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Is it possible to request an inseam in 1/2" increments on the Special Order Rudy's. Would love to not have to get them hemmed.
How heavy is the Barberis Flannel? Would it be too much for LA most of the year?
Am I the only one who would love to see a ribbed bottom and sleeves on a polo? A linen/cotton blend maybe?
Mike,   Do you have any photos of the blue Portuguese Oxford made up into a pair of Walts or Rudy's. I'm having a hard time visualizing a casual fabric like that in those cuts. I'm looking for an alternative to denim for when the really hot late summer weather hits and I'm torn between that fabric and the petrol khyber. Any thoughts as to which would work better? I'd mostly be wearing them w/ casual shirts and linen sweaters.
Got my cotton/linen EFF Rudy's a couple days back. Gorgeous fabric, but I'm having a hard time deciding if I should cuff them or not. What are other people doing with these fabrics?
I can't remember - what was the estimated delivery on the last round of EFF Walts/Rudys?
+1 on this.
Mike,   Do you have any photos of the Blue Portugese Oxford made up into trousers? I'm looking for a warm weather replacement for denim and I'm looking at that fabric or the Petrol Khyber cloth.   Really regret not getting an order in before the navy tonal seersucker sold out...
+1 for a group buy. I'd be all over a cream calfskin like the one above or a light brown suede.
Dropped to $100.
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