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Actually wore a grain Indy today. Have been debating dropping these.
+1 I mainly use Jos A Bank trees. I have 3 or 4 sets of Alden Trees though for display reasons.
I wear 8D in Barrie and took a shot in the dark and went 8.5D in the Aberdeen. I have really narrow ankles but worry about the sharp point in the toebox.  Going 8.5D was the sizing advice I received from TSM. If it doesnt work I will be disapointed to say the least.   I have actually considered seeing if I could size it up a bit because having a boot that is a little loose is better than something that is too tigh.
[[SPOILER]] Very nice I love the ripstop fabric.
I asked about these last time I called and it didn't seem like it was even a possibility. But I still never say never.
Ive been trying to find this button for years! Is it one of those things that you need a tip of a pencil to get at? Also @mdubs those Cigar Med Boots are insane!
Very nice. Love these tankers.
There is a fee involved, I cannot remember the specifics but I asked in Spring. I know you cannot get refunded in full thou.
I was told they will charge or rather hold the funds for roughly 24 hours on Monday or Tuesday. Than they will release them, basically it's some sort of insurance I guess that you actually can fund the purchase.They will than notify you when they come in and charge that card on file at that time.
These boots are awesome both you and at @rydenfan have worn them well in the past few days. Someone mentioned having LS add them to a wait list. I may shoot them an email.
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