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Very interesting. Thanks for your time and effort to test and post this. I also would like to have a read of the original test if you can post it up.
hmmm I dunno If I have ever seen a choco suede indy shoe. Leather Soul does V-tip shoes like these: Or you could get an moc toe like these: Edit: Add one more to this list that I know is actually available right now. JGilbert has a reverse tobacco chamois on a oiled waterloc sole.
Frankly it has always surprised me that Alden does not do group MTO's like every other manufacturer.From what I understand though, they are not even in the market of accepting new vendors for MTO styles.
Beatle Im with you on the Ravello Brixton. Doubt it will ever happen again.   Additionally for boots that I may actually be able to acquire and am not on a guaranteed list for already.   1. Cigar NST with commando sole 2. Leffot Tanker with antique edge 3. Leather Soul chocolate suede indy or NST boot
I would go med. in Snuff. I like the color of milkshake but they get dirty so easy, some people rough up their shoes and like that look. If I ever bought milkshake I would be obsesive about not getting them dirty to the point that I wouldnt enjoy them.
Im shocked someone hasnt picked these up yet. This is such a great makeup and its extremely versitile. Plus I am not sure its a readily available style. I know JGilbert reorders but its not always available.   PS. Sick pics Ryden, this is one of my favorite boots.
I agree with this 100%. Very slick casual look, dark denim, sportcoat, suede shoes.
   I emailed Guy not to long ago and he got back to me within a day. Very surprised to hear that it didnt go the same for you. I applaude their customer service and timeliness.
I still feel the need to click false.
I wear the same size in all 3 . Barrie 8D, Wolverine 8, and Wolverine AE Shell 8. If you want to wear thick socks go 8.5D Barrie.
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