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Relaxing today at the university with some lovely cigar chukka's.
I thought it was "THE" boot?Now we are changing it up....?
I agree with everyone else. These are super nice.
Agreed. Olive especially is a fricken awesome color.
 +1 These are beauty's dont remember seeing them before, where from? Congrats, welcome to one of the most addicting hobbies.
I have the brown CXL from Alden of Carmel But I would probably pick up the natural CXL at well. I wouldn't think the color 8 was out of reach either.
I wish Epaulet could run some of these again.
Ive never actually been told not to disclose a makeup on the forum. Most people laugh when I tell them, I found out about XXX shoe/boot on Styleforum. And in most cases by the time the forum acknowleges it the list has 40 people on it already or the preorders are all sold out. I have better luck calling around or watching instagram than I do on here. Just like Aldens age old marketing techniques (which is essentially doing nothing) phone calls still remain the #1 method.
      Good to know. Thanks gents for the input. Its nice that they basically go on an honor system. Alden DC is like this as well. Striking that they will allow you to order any size and width, with no guarantee.
That Wyatt leather jacket is one of the best leather jackets I have ever seen. Congrats to those who got them.
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