tabs they help get the boot on and off.I dont own any vibergs with both pull tabs and perforated cap toe, though I have some Aldens with both and they are far from formal.
 Of course the grey service boots are my #1 but this is a pretty good looking boot for the 310.
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