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It's not in store yet. I tried already. Should be shortly thou.
Is there an example pic? I tried to google viberg 2030 crepe sole and came up with nothing.
Just a heads up. Next Tuesday some of the summer collection will go 30% off. I'm not 100% certain if it's an online sale and it does not include the nautilus collection.
Oh man ......😁..... Can hardly wait.
Is there a swatch of the black unicorn floating around anywhere?
I don't hate the 1035 but I'm with you.The 2030 is just the best.
I'm loving those aged bark service boots on their Instagram. Wonder how long out those are.
I can give you the actual waist on a size 31? I feel they run the same as any other slim.
Same here I will get it and think it's awesome but man 2800.... I'll definitely hold till a sale. I picked up the indigo Henley, the Wakefield varsity and the dotted canvas worthy shirt thou.The Griggs came back in a medium as well and fits much better. Sleeves are a little long but it's still a sick jacket.
Love those grey boots. Thanks for the album.
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