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You hit the nail on the head for me. 700+ dollars as GYW ... I can get some sick cigar or ravello shell at that price.Stitch down was the one thing that made it stand out. I have probably 30 pairs of boots. While it may seem like a minor difference, it's minor things like this that sell me these days.Although, I'm still in for Viberg as GYW if it's a leather that's got some character.
Lots of items from the winter collection are very out there. Don't get me wrong there is some hot stuff like the Alaskan work shirt but most of the things are.......
This is a real shame, GYW can be nice, I'm all for it on some models (The Gandalf). The Boondocker although is a stitchdown boot IMO. Happy I grabbed these prior to the switch.
What ones were cut wrong the slims or the fatties?
Very soft. Good texture not scratchy like I figured the wool would be. It runs a bit small so I ordered this in a medium.
Ridiculously soft leather. Toe collapse isn't that bad. These have quite a bit of wear on them but I take really good care of my collection.
I instakop'd the tan moose from eBay a few months back. Awesome boot.
Real lightweight and soft guessing due to the nature of the distressing.Here's the work shirt sweater. I know I promised pics to a couple people. Sorry it took so long to deliver, moving is a pain.Excuse the messy bed.
Couple pics of the Fairmont jeans. https://instagram.com/p/7tat6rL3j3/
I picked up the work shirt sweater, Fairmont jeans, the brown owyhee work shirt and one of the wallets. They are in a box somewhere. As soon as I find that box, I'll throw up some pics. They are all pretty awesome thou.
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