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This isn't that complicated. Almost anything goes with dark blue jeans. I agree with embowafa, a simple white shirt does look good with dark blue jeans. But seriously, there are really dozens of color choices you can make here with either dress shirts or polos.
Quote: Originally Posted by MichaelE I've found that when ordering from them that I need to order the slim fit. However, ordering from G&H or T&A, all of their shirts fit me perfectly through the torso. inch beer gut. What exactly are G&H and T&A?
3-3.25" is a good width that is fashionable but still acceptable for business. For job interviews I wear a 3.5" tie though. The Calvin Klein and DKNY ties sold at Lord & Taylor are mostly 3.25", and very stylish. I would suggest those.
There's a scene in the movie Hot Rod where Andy Samberg's character gives up on his childish dreams of being a stuntman and decides to become a responsible adult. Part of his transformation involves him wearing a polo/rugby shirt with a tie. It looks ridiculous, but it was hilarious in the context of the movie.
I work in a business casual environment and I'm already slightly overdressed wearing suit pants/trousers and a dress shirt. My collars always flop around and get a little sloppy by the end of the day. A tie would be too much at my job. I've really considered getting these but the fact that the magnets are so powerful that they are potentially dangerous has made me avoid purchasing them so far.
I got them from GetSmart and they were big because I messed up the measurements. I took them to a tailor afterwards and she just made the alterations I requested, and now the pants look a lot better.
Alright so it took me a little while due to my busy schedule, but I got to the tailor and got my pants trimmed down. I definitely messed up the measurements guys. Remember to have the tape measure snug when you measure. I basically took measurements somewhere between loose and snug. When I order my next suit I'll be retaking the measurements for the jacket as well. Here's some pictures.
Quote: Originally Posted by RyanLeez0r mickey did you order your pants with larger measurements? they do not seem as fitted as all the others' pants. I'm pretty sure I messed up the measurements for the pants. I think I probably left the tape measure to loose and didn't pull it tight when taking the measurements. You're right, most other people's pants came out a lot better than mine. I'm hoping I can correct this in my next suit.
I assumed the lapel roll thing in the back was something that would be fixed with pressing the suit. Is that not the case? If so I guess I should consider returning it, which is unfortunate.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol In the middle pic, should I be able to see that thing peaking out from under the collar? No, the lapel just rolls weird there. I'm not too sure what that's all about.
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