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New shoe care:   My C&J shoes got caught by some light rain, and now there's specks of discolouration on the uppers.   1. What's the best way of getting these specks out? 2. Do you all use a waterproofer, or just apply a few layers of cream polish after purchase?   Thanks in advance guys.
 A belt at Uniqlo and H&M costs more than $20, and they definitely aren't full-grain.. Not sure what kind of business this Aeolis is running, surely can't be profitable at $20 for a full-grain cow leather belt.
 Nice purchase sir. The G&G St James II look incredible...a totally different beast.  Good luck trying to avoid the temptation in future!
 The dark brown Audleys are very nice, you will enjoy them.
 Re. purchasing from Taobao - you didn't have any issues from Australian Customs re. the shoe trees being untreated wooden items? I've purchased Woodlore trees from Amazon previously, however I wonder whether Customs is more "careful" with items from non-English countries.
 I almost slipped multiple times last year in a pair of C&J Hallams, leather sole.  Pavement slightly hilly and damp.  As such, would think that a lower-profile toe plate would be preferable to a higher-profile toe plate.  Maybe it's just my gait. Re. limited market - I think this is about educating the consumer, especially in a country as isolated as Australia.  The same could have been said for wine/welted shoes/canvassed suits etc.  Besides, it's not as if sunken toe...
 More concerned about slipping with protruding toe plates than the appearance of the sole!  Leather soles look crap anyway once they are used...even rubber looks better. Pretty disappointed with Coombs.  The guy said he didn't have the time to do countersunk.  Nonsense - offer the service and charge for it, "not having time" is equivalent to "can't be bothered with quality".
Sydney people:   Does anyone know any cobblers that can install countersunk toe plates?  Just went to Coombs in Strand Arcade before and they don’t countersink, only just nailed straight onto the sole...   I’ve paid for the leather soles on my EG, C&J…want to enjoy them instead of just slapping a Topy on.
 Welcome to the forum. Chinos: Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren.  Especially on sale.  DJs, or their own shops. Tailors: Arthur Korderas (South Yarra) or Steve Giannopoulos (Camberwell) for suits; for chinos Elite Alterations (cnr Church and Bridge, Richmond) should be fine.  Elite should be quick as well as they have an army of experienced ladies working in there.
 The frustrating thing about MJ Bale and their blazer/sports jacket range at the moment - ALL surgeon's cuffs. Their advertising department obviously did not think about the real-world implications of putting surgeon's cuffs for all their blazers.
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