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Mike,   Once the Garrard launches, will that be available in corduroy? Seems like that would be a great shape to have in cords.
Does this mean the burgundy and olive loopwheels you teased us with a little while back won't be happening?
Mike/Matt,   How would you compare the Olmsted to the PTB? Was planning on picking up a pair of the PTB's, but now I'm torn between them and the Olmsted. Looking at the pictures, it strikes me that maybe the Olmsted is going to work better w/ jeans and casual chinos, but maybe not as well w/ the PTB w/ dressier trousers. Would you say that's a fair assessment?   Thanks.
If anyone's interested in the charcoal houndstooth Walts in a 36, message me. I got them in the Instagram sale in hopes that sizing up from my typical Rudy size would work, but they just don't quite work. Figured I'd give anyone here a shot before putting them up on the marketplace.   *** Sold. Wow, that was fast ***
Brown corduroy jacket from Ralph Lauren's Rugby line. Wonderful piece for the fall in a versatile shade of brown. Button flap pockets at the chest and hip, hidden belted waist in the back. Notch lapel, 3 Roll 2. Tagged a size L, measurements as follows: P2P - 21"  Collar to Tail - 29.5"  Shoulder - 19.5"  Sleeves - 26"
Great piece from the Italian brand that can work as a casual cotton blazer or as outerwear. Size is unlisted, but fits like a 52 EU. See measurements below. Patch pockets on chest and hip. Navy color goes with practically everything. Jacket came with blue plastic buttons, but I replaced them with much nicer horn buttons. The interior buttons, however, are still the stock plastic ones. P2P - 20.5"  Collar to Tail - 29"  Shoulder - 19"  Sleeve - 25"
Anyone else notice the chambray Doyle fits it big looser than the duck canvas? I'm assuming this is because the chambray hasn't been washed like the duck canvas. Is it safe to give the chambray a cold wash? And if so, should I line dry it or give it a short run on the gentle cycle?
Can anyone comment on the sizing between Epaulet sweaters and Inis Meain as a point of reference? I'm an L in Epaulet shirting, but knitwear can be a bit different. 
I'd be all over an Olive and Burgundy loopwheeled. The off-white is probably the best tee I've ever owned. A light tan would be great for the fall too.
Mike/Matt,   A L in the mainline Epaulet shirts fits me well (albeit on the slim side), but I take a 42 in the Doyle. Will a L in the CPO be too tight?   Thanks.
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