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Very much wish we wore the same size! These are awesome. I hope to acquire someday.
   Thanks guys, appreciate the advice. Its hard to tell sometimes with JCrew models. Although for the 2 times a year I put on a suit, I likely wouldn't grab a new pair of black shell unless I scored a deal on eBay. No matter what I do I cannot incorporate black into my daily attire. I always hate how it looks and in general will go for dark greys or navy's instead.
Mike, I think you already may have answered this but I couldn't find it paging back. Are you going to restock some of the Rivet sizes and styles shortly?
I see black as formal, I love black shoes if I'm wearing a suit or a tux. With casual wear, Its just not my thing.   If I were to buy black Alden's it would likely be a captoe cadet shoe (JCrew)  to replace my park avenues.
A reverse Tobacco Chamois at Unionmade.(Great Shop)A Chocolate Suede at North River Outfitters (I have never bought anything from them but I hear mixed reviews.)Snuff Suede on red brick at Alden Madison. (Have had many favorable experiences with them as well.) All 3 of those are on cork. Not sure of anything offhand in a dark suede on commando.
I doubt they will let you exchange them because they are worn but I will tell you its worth a call. They typically are really good when it comes to this kind of stuff. They may offer you some kind of other perk.
JCrew put up a new style or two today. The snuff suede tassels look nice, not my style but I know a few of you have rocked similar designs with alot of class.
Little does BK know but he's my style role model. He enables me constantly.
Yikes man, good to know. I have never dealt with them. Debating ordering the Choco Indy's a few times but never pulled the trigger. Good thing I didnt. I always wondered how they had so many stock sizes in a couple of the shoes including all the widths. Apparently they dont actually "have" the stock.
 Ryden, I have heard through the grapevine that you can use babywipes. Make sure you buy the ones without alcohol if you do try it.
New Posts  All Forums: