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But with a buttondown collar instead of the spread collar, correct?
Very nice zipped linen cardigan in a melange of blue and brown tones (pretty sure this was the 'Mussel' color that NMWA had available for pre-order a while back). Sweater is in very good, but used shape - there's a few stray threads here and there, but nothing that anyone would notice.    Domestic shipping included in the $175. Will also to ship to Canada for cost.   p2p- A little over 22" length - 26.5"
@Epaulet    Just want to make sure the order I placed at WeWork doesn't get lost in the shuffle. I'd hate to miss out on those khaki twords.
@Epaulet    You mentioned an unlined loafer a while back. Is that going to hit anytime soon? Or the Teba jacket you said you were working on?
 Agreed. I've mentioned those several times on here. I grabbed them last year and they are without a doubt my most worn pair of pants - I regularly pair them with everything form just a t-shirt and sneakers to a hopsack navy sc with a spread collar dress shirt. Loved them to much that I got the stone ones this time around. Regarding the cuff, you could definitely go that way and they'll look good, but I think you'll lose some of that versatility. With the cuff, they'll...
 I just got a shipping notification this morning for mine.
@Epaulet   Is the safari shirt only good w/ that fabric or could we order that make-up (the pleated pockets, etc) with one of the fall threads? Both colors of that Rezzo fabric would make an amazing overshirt.
Last price drop - $140.
 Cool. I'll definitely be able to make one of those days. Will there be OTR stock on hand as well? Hoping to try on one of the Somelo's.
@Epaulet    What buttons are those on the safari shirt? I can't believe how much attention I pay to buttons these days.   Also, do you have any more details on the 8/11 & 8/13 days for LA yet (address/times)? I'd definitely prefer to take a look at swatches in person first, but if I won't be able to make it in person, I may as well put my order in now.
New Posts  All Forums: