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Not to pile on, but when I saw the picture of those Cleverly's but before I read the post, I thought someone had posted a pair of Stacy Adams...   It might be the purple, but either way I am not a fan of that style.
I really like these^, particularly the DB, which I am not a fan of for myself. Perhaps a touch over-suppressed on the waists for me, but very nice overall.
Thank you for this feedback. As I am in flyover country (near enough), its unlikely I will be able to handle in person. Are there any online auctions you consider worth while?
Gents,   I am looking for a Patek Phillipe Golden Elipse 3948, in yellow gold. This watch is to commemorate the birth of my daughter, with the intention of giving it to her in the future. New is out of the question from a cost perspective and the prices I have found pre-owned vs auction lead me to believe that the auction is the way to go. However, I have never participated in a watch auction, dont know the ins and outs and would love some guidance from the cognoscenti...
Vass typically doesnt have grain leathers, other than the pebble grains. They will however make grain boot and shoes for runs with supplied leathers, so long as the leather meets minimum standards.
Thanks for the inclusion. Just because I love you guys, mention Razl and I'll take $100 off. Seriously. 
**Waits with bated breath...**  
Is this a pleat or flat front? They look lovely. I have been trying for 4 years to get trousers made that fit properly, but I squat bro...
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