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All it ever does is snow in Buffalo.I would stay away from crepe. It's slick when wet.The 404's will do great. Chamois is what I would recommend as a first choice.If you want the second pair to be shell go with something darker. Color 8 or black on commando. If commando is not preferable I've seen some people put on toppys and have them turn out very nice.
I was debating calling on this boot as well to see what other sizes they had. I could likely fit an 8.5E or 9D on this last. I don't get either of those lists thou.
Whiskey NST's, all eyelets, commando sole. ^^
Awesome. PS. Tie your shoe before you trip. :)
I usually dont like monks but man these are hot.
Haha this is good stuff. I must say I haven't quite hit 12 months and only fail at the CHup socks.
Yes the NST Boot. Ill give them a shout. I knew there was another store just couldn't remember which one.More dreaded lists...... Edit. Forgot to say Thank You. :)
These are beautiful. The marks are just character.
Does anyone know offhand somewhere that still has stock of grain NST's? I know there was somewhere else besides Unionmade. Just don't remember where.
I really don't know either, I just assumed that is what is was considering I have no idea why they would want my name and shoe size?I mean it could be if people were to back out, but that is some ways is still a list.
New Posts  All Forums: