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 Thanks. This actually inspired me to go w/ a button-down long sleeve in the Green & Cream and go w/ the Fresh Meadow for the band collar short-sleeve.
@Epaulet   How heavy is the neutral green and cream check? Thinking about getting that in a short sleeve w/ a band collar. Would that be a decent match to that style? Or better to go w/ the Fresh Meadow or Yacht Rock for those options. Would wear this w/ natural linen pants or shorts.
 Great. Now if I could just convince everyone here how great an all-suede GAT would be.
Is this another case where I'm gonna be the only one wanting suede for the PTB? Shape looks perfect.
@Epaulet   Is it possible to request pick stitching on MTO trousers? I'm gonna put in an order for some spring/summer fabrics and I really like that detail on lighter tones.
 I have a zip-up in what I believe is the same fabric as the Mussel and it's a great color - works really nice w/ all shades of brown/tan. Personally, I think I'm going w/ the Hawthorn. I was split between that and Stone, but I something about the tunic shape feels like it would be a better fit w/ a lighter color.
@gdl203  On the page for the Inis Tunic preorders, there's a light blue shawl collar or pub jacket hanging next to the kelp tunic. Do you remember which color that one is? Shannon? Or Lichen? Or another fabric that isn't available this time around.
 My polo punched me in the nose when I opened the box.
I didn't know how to say it either so I called the store and when they answered 'Epaulet,' I hung up.
For what it's worth, I cold-washed and tumbled dry on no heat. I don't notice any shrinkage in the chest, but it does seem like it shrunk a bit lengthwise. Not by a huge amount, but enough to be noticeable - maybe an 1" or so.
New Posts  All Forums: