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Now that the previous round is getting ready to ship, do we have any confirmation on whether or not a new round is possible?
Damn can't help but say I'm a little disappointed. It was my favorite item from spring. I still like it but it dropped a few pegs.
If GMTO ever becomes a reality again. Count me in for something 310.
Sorry bout the delay, travel a lot for work.P2p is about 20 and shoulder 2 shoulder is about 17.5.
I personally would hope something like an airline or a surgeons margin of error is 0. No defect is going to be acceptable. Although that's not fashion footwear.
Yes they are dark brown as shown in the photos.I hear ya man on the color, I think the spring items don't have as much over saturation in the pictures.
I posted these at some point.
These are two pics of the same shirt, mainly just posting for color. Inside is a little darker chambray.It's size small. I can post sizing info if you guys have questions?
Sorry bout the delay in posting.
I have it. I'll post a pic later. It's dope but darker than the photos.
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