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 I posted the above in the official thrift thread just over 2 weeks ago.   Unfortunately I didn't get any responses.  I was tempted to send a quick email to the guys at asking for advice, I figured it would be just as beneficial to open this question up to a wider audience though.   As you'll now know, I'm based in the UK and I'm finding it really troublesome locating anyway to shop for second-hand clothes. I like to dress in formal way quite often so I'm...
Yeah I'll try them on prior to rolling them and if they seems a bit baggy length wise then I'll get them altered. Will need to find a decent place that specialises in denim alterations. 
Thanks.   I do want something a bit slimmer. Something that looks smarter with boots and shoes etc.    My only real issue now is the length as I'm 6ft and the 34" legs are going to make them very baggy. Will need to look at getting them altered. 
Ok this might be a weird request. I'm currently around a 36 waist in normal non selvedge jeans. So think 501s or Diesel jeans for example.   Ideally I'd like to get down to a 34 and use a nice pair of jeans as extra motivation to drop a bit of weight from the waistline.   Obviously this means I can't try a pair on.    If I'm aiming for a traditional 34 would I get 32 in APC NS?    Also is NS the best way to go?   What I'm looking for is a pair of jeans to go with...
Really liking my new boots. Might go with grey trousers as unsure about blue. Will obviously work well wiith denim at some point so I'm probably just being stupid as they are new.   
 I ordered some lexol conditioner a couple of weeks ago and it still hasn't arrived. I asked for recommendation for brushes and cloths a couple of pages back and I think it got missed 
Yeah it's definitely a lot of practice. At least I've got the right products now. Renovateur has made a real difference already in terms of the condition of the shoes. Will invest in better brushes and clothes. 
Followed the advice in the OP and I'm not 100% sure on the results. I've ordered a better horsehair brush and don't think a cut up cotton t-shirt is doing enough in terms of the shine.      Shoes are maybe 2 months old and have been worn 5 times. The image quality and light isn't great so they look a bit duller than they actually are. But still not great. 
  Thanks for the info. What selvedge denim have you found at TK Maxx?
Asked this in another but have just seen this thread.     What is the recommended brush to go with for leather boots and shoes? looking to use it to remove dirt and will use a cloth for the next few steps. I take it a large oval brush is the way to go? if someone can point my in the right direction it would save me endlessly looking at brushes without knowing which one will do the job the best. Seems silly to spend £300 on a pair of boots or shoes and the not look after...
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