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How about blue and cream? But you gotta drip it on top like it's marble cake, son.
Chambray now only $60.
On the off chance someone here bought one of the indigo crew neck sweatshirts in a Large and decides it's not for them, I'd be happy to take that off your hands. The light blue the most worn articles of clothing I've ever owned.
Chambray dropped to $65.
Probably a bit late on this one, but I'd love a Linen Doyle, especially if it was in a tone similar to the tobacco t's.
I have the tan gloves as well and absolutely love them. It's really a great color. With a grey or navy coat, there's more contrast than you'd get w/ a more typical dark brown that I really like. They also work really well w/ brown coats as well since they're not too matchy. Beautiful leather too and very sleek looking.
Flannel Sold!
All three sold!
New Posts  All Forums: