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Looking for some Florsheim Shell Longwings in decent condition in brown, burgundy, or any color besides black really. I'm a size 9 in most dress shoes so I expect a 9 or 9.5 would fit me. PM me with what you have and a price.
I got this Seiko 5 for Christmas and put a shell cordovan band on it. It's my main watch and I dig it. Feel free to laugh at the fact that the band costs twice as much as the watch, ha.
Quote: Originally Posted by Yardsale the justin boots are better than all your other boots. Quote: Originally Posted by bwsbbc Nice selection. I almost like the j. ropers more than the gordon rush boots. That is really surprising. Maybe the picture just doesn't do the Gordon Rush boots justice because they're about a million times better looking than the Justin boots.
Here are some of my shoes and boots: LL Bean Maine Hunting boots for poor weather. Sperry for J. Crew Chukka in brown nubuck - I just got these for Christmas and so far I love them. They're very comfortable and I really like the look of them. Justin Roper boots - I got these used on eBay for $35. I bought them solely to wear to bars because I have an unfortunate habit of drinking and beating up my more expensive boots. Notice the deep scratch on...
Quote: Originally Posted by sensation87 Can anyone help me find some boots similar to these made by whyred? http://www.selectism.com/news/2009/1...-crayle-boots/ Look for any chukka boot? Crockett & Jones makes a pointier chukka boot in a similar color. I checked this boot out and it wasn't too bad. Is there any reason why you're not just getting these boots?
Where can I find more information about modding Seikos with different dials and such? I'd love to get a Seiko 5 and play with the looks a bit.
I have a Seiko SNK809K2 that I put a whiskey/tan strap on. It's my main watch and I love. I'll probably get another Seiko 5 in the near future.
Quote: Originally Posted by a-rock Seiko 5 SNK803K2... ... with Burgundy stripe straps from J.Crew ... with Navy stripe Doesn't come out in the photos but the khaki color on the straps match almost exactly with the color of the dial. That looks great, love those striped bands. I have a Seiko SNK809K2 that I put a whiskey/tan strap on. I may pick up the SNK803K2 and put a burgundy/oxblood band on it as well, I really like that...
Uniqlo has some black watch tartan wool pants. I bought a pair and I love them. They may be sold out in the NYC store by now, but if you can find them they're definitely worth getting. $40 and nice slim cut.
Buy a J.Crew seersucker suit online today with coupon code "SECRET". I just bought a 3 piece seersucker suit for $240 last night, it would be about $200 without the vest. The coupon code ends today unfortunately, but I'm sure there will be another in the future.
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