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Thanks for the quick reply! Unfortunately I could not find his signature on that link. :( And do you know when the code will end? Just got to make sure I have time.   And regarding the Alden Indy's vs. Wolverine...which is better though? In terms of quality, comfort, etc (if any)... I own a pair of Wolverines already and was only interested in Alden Indy's because of the extremely positive reviews it got. After a few searches of 'Alden Indy's vs. Wolverine,' almost...
Oh, and I almost forgot. What's your opinion on the Alden Indy's vs. Wolverine 1000 Mile boot? A lot of reviews say Alden's are better overall.   Thanks again for the help!
Hey Crane,   I'm just wondering if that code is still available (SPRING20) because I won't be able to order anything until tomorrow. Also, are you a authorized retailer for Wolverine? My friend is arguing with me that it's not legit.   I will be phoning Wolverine tomorrow about it, but a confirmation of any sort will suffice.   Thanks a lot.
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