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I'm interested. I'd like to see the colors and patterns first though.
J. Crew has some pinpoint oxford club collar shirts right now. I think they're sold out online and only in stores at this point. I have two, they're nice but wrinkle a little easier than I'm used to.
Well here are some pictures. I've conditioned them quite a bit and worn them once more and they definitely look a little worse. Is there anything that can be done?
I purchased a pair of Florsheim shell cordovan longwings on eBay recently, and have just started to wear them out. They had little-to-no-wear on them when I purchased them. It looked as though someone had worn them once or twice at the most. I've worn them out twice now, and I've noticed there is a spot on them that is already cracking right around the crease on the left shoe. When I first noticed I wasn't sure if it was cracking so I put some Saphir Renovateur on the...
I'll buy the Chambray shirt!
Quote: Originally Posted by bsyde82 Does anyone know if quoddy can make a custom order? not in terms of size, but material. I noticed that suede is an option for their chukka, but not for their blucher. I really wanted those SW suede bluchers w/ the brick sole, but I slept on em and my size is now gone. I'm desperate if you can't tell. I was wondering this myself. It says right on their website to contact them if you have any requests....
Are these still available?
Are these still available?
If I wear a 9 in most dress shoes boot, would 8.5 fit or be too small?
Quote: Originally Posted by DNW Which model is this? It reminds me of my grail watch, the Citizen Campanola CTS57-0701. It's the SNK381K.
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