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Apologize if this is a silly question, didnt see anything definative. Have both of the waxed flesh boots been ruled out this round? If so, just want to allocate funds to other goodies.
Lol awesome. Thanks man.
Is the post on Leffots Instagram today another one of those cryptic things I'm supposed to decipher?
Got the Fields of Gold Rivets in yesterday and they are insane!!
I wear different sizes on these two lasts. The Truebalance is so wide that I can size down a half.
  Thank you guys, much appreciated. I will try Neutral.
Is there a brand of edge dressing that matches Alden Antique? Or something you guys prefer? I have tried a few now with no luck and really dont want to keep ordering in tubes that dont match.
This picture weirdly looks like your are floating to me. Or it has like a 3D effect. Killer look thou man.
It's a shame they don't do half sizes. Would of saved me 200 bucks.
New Posts  All Forums: