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Interesting the red is reversible.
The navy is super nice. I cannot pull the red one up on the site. Anyone got a link?
I dont believe its formal at all, but I guess that depends on what color/fabric you get. Im about 165 with a 38.5 inch chest and a Medium fits me well. I would say it runs a little smaller than most brands.
I take back my original quote. They will ship to the US. I tried tohave them ship some Waxed Flesh Vibergs earlier this year and they wouldnt.  The wingtips are supposedly an E Width though. Might be a good opportunity for some. Im still going to email them to get the details.
You cannot order from them. Unless you live in Europe. They do not ship to the US. That being said if anyone wants to proxy me...... :)
I got this jacket in yesterday as well. I will have to exchange thou, its too small. Beautiful jacket thou. My wife didnt care for the flower buttons but I liked them.
Definitely grey Italian calf. I posted something a few pages back.
Rust stampede in today. Was on the fence but ultimately choose the flat waxed brown laces.
Whoever was blessed with feet the same size as @mdubs or @MrDV won the shoe lottery.
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