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I have boots in 1035, 2045, and 2030. For me its 1/2 size down on 1035 and 2030. 1 full size down on 2045.
I feel like its a 1/2 size not full. Others probably have different experiences though.
I have the clark pea coat. Its more of an olive. Its beast thou.
RRL all the way. It will be chunkier.I'd be curious to see pics from a store on these to see the real color.
I'm with ya man. The wait for the slim's is nothing. Alden cigar wingtips took almost 2 years to ship, and some elected to wait for ravello which will likely take another 2 years. The Ryden boots as well, I'm sure will be at least next year.It's not just Viberg, many manufacturers don't deliver on time for various reasons. I don't really sweat it, gives me something awesome to continue to look forward too.
It's not like I'm throwing on ravello nst's in rain storm and purposely sloshing throu every rain puddle singing and dancing. If I get dressed in the morning and my outfit best matches them, I wear them. I carry an umbrella and I walk to and from the office outside. They may get a little wet.I don't consider myself any better than anyone else because of it. I just don't see the point in buying boots if I can't wear them in rain, or snow, or anything other than beautiful...
Seriously... Nobody in my office could even pick out a pair of Aldens, let alone care about some water spots on shoes.
I wear mine regardless of the weather. I get dressed in the morning and pick a boot/shoe that works best with the outfit. It's ridiculous to me to check if it's raining everyday to coordinate my footwear. They are boots not priceless objects.
It was a mass email.
I can't wait to get these boots! It seems like forever since the order.
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