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I got my strap and have been wearing it the past few weeks, I love it. My only complaint is that the white outer portions start to get dirty/stained pretty quickly. Does anyone have any recommendations for cleaning it? I'm going to give normal detergent and scrubbing a shot, which usually works for darker NATO straps.
Does anyone know who makes the Bartley Made in America boat shoes? What about the other mocassin type shoes, such as the crepe soled boots with the flannel top and pockets from last season? Are these all Quoddy? Or does Alden make some of these?
Crockett & Jones makes them. I'm not sure shoe maintenance is any different just because the shoes are more expensive though. I'd assume if you're buying cordovan shoes you probably know at least a little bit about maintenance at this point. In fact the advice you stated is the recommended advice for shell cordovan shoes.
Brooks Brothers Boat Chukka Size 8.5. Worn 2-3 times. These are great Boat Chukkas that were on the Brooks Brothers website up until recently, they retailed for $120. SOLD J. Crew Featherweight Flannel Shirt in size small. I bought this maybe 1-2 years ago new, wore it once or twice and then never wore it again. Shirt is in perfect condition still. SOLD A shirt from The Cockpit, size small. I bought this shirt 1-2 years ago and wore it once or...
I'm looking for the PRL Kempton quilted jacket. It was sold in the USA last year, but now I can only find it on the UK RL site here. I'd buy it there but they unforunately won't ship to the US. I'm looking for a size small in either navy or dark green.
Price drop. $400 shipped.
Quote: Originally Posted by 0b5cur1ty Try a Cordovan leather strap. They never seem to smell of anything other than their own distinctive smell, even if you sweat profusely on them. I'm going to resurrect this thread to say I've tried this. I have a brown cordovan strap I got in January that I didn't wear at all in the summer, but started to smell once I brought it back into rotation in September. I've used some Saphir on the inside of the...
I have a pair of Ralph Lauren Sandersons in Tan, size 9D brand new in the original box. I bought these pretty recently but changed my mind after I received them. These are priced at $525 on the Ralph Lauren website, and are sold out in this size/color. I'm selling these for $400 shipped. Let me know if you have any questions or would like pictures beyond those on the RL website. $450>400
I just got the RL Sanderson longwings in tan from Endless. It was a pretty awesome deal after the discount and a gift card.
So are these gone? If they didn't sell I'd definitely take em.
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