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Thought I'd throw up a pic today because I don't wear these as much as I should. Snuff WT's.
Try Ed at TSM. You might wait forever for it thou.
He/she owns a shop in LA. I think the general consensus is that the pairs are real but will have some cosmetic flaw. IE, seconds.
Pretty awesome look man. What are the pants? Ive really been into lighter colors this spring.
I spot creases! Stunning.
Not that this provides much of value but I contacted 3sixteen and they said they are looking for a late June/ early July drop of 3 styles.
I think they look like beaut's just how they are now.
 I got mine in on Monday. They are sick man, well worth the wait for the past few months. I wore them almost immediately, love the dovetail heel, makes them comfortable.Funny enough these are the most expensive boot I have ever bought considering the exchange rate they cost me more than shell Aldens. I wear size 8 in Viberg as well, I sometimes size up to 8.5 depending on the purpose of the boot. I have the skinniest legs imaginable so I feel you. I love the wider lasts...
Got the Bigsby Varsity Jacket today for my bday from the wife. Pretty nice coat, lots of little details. Sized down to a small and happy I did because it is boxy towards the bottom. Its a little tight still across the waist but Ill never wear it buttoned so Ill keep because sleeve length and jacket length is spot on. Looking forward to putting some wear on it. Its going to pair perfect with the Viberg boondockers I got in yesterday.
this got me
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