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Its the typical Alden Turnaround time. No quicker.
I was surprised there was no shell on this preorder. The Natural CXL makeups will be amazing though.
These are great they look beautiful, its too bad I wear such a common size! Got my fingers crossed I can get them this year.
Yes we indeed are.Acquiring these was just luck for me. Sent the email only a few weeks before they came in.
To think you were hesitant .They look great man I'm definitely jealous.
Finally got around to wearing the Choco suede tankers and I love them.
Theres new pictures of what I believe is these on Instagram and they have corded soles. If I get the chance they will be Instakop for me.
Epaulet Cotton Cashmere Driggs? Love these pants but my size is gone. Actually considering sizing down 1 and seeing if they fit. Still no experience with Driggs thou so Im worried.
     I generally stick to CXL, especially in inclement weather. Not that shell isnt durable. Funny enough my most complemented pairs remain my suede boots.
Yes Sir.I took the shots at night so they showed up pretty dark.
New Posts  All Forums: