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So I got my TaT navy wool flannel suit not too long ago and I gotta say I love it. I plan on ordering a second one soon and I wanted to get some feedback on how it fits before I order another one. Here are a few pictures. The one thing I think could be improved is the pants could be slimmer. Any other suggestions? The lapel also always rolls weird in the back, but that's another issue.
Thanks for the picture of the grey wool suit Jason, but do you have any pictures of a suit in the grey windowcheck wool or any of the other wools from Spain? Thanks
Does anybody have any pictures of a TaT suit in the gray wool listed on the site? I'm trying to pick the fabric/color of my next TaT suit and I haven't seen any posted in that color yet.
You can find Calvin Klein and DKNY ties at any Lord & Taylor, they average about 3.25" which to me is the perfect width for a tie. If you're looking for something slimmer than that, try CK Slim ties, which are 3". CK Slim ties are sold at Macy's usually.
A few weeks ago I was in the Ben Sherman store in SoHo and I came across a bunch of square silk knots. I knew I had seen them before elsewhere but this was the first time I was actually interested in them. Since then, I've been looking around online for them but I've only been able to find them in one color here. Does anyone know where I can find these in a greater variety of colors? The Ben Sherman website doesn't actually sell them, they're only in the SoHo store. I...
I've recently bought 3-4 slim fit shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt. I love the shirts, but the cuffs are huge. I usually get the sleeves tapered, but is it common to have the cuffs altered as well? I was thinking that couldn't a tailor relocate the buttons so that the cuff is tighter once buttoned? I asked a better-dressed friend about this and he said it's not a common thing to do. What's the solution here, besides not buying shirts with huge cuffs?
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