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Congrats man, I cant wait for these boots to come in. I feel like its taking forever.
   I have them as well. There a solid boot. I'm very cautious when I wear them though, always afraid they will get stained.I will say though, I got stuck in a torrential downpour with them and the suede ended up being fine, the thread is not as bright white as it once was though. Here nor there, they are boots and as much as I baby them, they are made to be worn.
I picked these up a bit ago, its an nice boot. Wish it was on commando. The oiled finish has a unique smell, but it has faded over time.Congrats on the purchase.
Today was an Indy kinda day here today too.
These are at the top of my dream list. Surprised they aren't a more popular makeup. You wear them with class.
These are awesome. If there still available I'm pulling the trigger. I see visions of them with color 8 dancing in my head.Edit: kopped
This isn't even fair. very nice!
I was told sometime in October but Mdubs said November a few pages back. I'm assuming very soon thou.
With the talk of Winn Perry today, they are debuting a couple new models tonight according to their instagram.
I gotten a few water spots. I try to brush them out after drying but in reality I don't care. It's all character.
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