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I'm 6'1" and I tried on a 42 in the blouson and the length was fine on me. The sleeves were just barely long enough - not so short that I couldn't wear it but a bit shorter than ideal. If you're looking at the 44, you'll be okay, especially since Mike said the MA-1 runs a bit bigger.
I've had to size up and run have the waist taken in on every pair of pants I've bought that aren't in the Rudy cut. You can safely do this probably up to about a full size and a half without there being any noticeable traces at all. If you bring the waist in more then 2", the proportions on the rear pockets may start to look off but that's really the only concern.
 Thanks. I really like the French placket/no pocket w/ the spread collar. I know the accepted view is that isn't the way to go w/ a casual shirt, but I love the clean lines it creates. The only times I really think it doesn't work is when worn w/ jeans, but w/ chinos or other casual cotton pants, I think it just looks a bit more refined. @Epaulet I'm gonna try to make it on Saturday, but there's a pretty good chance I'll be chasing the little one around a pumpkin patch in...
Fall Individualized Shirts and chocolate suede belt came in yesterday. Couldn't be happier. All the shirts are great, but oh my is that Canclini brushed cotton beautiful. Really tempted to grab the blue one as well. All 5 have unlined collars. The brushed cotton and green gingham have the University Button-Down and horn buttons. The Rezzo has the Artisan Collar w/ horn buttons and dual button-through patch pockets as I'm planning to wear that one as an overshirt. The blue...
As much as I love these pants, it's time to admit that they're just too warm for LA. These are an 'Ends for Friends' purchase from a few years back in a 100% wool corduroy. I had these made up w/ button flap rear pockets and a straight button-through front closure and zipped fly. These are tagged a 37, but I had the waist taken in quite a bit. For reference, I generally wear a 35 in the Rudy cut and these fit me well. They've only been worn a handful of times (again, LA...
Wore mine yesterday. Instantly my favorite pants I own.
Any update on the Fall Inglese MTO's?
 I do the same, although I'd add that if I'll be wearing the pants w/ tennis shoes or driving loafers, I leave them uncuffed as I think it can look a little off to have proper cuffs right on top of something so casual. 
 Just out of curiosity, have you ever worn Rudy's? Curious as to how a Rudy fits compared to a Walt with the waist let out.
Are the measurements listed on the oatmeal flannels correct? It says they run a full size small, but I would expect a size 52 to be around 36" at the waist, which is what it lists.
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