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Ive been trying to find this button for years! Is it one of those things that you need a tip of a pencil to get at? Also @mdubs those Cigar Med Boots are insane!
Very nice. Love these tankers.
There is a fee involved, I cannot remember the specifics but I asked in Spring. I know you cannot get refunded in full thou.
I was told they will charge or rather hold the funds for roughly 24 hours on Monday or Tuesday. Than they will release them, basically it's some sort of insurance I guess that you actually can fund the purchase.They will than notify you when they come in and charge that card on file at that time.
These boots are awesome both you and at @rydenfan have worn them well in the past few days. Someone mentioned having LS add them to a wait list. I may shoot them an email.
Jeez you called all those places and couldnt even be put on a list?Most stores don't actually carry stock but should at least add you to a list for future inbound shipments.
[[SPOILER]] Okay', so I am a little festive with the pumpkin.... :-)-MikeThese are awesome Mike.Id really love to see a boot in the same color as those LWB's. Outside of the Indy.Maybe a wingtip or a rerun of the Leffot NST.
Congrats Buda!!!!!Cant wait for this day! Id gladly turn in my whole collection!Relish in the moment my friend.
My hopes are that these along with the DC Captoe's come as a lighter shade while the Alden Madison wingtips come with with a darker edging and darker shade. Time will tell. Just happy to have the opportunity.
Sorry to stir things up. I got excited. Neither the DC captoe's or the Alden Madison boots came in ..... or at least I wasn't contacted yet on either.   This is a wait list from the summer that just got confirmed, it wont likely be delivered for 4-5 months at least.
New Posts  All Forums: