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I think it will definitely help somewhat. You're going to need a pair of shoe trees regardless for future shoes, so you might as well get some and put them in.
So I solved this problem by tucking the knit tie into itself, which worked amazingly well. Haha
I have a knit tie from J. Crew that I bought last year. It's the navy one with a single white and green stripe. It's seriously way too long and difficult to manage the length correctly, so I really would like to get it shortened so I can stop tucking it in and using my tie clip to bring it up a bit. What's the best way to do this?
One thing I'm curious about, is using a hair dryer as suggested by Obenauf's completely necessary? I usually put on a thing coat and then let the shoes/boots sit over night, then I buff them the next day.
I recently picked up some of this stuff exclusively for waterproofing some boots I have, but after reading about it and using it some, I feel like it's some kind of miracle product. I've currently stopped using any other cream or conditioner and I've just been really diligent about applying Obenauf's to all my shoes once a week. It does a great job with waterproofing and it gets my shoes shiny enough for my tastes. Am I making a mistake here? Should I still include an...
I'm a ginger as well, kind of. My beard is full on red where as my hair is kind of a sandy blonde. The daywalker distinction is funny. I guess I'm a daywalker. While ginger girls look great in green, ginger men in green invites way too many leprauchan comments. If you're going to do it, do a very dark green, like the green equivalent of navy. Personally I wear a lot of navy and blues just because I think layered blues look great, but it also goes with my eyes which is...
For those of you who use Obenauf's LP, do you really use a hair dryer on it like the directions say? I'm a little uneasy about blowing hot air on my leather. Is this a necessary step or is there something else I can do?
Does anybody know how long the boys crewcuts ties are? I really want this one tie but it's a kid's tie, I'm near certain it will be too short but I'd like to believe it won't be.
I really want that Black Watch tartan wool jacket, but I can't bring myself to pay $750 for something from J. Crew. Does anybody know any alternatives for a black watch tartan wool jacket/coat?
I have a question, I apologize if it's already been asked in this thread. Is the "ladies long" cuff on tailorstore.com what we typically refer to here as a "casino", "turnback" or "gauntlet" cuff?
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