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These are coming along great man. I gotta call and get added to this list.
Both for Good Reasons!!Great shots.
Yeah it was for #8, there was lots of confusion about the Navy. They were up in 2 sizes and than mysteriously gone. Noone really knows any details other than they exist.
I like the Leffot Version better as well, but am still extremely tempted by these as it was my intention to preorder the Leffot version next time they came up.   Wish I knew whether or not Viberg was actually going to release those Navy Shells.
Thanks Mike, this sounds the most plausible.
The guy on eBay selling the so called "plaza" will likely not say where they are from because if they are real. He is flipping them from the vendor.
Quote:The guy on eBay is quite adamant that they are not Grant. (Not that people haven't lied before)That's why it peeked my interest. If he has access to 5 pairs than they gotta be from somewhere and he is just filpping them. Was just curious what kinda shop has enough clout to get a plaza last ravello boot.
Just want to share my sentiments. Epaulet = Top Notch Vendor. Customer service and quality are so superior its ridiculous. Keep up the good work guys.
Dig the socks!
Theres plaza lasted Ravello Captoe boots on eBay for 1600. Sheesh.   Anyone know where they are from? They gotta be recent. I thought I remember seeing them on here.
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