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@Epaulet   You mentioned grey suede slip-on tennis trainers a couple months back. Are those still happening or should I grab the lace-ups?
If I'm not mistaken, you can still get those MTO. If it's the fabric I think it its, I had a pair of Rudys made and they are, in fact, the perfect biz cas summer pant.
Surprised these are still around given how quickly any of the other Rudy's I've sold have gone. Surely someone out there would have use for these in August and September.   Knocking another 10% off - $157.
Fresh Meadows Madras EFF w/ Indigo Linen Rudy's. Feel the need to repeat my plug for these pants, especially if you're like me and can't stand to wear denim once the temperatures get up above the low 70's.  
Also, 'Cheap & Cheerful' sounds like a Japanese discount store.
@Epaulet The 2nd from the top would be an instakop for me. Speaking of Portugal shirts, are those denim ones you mentioned a while back still in the pipeline?
I got my EFF shirts over the weekend as well. The cream and pale green button down meets my expectations, but I was not anticipating that the madras was going to be quite this stunning. I'll try to get a better picture in natural light as this doesn't do it justice, but the purple with the green set off against the white and muted blues and reds is just perfect. Glad I went w/ the band collar and short sleeves on this one.    
For sneakers, I really like the American Trench summer footies. They show enough to ensure they don't look like a failed no-show sock, but are low enough that they give off the same vibe as going sockless. The blue and grey heathered ones in particular compliment just about anything. Just a nice little pop of color - they're like a barely there pocket square for your ankles. For loafers or ranger mocs, I just go sockless. The unlined Rancourts I have are pretty flippin'...
 I've been in LA for 10 years now and it still manages to surprise me when I go to a nice restaurant and there's people in flip-flops and Dodgers t's. It's not like it's a rejection of materialism, though - these are the same people who can't wait to tell you about their BMW's or how they can't drink any coffee that's not a single origin bean that costs $60/lb. It just doesn't seem to be something many people pay attention to here. 
Price drop.
New Posts  All Forums: