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I posted this in the Allen Edmonds thread earlier, but seems the talk of the deal going on there got it lost, and it may have been more appropriate here anyway.  I was wondering everyones thoughts on the job I did burnishing the AE Nathans I got.  They were walnut and I added some Saphir Mahogany, Saphir light brown, Meltonian dark brown, and some Allen edmonds black creme.  Is it too much, too little, nice, or what can I do to make it better, I plan on waxing the shoe...
Is this considered a mirror finish, or should I keep going?(that's not a crease on the toe, but part of the window in front of the shoe.
Breaking in my new Nathan's, Will probably try to burnish the toe and some other areas a bit to give it even more character.   Definitely love them, and even more for their price!    
I was going out to help a dancer friend teach her class, so this picture was in her studio. Simple charcoal suit with a white shirt.  Pocket square in a black/white check but barely visible in the photo.  Tie is a knit material.  Testing out my Allen Edmond Caryle's(usually don't dance in real shoes, but not bad at all!) Socks for fun :D  
I picked up a few of them Tried to go back after my order and get a few more... but they were gone by then.
LOL, enjoy them for me, I'm going to pretend I didn't read this idea, and maybe wait until I at least try on all my recent acquisitions first.Not AE but Century 21 department stores apparently have shoes for $8.50!!! and for now I have too many shoes.... 
Damn this saddens me a bit.  I called the shoebank last week since they said they had these in my size, only to find out they didn't.  Any chance you're a 9.5D and got the last pair  
Wonderful job with the polish then! The comment saying they might have been bought in two leathers sure could have fooled me with the job you did.
Interesting.  I looked quick a few pages back and didn't see anything.  But basically you're saying they went light to dark from toe to heel?  Almost the opposite of what I had in mind.
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