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+1 for a group buy. I'd be all over a cream calfskin like the one above or a light brown suede.
Dropped to $100.
Mike,   Is a tobacco Doyle still something we might see this year? Or will the Mocha one be restocked in the sizes that are sold out?
If anyone gets a L of the light hoodies and wants to trade for a navy hoodie, I've got an extra one.
On the MTO zipped cardigans, how pronounced is the rectangular pattern below the collar on the back? When I look at the pictures of the stock donegal zip-up, I don't see a similar pattern on that one.
If you're a L, I'm down. I have a light indigo crewneck already. One of my favorite things I own - really hoping for a dark indigo crewneck.
Will the added length be available in crewneck preorders as well?
Dropped to $125
New Posts  All Forums: