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I gotten a few water spots. I try to brush them out after drying but in reality I don't care. It's all character.
I'm another one that's down a full branock size for these.^^ I can wear a full size down on shell Aldens in the Barrie too with dress socks. To wear thicker socks with shell boots I have to size up .5.
This is why I rarely buy from their website because they got some nice stuff. It just has 0 consistency.
That's actually a pretty interesting shoe. Good find.
9.314 haha... Whats your metric look like?
Funny enough I called Leffot weeks after the instagram post about the Cigar Indy's, and they said no they were all sold (which I expected) but he offered to add me to the list.Long story short. They have lists as well for exotic shell.
I don't disagree that a company should cater to existing customers. I also don't want to but I think many people have bought numerous pairs of shoes/boots from Alden Madison and never been told about this list. When talking to the sales associate today, he simply said I just had to ask and I hadn't done that yet. Little hard to ask when you don't know it exists. Nonetheless, I will still buy from them and now I know. Yep if you know about it all you had to do was ask....
I called anyways because I wanted to know how everyone knew. The answer is yes. This is not an exclusive list by any means, it did not go to people that have bought exotics from them before. Its just a simple list, you call and get added. Edit: I say this in the most constructive way possible, I agree with not posting on the forum at times so the retailer gets bombarded with calls but If a PM is sent from another member that actively contributes, the mentality should be...
Its Alden NY, they run an exotics email that you have to be requested to be added too. I wasnt aware of this myself until today and I have bought shoes from them in the past including exotic shell. The wait list is long and will likely have all units spoken for by the end of the night. The wingtip boot being the most popular of course. Very limited run. Didnt ask quantity. A little disapointed but congrats to those who got in. The C&J wingtip will be my first C&J so...
I like the natural edge on these. Definitely something different.
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