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DV you will not regret this. They are sweet boots. One of my favorites.
I missed out which is sad but was happy when Mike confirmed that each of the units, of the most recent preorder went to a distinct Epaulet Customer in their database.In the end its all about supporting a solid business.
Rumor has it that 3Sixteen will use the coffee chromepak posted on their next service boot colab with Viberg. I dont believe anything is confirmed though, outside of us knowing that olive is out of stock.
I cannot tell for sure, but they kinda look like TB.
Lots of talk about #8. PSA: JCrew put up what I think its a new style. #8 Indy on Crepe. ETA's in March.
Awesome! I need these in my life.
Typically not my thing but these are boss. A+ my friend.
Im always so insanely jealous of pics of these. They look great DV.
Sold out oh well. Stupid meetings.
Nice, Happy to see those Navy Tankers came in. Ive been waiting patiently.   Congrats to all those who picked up some shirts today. I loved the names when reading through the posts.
New Posts  All Forums: