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I agree with the sentiments of everyone that said they dont care much for Crepe. Now Im sure Alden's sole is much different, but I always found Clarks extremely slick here in the winter. Ive nearly busted my ass numerous times trying to wear them in snowy/wet conditions.   Thou with all that being said, there is still something that intrigues me about that Walter boot.   PSA:   FransBoone restocked a few styles including the color 8 parajumpers with brass eyelets and...
Does Alden DC actually have something in #8 with antique? Only one I was even aware of was Leffot, and the rare occasional Epaulet makeup.
The real question I have with #8 is why more retailers havent jumped on the "antique sole" bandwaggon?
 Ive been curious on these, have never been into black in my wardrobe until this summer.I've been thinking about grabbing a black boot and these are the ones I gravitate too.
These are amazing boots, getting better with wear! Lightening up a bunch.This is one of the highest boots on my want to acquire list.
These are coming along great. I got a scuff on the toe of my natural cxl NST's on Sunday because I drank too much at a wedding. I was panicking this morning when I seen it. I guess I should just relax and realize they are boots and made to be worn.
I like captoe's more than LWB's. Looking great.
 Without the books and all that craziness. This is essentially what I do. A shoe budget (clothing budget actually). I also now make sure that if I preorder something I set the money aside for it as soon as I know the order is confirmed. It can get a little hectic when 3 things come in, all in the same month. Ryden you already know how I feel. These are amazing boots!
Wow those are nice, I love light brown suede and brass eyelets.
Im with you on the grey fleck. They are hot!
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