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:happy:These are sold.
Edit down to 75 and this is going on Ebay to sell.
Edit down to 350 and these are going on Ebay to sell.
Anyone see the Tillery jacket still at one of the stores (size small)? I'll probably call around but figured it's easier to ask in case someone had eyed it.
Edit price down to $100. I paid like 75 just to have the thing tailored.
Edit price down to 385.
Originally bought this jacket from eBay for more than I'm asking. As far as I can tell it's from a sample sale and I have no clue what season. To be completely transparent this Jacket was a wreck when I first got it. A lot of the chainstitching had to be taken out and redone by my tailor. He went through and fixed the whole Jacket ensuring me it's stable. Additionally it's not a Medium, it's definitely a small. See the pics with measurements. All that said if you wear a...
Purchased these boots a few years back and they just aren't getting wear. The 1035 doesn't work for me no matter how much I want it to. These pain me to get rid of because the leather in stitchdown will be difficult to get in the future. Bought directly from Viberg.com for full retail. I expect to take a loss but want to minimize it as much as possible. I also want these to move fairly fast. Know your size on the 1035 because I will not accept returns. PayPal...
Damn color 5 never even heard of such a thing.
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