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I believe it's just a Viberg logo and the size in the insole.
It's a rust stampede rough out I believe.They are already taking preorders and may even be sold out.
The leather is thicker on Viberg's but they are both appealing to me for different reasons.
Awesome. Hope you enjoy them! Couldn't keep both due to the Choco suede tankers, I admit it was a tough choice thou. The funds have already went to a good cause. Waxed flesh Vibergs.
I wear the same size in both. I have chicken legs thou.Slims are definitely much slimmer through the thighs.
Would have preferred the fat I think but order in for the slim.Thank you.
I would say 16+ is Heavy. That's just an opinion though. Does anyone have this jacket?     Curious on the actual color. Says Dark Wash but it looks rather light.
I don't have the Helm jeans but I have the Topeka wash which is also 16.25. It wears stiffer. Not as relaxed and comfortable as like the Stillwater.I'm sure they will breakdown and be a bit more comfortable with time, but I gotta put far more wears into them. I also live in a relatively cool climate, even summer nights tend to drop to the 50's, so throwing on 16 oz denim is pretty much year round for me. I wouldn't want to rock them in like Florida or Cali., it be hotter...
I wear the same size in both but the slims are definitely much slimmer. Especially through the thigh area. If your between sizes I would probably jump to the upper.
Stunning. Jealous. /quit styleforum
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