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I even bought a black CXL belt and retro fitted it with a vintage brass buckle in anticipation of these bad boys. Havent been this excited about a pair of boots in a good while.
That was my guess. I was figuring beginning of 2016. I preordered a ravelo wingtip boot from AoM in May of 2014, and am supposed to take delivery of a cigar wingtip boot instead in October of 2015. Over a year for delivery and that speaks nothing on the people that opted to wait for the ravelo. Not knocking AoM, they handled very professionally.
If it wasnt for the Ryden boot, I would have grabbed the Walter this time around. Its a unique design.
Awesome man, youll love these. Will has always been a pleasure to work with as well. He changed my perception of LS.
When does the order stage close?
Even thou Fok totally cut a promo on how awful the name was, I'm happy the Gandalf is getting made. It took a few bumps along the way but the inspiration is still there. It's a unique leather that will fit nicely into my collection.
The 40 dollar credit is in the form of a refund after purchase? I've boughten boots in the past but this is my first time voting. Nm just seen Fok's email.
Just when you think you know the answer, he changes the question..... (RIP Hot Rod)
I'm with you I was just eyeing these and debating taking a shot at a size.
The design of this is awesome. I applaud. If I could fit the 110 last it would be a sure fire buy.
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