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Its been a busy day, just seen your post and checked my email. Im right there with ya man. Monday.
I gotta agree. I've had good experiences with AOM. I was especially pleased with the transparency and professionalism on the Ravello shortage.
It's still all the same items they just don't show under RRL on the sale page.
Run roughly a size or two big.30's = 16 inch actual waist.Edit. Last season
Awesome man. Congrats. Dream boot for me.
So I talked to 2 of the NYC stores and this sale is it as far as they know. The one girl seemed surprised that it didn't work on more items.
I'mma give the nyc store a call and see if I can get any details. Should of done that days ago.
Yeah real bummer if this is it.
Hampton last = TTS?
Thanks man. I know nothing of Carmina or Enzo. Not against trying something new thou. These are pretty nice.Like the bal's posted earlier too.It would seem they get worn sparingly but it I feel I am always attending a wedding,communion, confirmation, graduation or other venue. So it's a sound investment on my part, they would probably get worn more than some of the pairs of boots I have still in the box brand new.
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