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Nice, Happy to see those Navy Tankers came in. Ive been waiting patiently.   Congrats to all those who picked up some shirts today. I loved the names when reading through the posts.
Those came out great. Well worth the wait.
Awesome! Would love to see some different wash effects from Epaulet.
No Brass eyelets?
You are correct they are E width Aberdeen. They were made for an overseas vendor who didnt accept the shipment so Alden DC sold them off. Aberdeen is hard to size on but alot sleeker than Barrie. Many say it is the longest/narrowest last from Alden. That being said I think either tha NST boot with Antique and brass eyelets or the Alt Wein boot basically the same setup as the NST would be quite different and amazing.
Awesome Saz. Lovin the look of dark denim and clean Indy's this winter season.
I cant wait till the Aberdeen lasted boots come in, in March. I'm eager to try it out. I think it will fit my foot well, even though alot of people struggle with it.
Others may be able to chime in, but not that I am aware of. Only 2 vendors I have seen this boot from is Unionmade and Epaulet.
Its the typical Alden Turnaround time. No quicker.
I was surprised there was no shell on this preorder. The Natural CXL makeups will be amazing though.
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