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You can use a proxy service, I dont know one offhand that will ship from australia. Ralph Lauren will not ship to you though.
Gandalf order in!
I will be purchasing a pair tomorrow. So it will get there.
I was excited to see these but unfortunately I think they look almost exactly like color #8. Theres no way I could justify owning both these and the AldenxLeffot Naval boots.
I usually judge sketchy sites by their willingness to accept PayPal. Usually if they won't, you have reason to worry.
Awesome thank you. Definitely picking up the Gandalf on Friday. Weighing grabbing one of these as well: coffee, aged bark or natural CXL.  Anyone have any opinions?
Id be curious to know the answer to this as well.
My order for the Gandalf will be in by the end of next week as well. Buying a new house so working with no credit cards for a bit. Giant pain in the ass.
Yep was talking the heirlooms! Sick. Cant wait to get it even if its still 90 degress out.
Catching up here, sweaters are due in soon?
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