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Those look pretty nice, I like how the stitching contrasts.
I really wish they would release some additional details on that Brandy boot. If its cap toe Ill be drooling but if its plain toe its a nogo.
I wouldnt worry too much about the zebra pattern they are going to look far worse than that after a dozen wears. You could also treat them with an oil or protectant and I would assume it would blend that out.
I really like the effect the Obenauf's had on these. It gave it a real nice shade of tan. I think Ill try it on my Addison's. I dont wear them nearly as much as I should maybe a new shade will help sweeten them up.
These are insanely awesome. Looking forward to some wear pics.
Its an awesome choice. I went back and forth for weeks about picking it up because I have a snuff suede wingtip already on commando. I finally buckled though and ordered them. I should get in the next day or two. I do worry slightly though because my size was originally out of stock and someone returned. Just crossing my fingers that a defect of some sort wasnt the reasoning and its more related to sizing. Anyways congrats on the purchase!
The code EASTER15 works at the Bureau this weekend. Brings some styles down to almost affordable for US customers.
I picked up the NST boots, I had been waiting for the style for a bit now as I heard it was comming a few weeks back. I can live with the sole, I would of prefered commando but the part that was almost the deal breaker with me is the speed hooks. I hate these stupid things, I feel like I am always tying my shoes. There due in on Wednesday. I'll put up some pics. I keep holding faith that I'll luck my way into the LS Chocolate Tankers, so I always hold on that color suede.
Id definately be in on a couple of these makeups. Diggin the Mahogany and the rough out the most. Dont own any Viberg boots so hoping the first purchase is a good one.
New Posts  All Forums: