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Mike,   You mentioned a messenger/laptop bag a while back. Any ETA on when that might hit? Have you seen a sample yet?
How heavy are the Grape Flannels? Really love the color, but I'm worried there'd only be a few days a year where I could wear them in SoCal.
Does anyone have the Scott & Charters slim fit cashmere crew neck? How warm is it? It looks relatively lightweight in the photos. Just worried it would be too much for So Cal.
Very nice shirt that I've sadly grown out of. Really soft hand - think it's a brushed cotton but can't say for sure. Please note I had it hemmed at the bottom so it could be worn untucked. Measurements below:   p2p - 22.5" sleeve - 25" length - 28"
Took a chance that this would match a pair of shoes I have and it didn't. I picked this up as a final sale item for $40 so selling here for $25. Very nice, unworn belt - just doesn't match the shoes I hoped it would.
Point collar oxford w/ blue contrast trim from a few years back (2012 maybe?). Shirt is an very good condition. Beefy fabric w/ a great soft hand. Shift is unaltered from factory measurements.
Great cotton sweatshirt with a donegal-like effect that unfortunately is too small for me. I bought this from Unionmade on sale so it's not returnable. Full cost was $150. I grabbed it for $90 so selling here for $50. Completely unworn save for trying it on once or twice.   p2p - 21.5" length - 25"
Very nice shirt for someone who's sorta between an L & XL in the standard Epaulet cut. I used the XL as a base and shortened the length and sleeves a bit. I bought when they first launched the program w/ IS and while I really like the shirt, the fabric is a tad too dressy to really fit into my normal rotation (I'm terrible at picking shirting fabrics from online scans). It's not full-on dressy like a poplin or broadcloth, but if you're looking for something to wear w/...
I was also wondering if anyone had any examples of a completely soft jacket with flapped pockets and/or matching pants. The Vittorio is undoubtedly one of the best sports coats I've ever seen, but I'm having a hard time imagining how it would look with anything other than patch pockets and odd trousers.
When will the preorders on the Inis sweaters close?
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