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If there's been any shrinkage in the chest, it's been minimal enough to not notice. Lengthwise and the sleeves, though probably came up about a half inch.
 I soak mine in cold water and detergent for a couple hours, then give any spots a scrub with my hands, hang dry them and then have them pressed on low-heat at my dry cleaners. Seems to work well.
Inis MTO crewneck in Gentian. Love this color - works with just about everything navy would but with the added benefit of having enough contrast to wear with dark denim.
@Epaulet Seeing those corduroy fabrics on IG got me thinking - any chance of getting a corduroy Vittorio next fall? A cotton/cashmere would be especially nice.
    Inglese MTO. Couldn't be happier. Shortened the sleeves and adjusted the chest by 1 or 2 cm and it's close to a perfect fit now. Maybe next time they'll spell my name right.   Did anyone who grabbed an MTO go w/ any other collars outside the to full spread or button down? There was one that seemed like it split the difference between the full spread and a point collar that I'd love to see made up. Might consider that for a more casual option in the future.
 You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention. My preference, though, would be for a more tonal zipper. Brass eyes would be cool, but I'd worry it might be too much on the zipper.
The brushed cotton G Inglese shirt checked shirts are maybe my favorite shirts I've ever owned. It's such a cliche to claim that something can be dressed up or down and I've found that almost everything that claims to pull double duty can't (and often ends up failing on both counts), those shirts actually excel in both worlds. Anything in a similar fabric in more checks or solids would be an instant purchase for me.   I also really love the S&C slim-fit cashmere...
What amazes me is that many of the items that seem like second hand knock-offs of last years offerings from Epaulet aren't even much less expensive. Half the quality for 90% of the price!
Is there an expected delivery date on the Inglese MTO's from the trunk show?
Pretty sure this is at least the second time I'm seconding this idea. Especially if it's all suede for the navy but with the real/cognac in leather. I coild also see an all grey suede version working really well too.
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