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Whiskey or Cigar Tankers are at the top of my dream list. Along with the color 4 captoe boot.
Do they run half sizes?
I will likely add the boondocker on the 2030 or 2045 as my next boot as well. Whenever there is a restock. I tried to contact Viberg about buying stock models but got no response.
Apologies man! I thought most people on the forum in October that wanted them were able to get them.They must of got a pretty decent number of pairs.
Mine are in tomorrow.
Those are sexy. I can't wait to get mine. Updated payment this morning and there already shipped!
Holy smokes where do you live across the street!
@zippyh Insanely nice collection! I have dream about a few of those boots you have.
Vanessa shot me an email. I'll get it sorted out tomorrow.Crazy that These are so early! I'm excited, they came before the alden Madison long wing boot that I ordered in June.
I figured they wouldn't ship. I just gotta call them tomorrow morning and give them a different card. I cannot call today.
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