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I would be interested to know as well, last I heard the NST boot was going to be the next ravello style out of TSM but it wasnt a done deal. If it did get confirmed I believe I am high enough on the list to get a pair. I cant imagine they confirmed an order at less than 24 pairs.
Very under worn pair of NST's tonight for some music on the pier.
Mike, you have really been stepping up your sock game lately. Ive been debating heavily grabbing a tan suede LHS or Full Strap which is something I said I would never do. I guess I associated it with being old. (No offense to anyone!)
Very much wish we wore the same size! These are awesome. I hope to acquire someday.
   Thanks guys, appreciate the advice. Its hard to tell sometimes with JCrew models. Although for the 2 times a year I put on a suit, I likely wouldn't grab a new pair of black shell unless I scored a deal on eBay. No matter what I do I cannot incorporate black into my daily attire. I always hate how it looks and in general will go for dark greys or navy's instead.
Mike, I think you already may have answered this but I couldn't find it paging back. Are you going to restock some of the Rivet sizes and styles shortly?
I see black as formal, I love black shoes if I'm wearing a suit or a tux. With casual wear, Its just not my thing.   If I were to buy black Alden's it would likely be a captoe cadet shoe (JCrew)  to replace my park avenues.
A reverse Tobacco Chamois at Unionmade.(Great Shop)A Chocolate Suede at North River Outfitters (I have never bought anything from them but I hear mixed reviews.)Snuff Suede on red brick at Alden Madison. (Have had many favorable experiences with them as well.) All 3 of those are on cork. Not sure of anything offhand in a dark suede on commando.
I doubt they will let you exchange them because they are worn but I will tell you its worth a call. They typically are really good when it comes to this kind of stuff. They may offer you some kind of other perk.
JCrew put up a new style or two today. The snuff suede tassels look nice, not my style but I know a few of you have rocked similar designs with alot of class.
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