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Does anyone know the difference between these two Napolis that justifies the $100 price difference?   They both seem to use Pure Wool S110, so I'm not sure why one is $100 more. I'm also trying to go for a darker navy, but...
 If you check here: like the shipping charge to Australia is now $15. EDIT: Oops nevermind I was looking at the wrong thing.
 Went to the sample sale today and I would say its worth it to check out. They have a TON of shirts and you'll probably find something close to your size if you search around. I found a couple of great fitting shirts myself. 
For those unaware, Proper Cloth had finally released their 100% Linen shirts last week. Even though Fall is coming, these are perfect for those still living in hotter climates.
 Hey MSchapiro, Proper Cloth does have jackets available in their NYC office for you to try out. They might have sold out of some sizes though. You can check what size they have left on the jacket product pages:
 PC's wrinkle resistance fabrics are not equivalent to the "no iron" Brooks Brothers shirts.
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