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 Maybe edge dressing?
It seems that AE did not even include Strand on the last couple of years' anniversary sale. Not sure about Nordstrom though.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Anyone has experience with the MTM overcoats? Thanks.
The description says it is unconstructed and has no canvass at all. But you can always order a made-to-measure with ful canvass, probably at a higher price.
Hi!   I found that there are two small holes inside the insole of each shoe I bought from Amazon. And I checked there are no holes for shoes directly from Allen Edmonds.   Are the holes a mark for seconds or something?   Thanks.
Thanks for your suggestion. I do have both swatches on hand. The navy pin dot one actually has two layers, feeling more thick and stiff than the dimond weave. I guess 3-fold is good engouh for me. I will talk more about details with David. 
Thanks anyway, man. Now I am ready to pull the trigger on my first order. I've decided to go for these two: I only have one tie from Brooks Brothers. I think it is 3-fold and the knot is too thin. I understand that the knot is more related to interlining than fold. Should I go for 3-fold or 6-fold?...
 Different batch maybe?
I also ordered these four swatches. I found that the left two are a little more cyan than the right two. Am I right?
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