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What is burgundy walkabout?
I got the shipping notice on the rivet FF's cant wait to get them.
Beautiful. Congrats man. I have yet to even take mine out of the box. May just let the wife gift them to me for Christmas.
Bravo. This is one of the best posts I've read on here.
I never ask for measurements on shoes, but I almost always ask for measurements on pants and shirts. Every manufacturer and even styles within a manufacturer vary.
Awesome good to hear. Thanks for the update.
Did anyone catch the makeups for next year from Lost and Found Trunk Shop. Nothing on Instagram besides advertisements.
All it ever does is snow in Buffalo.I would stay away from crepe. It's slick when wet.The 404's will do great. Chamois is what I would recommend as a first choice.If you want the second pair to be shell go with something darker. Color 8 or black on commando. If commando is not preferable I've seen some people put on toppys and have them turn out very nice.
I was debating calling on this boot as well to see what other sizes they had. I could likely fit an 8.5E or 9D on this last. I don't get either of those lists thou.
Whiskey NST's, all eyelets, commando sole. ^^
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