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Mike,   Any plans to include links to Hi-Res images for the MTO trousers the same way there are w/ the Individualized Shirts pages. It'd be great to get to a better look at the textures on those swatches.
Has anyone let out the hems on duck canvas Walts/RC's? I think I got mine hemmed a bit too short, but I'm worried about the previous hem being too noticeable since it's cotton and not wool.
I might be interested in the Ashland shirts as well.
Did that teal linen shirt that was posted on IG already come and go or has it not hit the site yet?
Mike,   Collar question. One of my favorite shirts I ever bought from Epaulet was this one from a 2 or 3 years ago:   Looking at the diagrams on the MTO page, I would've thought it would be the medium spread that was closest to that, but based on your descriptions above, it sounds like it would be narrow point would be the closest match. If I was trying to get something close to this shirt, which collar should I go with?
I'd also be all over a natural linen Doyle, but would prefer it even more if it was a bit darker - something like the tobacco t's on the site now. With the really light colors, sometimes I feel like it's only a beach/vacation piece. Something a little darker matches all the colors that a natural one would, but I think looks a little more refined.   Would a linen/cotton blend hold its shape better if the structure is an issue? I have a pair of linen/cotton FF RC's from a...
If anyone was on the fence about the Paprika EPLA button-down on sale now, just wanted to give that a hearty endorsement. Might actually be my favorite shirt from Epaulet. There's something about the washed fabric that really fits well w/ colors more on the country side of the spectrum. Really hope once the production on them starts back up, the Loden gets restocked so I can grab one of those as well.   And if you have an olive Doyle, the Paprka goes great with it.
Drop to $50 on chambray.
Beautiful pants in a versatile olive tone. The cashmere blend makes for an absolutely gorgeous hand to go along w/ Incotex's impeccable construction. No tagged size, but fits similar to a US 35 or so. Please check measurements below.   Free domestic shipping, buyer to pay actual shipping costs to Canada.   Waist laying flat - Approx 17.5" (w/ room to let out as seen in picture) Inseam - Approx 31.5" w/ 2.75" to let out.
Fantastic casual blazer from LBM in a washed navy w/ a very subtle glen plaid check. 3 roll 2 with dual vents and working surgical cuffs as well as the signature LBM lapel pin.   Free domestic shipping, buyer to pay actual shipping costs to Canada.   P2P - 21.5" Collar to Tail - 29" Sleeves - 25.5"
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