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I share the opinion of most. I spend almost an hour today reviewing and drooling over Mike's Blog. Its excellent. Thanks for all your contributions bud.
What's FD 978-71? Says whiskey but pic won't load for me?
I'm between sizes on Barrie I can wear either 8 or 8.5. I usually make the decision depending on what type of boots they are dress (thin socks)/casual (thick socks).That being said I bought 8.5D on Aberdeen and they fit like a glove. They are definitely a narrower last but it's elongated as well. I think it might be one of the best fits I've ever had; including other makers.
I like the idea behind #22 as a straight service boot. To whomever designed: Is that leather available? Why the Olive tongue?
A wider last is better for this makeup. I've always been against the 110 in past discussions but if the inspiration is the photo that's been floating around this thread, than it needs to be a wider last. Don't get me wrong I love the 2030 but 110 is just a better last for this makeup. IMO.
Gustin is pretty good like Mike said. Its a pretty easy price entry point. Honestly Gap has some decent selvedge denim at a cheap price if you watch the sales. Is it the best denim on earth? No, but its pretty good for 20-30 bucks. It took me forever to find a brand I really loved and fit me well. Which is RRL cause it fits my style.
I would likely vote this boot because I missed out on the 2045 makeup in Feb.110 last with contrast white stitching. Everything else the same as you have it. (Im impartial about speedhooks, if they are there fine, if they are not fine.)
I also agree with this on that waxed flesh. The contrast stitching is better than tonal.
I might back the 110 waxed flesh. Ive been nervous about this last but I feel it fits the look better than 2030. I would just size down like crazy on it.
My babies are in. I took a shot in the dark at 8.5D on the Aberdeen and it fits me like a glove. One of my favorite lasts I've ever tried. Here's a cross post from Instagram.
New Posts  All Forums: