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I'm interested but would ideally prefer speed hooks. Additionally, I really like the grooves/markings that run from the stitching to the edge of the storm welt on the RL Lindrick. I have it on my leather soled Skyes, but not sure if it can be replicated with Danite soles. Anyone know?
After a month wait, I received my Classic Whiskey pebble grain double monks on Friday. Overall very happy with them. I ordered using the foot measurement technique Meermin recommends and the fit is perfect - which is a big relief. The quality and workmanship is very good for the price. Only slight critcism is that the pebble grain leather is thicker on one shoe than the other, which means the shoes creases slightly differently. But as I said, I'm very happy with the...
I have had a number of responses to my emails re sizing/fit from Luisa
Quote: Originally Posted by forex They are made by C&J,pretty sure about that. Thanks.
Anyone know if the Black Fleece Double Strap Monkstrap is made by CJ or AS? Thanks.
Just spoke to a SA in San Francisco who told me that 12/26 sale on Black Fleece items will be 25% + an extra 15% (for the first 4 hours I think). He didn't know if there would be an additional 15% off for using BB cards. Select BF items will be 50% off, but sounds like that will be the older stuff. I called Madison Ave to try to get clarification but the SA there said he didn't know what the discount would be. All in all, very disappointing if no 15% kicker for...
Is the measurement for the boot - the top of the boot or the sole? thanks.
Please include any charcoal/grey wool tab pants in BB2 in your Black Fleece selection.
Sold - pending payment.
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