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If anyone gets a L of the light hoodies and wants to trade for a navy hoodie, I've got an extra one.
On the MTO zipped cardigans, how pronounced is the rectangular pattern below the collar on the back? When I look at the pictures of the stock donegal zip-up, I don't see a similar pattern on that one.
If you're a L, I'm down. I have a light indigo crewneck already. One of my favorite things I own - really hoping for a dark indigo crewneck.
Will the added length be available in crewneck preorders as well?
Dropped to $125
Sadly, the time has come to admit that my giant Italian ass doesn't jive w/ the rise on Rivet Chino's. Here's a pair in a great, versatile shade of grey that's no longer available in this size. I've worn these a handful of times and had them dry-cleaned once. They've been hemmed to an inseam of 31.25" and I had the waist taken in to 18.25" lying flat.   Details from the Epaulet website can be seen...
Great pair of jeans that sadly just don't seem to work too well w/ my build. These have been worn probably between 5-10 times and cold-washed and line-dried once. They've been hemmed to an inseam of 32" w/ a chain stitch. Apart from that, they're unaltered from factory measurements.   Details can be seen on Epaulet's website here:   http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/bottoms/products/epla-wilshire-jean-grey-kurabo-denim   Pics are of actual item.
Mike,   Any plans to include links to Hi-Res images for the MTO trousers the same way there are w/ the Individualized Shirts pages. It'd be great to get to a better look at the textures on those swatches.
Has anyone let out the hems on duck canvas Walts/RC's? I think I got mine hemmed a bit too short, but I'm worried about the previous hem being too noticeable since it's cotton and not wool.
New Posts  All Forums: