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I saw those honey Italian on Reddit. They don't even look like shell at all.The black shell are a score, and they are stitch down.
ah damn. They are still dope thou especially if they are 2045.
They stitch down? Hard to tell from the pic.
These are awesome man congrats! Looking forward to seeing how this leather ages.I've been eyeing the veg tan kangaroos for a while just don't have the extra cash at the moment.
6 pairs of shell that were not the reverse. What were they?
The 1800 number customer service = worst
No it runs big in the waist. 1-2 sizes.But, my experience is it will shrink some when soaked but not nearly as much as like Japanese denim.
So who's buying those kangaroo boots? I don't think I could wear something so light but I'm curious how the will change.
Damn really wanted to go. I have enough airline points to pretty much cost me nothing. Wife shot it down without a thought.
I fly at least 45 weeks a year. It's really up to the airline. Airlines like southwest are very liberal, while others like Delta are more strict. All in all if your bag is bulging and it looks too big or it doesn't fit in the bin, they'll question it.
New Posts  All Forums: