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Hampton last = TTS?
Thanks man. I know nothing of Carmina or Enzo. Not against trying something new thou. These are pretty nice.Like the bal's posted earlier too.It would seem they get worn sparingly but it I feel I am always attending a wedding,communion, confirmation, graduation or other venue. So it's a sound investment on my part, they would probably get worn more than some of the pairs of boots I have still in the box brand new.
Cmon. You guys are speaking logically. You know we don't roll that way around here.
You mind pointing me to it than? Would really like to look through it. Google landed me with just western images.
It's strictly an events type shoe. Dressing up for weddings and such. I'm a tshirt and jeans guy, wear uniforms to work. I currently have park av's looking to upgrade just can't decide on what.I'm between 8-8.5D depending on last.
I did a quick Google and came up empty. Does anyone have the spring book? Just curious what's likely to be marked down. Can you please pm me?
So I've been thinking of grabbing a pair of dress black shell shoes. What's everyone's opinion here? What's the most versatile? I'm not sure LWB's are my thing, like my dress shoes clean. They have to be reasonably attainable as well need them for mid next month.
Ecru Nep Hooded with no pockets all the way!! The wooden buttons are a nice touch.
I absolutely love the look of these Indy's. Classic with a little spin. Its one of my most complimented pairs, Im guessing because people recognize them from the movie.
Yes second one from the left. They are not as dark as Stillwater. They are lighter weight than Topeka. The back pockets have some additional fading on the Brooks but overall the contrasts on RRL's site are way higher.
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