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If you guys are going to declare this as being fake, at least state the reason so that the OP can communicate this with eBay/vendor.   Not really much good if all the evidence is a Styleforum thread proclaiming 'FAKE!"...also, the vendor may not have intended to deceive.   p.s. I am not the vendor. p.p.s. I'd guess fake because of the Chinese on the label.
 Congrats on a fine purchase! I actually thought the 365 last was more comfortable than the 325 (for boots).  Unfortunately, the Islay (365) is really bulbous and the welting is so inelegant and chunky...almost looks like a pair of Bata/Blundstones. Coniston on the other hand looks far more refined, good for city and "country" use.
 Did the seller ever get back to you re. the label for the RLBL? I once saw a RLPL...however the suit was fused, and there was Chinese writing on the internal label...big giveaway.
  I'm surprised no one put their finger on this previously...especially retailers, who ought to be more clued up on the tricks of the trade.  Even on Cleverley's website, there are several bench made models with that "EG oval"...and these would be dead obvious to anyone with a passing interest in these types of shoes.- Adam- Alan- David- Jack- Oliver- Reuben- Sean
arahat,   Are you able to give an indication of how much some of these pairs cost in this batch?  Cheers.
Looks interesting - subscribed as well.
 I know.  I am very particular re. heel slippage and cramped toes, however these AS 87 in Chelsea boots fit very nicely for me.  I didn't try the AS 87 in UK 8 so perhaps the fit could be even better...the 8.5 is not as snug as all the other lasts I mentioned, however it is 100% comfortable - no need for different socks, heel pads or anything.  On the other hand, I hated all the other lasts when they were half a size larger than what I stated in the previous post, due to...
 Edward Green Inverness. I actually bought these a few weeks ago.  Prior to this, I hadn't bought anything near this price...not even close.  I ummed and ahhed quite a while about it. I ended up justifying the purchase thus:- the fit of the shoe was mindblowing, and I really liked the shape/last;- I intend to enjoy these for the next 15-20 years (if not longer);- on a scale of 1-10 I like these 10/10, and I couldn't find a suitable alternative that was "economically...
 Check out Bancrofts' website - I think they pick up.
 I'd avoid a black captoe Oxford and go for something a bit more versatile - something you can dress down for casual wear, and dress up with a suit.  A black captoe Oxford may be tricky to dress down.  Perhaps a dark brown, or burgundy/oxblood Oxford with some brogue detailing might be more versatile for you. This shoe is far beyond the 200 pound price range, but it might give you ideas on what to look for. 
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