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These are sold. Thanks for the PM's. They went to a guy I've sold to before and a member of the Alden community.
Alden NST boot boughten directly from TSM on the Aberdeen last. Size 8.5D These boots are a gem and I'm hoping that someone wears them more than I have. Price is only a reference as I have no clue what to price them at and have gotten multiple offers without even posting pictures. Please make offers, I want to sell these tonight and have in the mail tomorrow if possible. No returns so know your size on Aberdeen. Length wise it's similar to Barrie but it is much...
Thinking of letting go of some more Alden's. it's a sad day but with all the travel I'm just not wearing the shell. I know we're not supposed to advertise here but it's likely going to be the TSM ravello NST's in size 8.5D. With the rarity I thought I'd just see if people were interested here first. They are worn but in good shape.
:happy:These are sold.
Edit down to 75 and this is going on Ebay to sell.
Edit down to 350 and these are going on Ebay to sell.
Anyone see the Tillery jacket still at one of the stores (size small)? I'll probably call around but figured it's easier to ask in case someone had eyed it.
Edit price down to $100. I paid like 75 just to have the thing tailored.
Edit price down to 385.
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