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Please excuse my messy ass house as we are in the middle of remodeling so we can sell but here's the denim chore coat size medium fit pic. I'm 5'6 - 165lb 38.5 chest.
Youll be good with a small, this is a medium in the pics. Im about an inch shorter than you with about 2 inches more on chest and this jacket is too big for me at the waist.
Here's two pics, that I'm not sure help much. I'd take fit pics but it was a long day and I'm already rocking sweatpants. I don't love the blousey fit at the bottom so I will likely have a tailor throw a couple darts in the lower back of the jacket.
Love these! Awesome man.
I have it in a medium. Runs big. I can put up pictures later.
Couldn't resist and finally picked up the Griggs jacket last night from LA Store. Excited to get it. Heard of people kop'in it but haven't seen any pics.
@Notre could you guys please post pics of the Viberg make ups when they come in? Excited to see them.
I got the second half of the deposit invoice for Notre today. Does anyone know what/if the boots came in?
I personally don't like the weird guy fit. N&F are ok thou, obvious they are not as high end as some of the Japanese brands but they are good for the price point on sale through Nordstrom. Try "Gap selvedge" it's pretty decent stuff and you can acquire it for 40 bucks if you watch the sales.
Just FYI.   The second half of the spring collection is going on sale the 19th for 40% off. In store at least. Including things like the Baker Jacket and Denim Chore Coat.   The first set of stuff to go on sale is getting a 30% kicker.
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