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I havent talked to JGilbert in a while, anyone know if they have the Plaza Indy with Antique in production yet?
Man, Ive been sleeping on Epaulet lately and apparently missing some excellent stuff. Need a brown CXL belt for sure. (Size 34)   Love some of the new MTO Trousers but never tried any of the fits. Especially the Moleskin.   For those of us who love the rivets, when you transitioned into the trousers what did you go with? Driggs?
I personally dont see any reason to overlap, if you have the 405 just roll with it. Its a beautiful boot. I had a lined Indy for a number of years, I forget what I even paid but Im sure it was nowhere near what I just shelled out for the Innsbruck. I will say thou that, I absolutely love the Innsbruck and Im happy I waited for it.
 These are beauty's congrats on them man. Cigar is an awesome color.Is this the same seller as the other pair?
Love these too big and small.
Alden Madison has a very similar boot in brown CXL. A restock just came in about a month ago.JCrew had a natural CXL boot that a few of us own. Not sure if they still do. Its one of my favorites.
Id go NST boot as well. I wear my boots all year round, of course not in the blazing sun but I see nothing wrong with putting them on for a evening dinner.
   Ive always thought of Tanker as having a commando sole (mostly on barrie) and NST as everything that's not commando.
Awesome! Congrats. Someday I will acquire this in a boot, plaza, barrie... I dont even care at this point.
i think someone mentioned this already but i usually just delete the images when quoting.
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