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 Well said - you basically backed up the rationale for why I was interested in the first place. Order placed.
@Epaulet Sorry to bother when you're busy w/ the move, but what do you think - would the Stone Cross-Hatch be redundant for someone that already has the Khaki or is there enough difference in the shades to justify having both?
Oh, Cigar Vittorio 52, how you mock me by disappearing after I added you to my cart...
 It's the Traditional. I saw it on a diagram at the LA Trunk show and picked it based on that. Mike told me that for future orders, the way to ask for it is "Use H5SM collar!!" in the comments section. And yeah, the blue madras is great. Been getting a lot of wear from that one. It's turned out to be a bit more versatile than I was expecting - even wore it last week under a navy hopsack sc and it looked great.
 If you're having doubts that the artisan might be too wide for you, I had 3 shirts made up a couple months back w/ a trad collar that's not on the pull-down menu, but can be requested and I love them. I haven't had anything made w/ artisan collar yet (which will likely change as of later this week) so I can't compare, but this is a really nice collar. It has some heft to it without as wide of a stance as the spreads and artisan.  
 Me as well. A 42 in the dress shirts is a bit long in the sleeve for me, but on the polo, the sleeves are perfect. Would definitely appreciate the additional 2cm in body length, but I love the sleeves as they are.
    Indigo Linen Delave Rudy's. Don't think anyone's posted any shots of these made up yet. Wow, are they beautiful. Dropped them off at the tailor to be hemmed this morning and I can't wait to get them back. Will definitely be my go-to for the summer.   Also, am I the only one who would rock the shit out of the Women's Baby Blue Suede trainer?
 Willie's Shoe Service on La Brea are absolutely phenomenal. Can't go wrong there. 
I was lucky enough to land a couple bottles a few years back and don't see any reason to hold onto both of them. Seems like average cost on the secondary market (which is really the only market for Pappy anymore) is about $800 so I'm giving the SF community a $100 discount to spend on pocket squares and over-the-calf socks.   Ideally, I'd prefer to sell to someone locally in LA and deliver, but will ship domestically. I'm not sure, but I'd expect shipping costs to add...
Brand new - just received this week, but a little tight in the seat for me (please note I have the highest ass to waist ratio of any white man on earth) and I think the fabric is light enough that any letting out would likely show on the rear seam. They're tagged a 35, but are probably a little closer to 34 because of the material - completely my fault for not sizing up as I did w/ the pure linens), which really sucks because these are an absolutely beautiful summer pant....
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