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@Beatle beautiful! Congrats man.
I hope there is a chance to own these again someday. You wear them very nicely sir.
Does anyone get the 8E or 8.5E list and can post it up?
Your a lucky man to own these. Looking great!
I like these LWB's. I decided I wanted the sage nubucks from Leffot to late.
Your not the only one man. I would love to own them in a size 8. Still slightly bitter that I couldnt click fast enough when they were released. Stupid ancient Dell work computer.
Does anyone know offhand if any of the NYC stores (or I guess other stores for that matter) have stock of the Clark pea coat yet from the Winter Collection before I make some calls? I see its available on the UK site already.
Agreed very nice. Congrats to all that have them inbound.
Cant wait to see the color of these WT boots that just came in. Was anyone emailed a photo?
New Posts  All Forums: