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I like captoe's more than LWB's. Looking great.
 Without the books and all that craziness. This is essentially what I do. A shoe budget (clothing budget actually). I also now make sure that if I preorder something I set the money aside for it as soon as I know the order is confirmed. It can get a little hectic when 3 things come in, all in the same month. Ryden you already know how I feel. These are amazing boots!
Wow those are nice, I love light brown suede and brass eyelets.
Im with you on the grey fleck. They are hot!
 Awesome picture, cute kid, great boots, nice artwork.
They vary significantly in my experience, but than again I will say they vary in shades even when I get them brand new. Most will probably agree thou that they darken. *Apologies for the vague answer but it really depends how much you wear them, what you wear them to do, what products you put on them....etc.
Good score!
They couldn't have been up there too long, I believe I checked the site Saturday. Shame because I really wanted those tan horsehide. I can never win with Viberg.
Ok now your just rubbing it in! Just kidding, those navy shells are insane its hard to believe it was even a question people debated when they released.
I agree with you. The naval boot is a kick ass style in #8. Im trying to be patient and hold out enough to grab a pair on the next go round. *if I can click fast enough*
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