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Very nice looking. Good acquisition. Light for cigar these days.
I believe originally they were from Alden SF but I dont think they run them anymore. Or they havent in some time.
These Chukka's are great. Someone here has them in whiskey and I always admire them. Surprised they are not more popular.
 I understand this to a point. Each and every person selling high end mens shoes made a choice to do so, in that choice these are things that should have been considered. It is such a refined market that they should all have a true passion for it. If DC can do it, than it is possible. I love Chukka's. I think they show off shell very well.
I feel your pain, I swear they are just hit or miss.The special makeups they still do are very much still heavily guarded for customers who spend a lot through them. I don't necessarily agree with it...I would love to own the cigar jumpers, I know even if they are run again i doubt I will be cool enough.
Leffot put me on hold and never came back.
Ive been dealing with Will lately and he has been great. I had some negative first impressions about a year ago. I recently just gave them a second shot and was pleased.
Epaulet is expecting another deliver of the Innsbruck Indy relatively soon I would guess. I am not certain if all sizes are accounted for. Might be worth giving them a shout.
Congrats my friend on becoming a father! As well as owning these boots!
Ha! Awesome reference.
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