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Dropped my twords off at the tailor today for hemming. They're even nicer than I was expecting. I'm really kicking myself for not getting the grey ones as well. On the outside chance that anyone grabbed a pair of those in 35 or even 36 Rudy's, I will gladly take them off your hands.   I also got the regular navy wide wales and they're very nice in their own right. I have the wheat ones from a couple years back and I wear the shit out of those so I'm sure it'll be the...
 I'm philosophically opposed to typing LOL, but Lumberjacking for Beats actually made me laugh out loud.
Another ringing endorsement for the Somelos Oxfords (and for the truly photogenic urinals in beautiful, downtown Burbank CA).   I really liked the EPLA Oxfords - the antique white and paprika ones in particular, but the Portugese shirting is an undeniable upgrade. The quality of the fabric, the fit and the construction are way beyond what I'd expect at this price point.    
In the interest of speeding up my closet-cleaning, I'm knocking another 10% off - $135.
Just got my shipping confirmation as well. One pair of twords and one pair of non-tword cords. Pretty prettay fast (hopefull that brought images of Larry David as you read it).
Ben's on Spring St.   It's been 10 years since I left NY and there's loads of things I still miss. When I go back and hit up old favorites, the meals often times don't live up to the fuzzy memories. Not Ben's, though. A slice of their Palermo Pie might be my choice for last meal.
Never had Fresh Brothers. If we're going beyond slice joints, Sotto, to me, is the best pizza in LA. Prova is also excellent as is Mozza.
While we're on the subject, here's a complete, definitive guide to good pizza by the slice in LA:   1) Prime Pizza 2) Vito's 3) Joe's 4) Tomato Pie   The end.
 Anything new on the horizon for the leather goods? Still holding out hope you decide to do a messenger bag/less-formal soft briefcase. Would love something like that in museum calf.
Cantarelli hopsack blazer, MTO Inglese, Kimber NYC Pocket Square.
New Posts  All Forums: