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The description says it is unconstructed and has no canvass at all. But you can always order a made-to-measure with ful canvass, probably at a higher price.
Hi!   I found that there are two small holes inside the insole of each shoe I bought from Amazon. And I checked there are no holes for shoes directly from Allen Edmonds.   Are the holes a mark for seconds or something?   Thanks.
Thanks for your suggestion. I do have both swatches on hand. The navy pin dot one actually has two layers, feeling more thick and stiff than the dimond weave. I guess 3-fold is good engouh for me. I will talk more about details with David. 
Thanks anyway, man. Now I am ready to pull the trigger on my first order. I've decided to go for these two: https://www.samhober.com/pin-dot-silk-ties/white-dots-on-dark-navy-pin-dot-silk-tie-1.htmlhttps://www.samhober.com/diamond-weave-silk-ties/navy-diamond-weave-silk-tie-4.html I only have one tie from Brooks Brothers. I think it is 3-fold and the knot is too thin. I understand that the knot is more related to interlining than fold. Should I go for 3-fold or 6-fold?...
 Different batch maybe?
I also ordered these four swatches. I found that the left two are a little more cyan than the right two. Am I right?
Broadcloth Poplin Pinpoint
I just got an email from Aaron. He offered $50 refund. It is not about money. I just hate owning a brand new suit with a small defect on it. Not sure what to do now. I really like the fit.
It is just one inch above the right corner of the pocket. The fabric is a little damaged and it is more obvious in better light condition.
Thanks! The suit fit is perfect!
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