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EP is an awesome vendor and my statement is nothing against them.I quit buying Aldens a few years ago and have sold off most of my shell. I have only really kept a couple pairs of ravello and those are currently collecting dust. I agree with prior statements that this is a big FU to their customers. 2 years for a boot just to be delivered something that is not what was ordered and with no communication. I really don't believe Alden cares. If I pass on the boots someone...
I'm on the fence for the scsb but it will likely be a gametime decision for me outside of the voting period. It will be a good everyday boot.
With the millwright being redesigned to the wainwright, there's a small chance I vote for this boot. The Rydens are due in from Epaulet thou in the next few weeks and that may impact my decision.
Not trying to gripe... just stating a fact. I think the millwright is out. Stylistically its nothing like what the core of us had imaged at this point.
Can we just let the readjusted specs ride via the online vote? It's no different than any other proposition. If people don't vote it's just not meant.
@LA Guy I understand the logistics and your concerns but I still feel it's unfair to vote on something that has doubt involved. This has lead us down a dark path in the past. It's much easier to know upfront that it's a no, but we won't know that unless we can ask.
Fok, would it be possible to ask the question about #1 prior to voting. For me I don't believe it's make or break but for some maybe it is? Just trying to reduce any variability before we vote.
Cmon board @Broark 310 is where it's at!
R/goodyearwelt (apologies styleforum not trying to promote)
@linafelt throw the 310 up on reddit.. there's a few people that never check here but have good standing accounts I think may be interested.
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