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Super excited about the jeans! For me the fit should be right on, but I don't like my pants as skinny as others do.
 Good to know! Also what is the washing/care procedure for these garments, since I may want to consider possible shrinkage? I I have a small AD shirt and it fits well everywhere except length so I may request to add an inch. I haven't got to try any of your flannels yet so I am looking forward to these. Edit: Doh, I just saw someone asked about shrinkage above. What he said!
Are these flannels going to be made in the same exact cut as normal button ups? I'm asking because I thought in previous years tiny bit of room in certain areas were added to account for layering. I realize we can customize but I'm just wondering if arm hole / chest will be the same.
  I hope bigger means that they will have slightly longer sleeves / length than the normal ADs!!
 Awesome, can't wait!Mauro, are the pop overs going to have their own size chart? Or are the measurements consistent with the current AD button downs?
 Thanks Josh, that is what i was thinking. I don't mind a bit more room in the leg so I will go that route.
About 33in. Actual waist is 32.5 so I'm debating on the chino in either size 31 or 32. edit: should have mentioned this would be in the slim cut.
 I'm wondering the same. I guess the question to ask is what kind of waist stretch if any should we consider with the fabric and is there any potential shrinkage in the waist through washing? I'm unsure if I am in between sizes if I should size up or down.
Gustin, can i ask what size chinos you are wearing in the pics? I think we are fairly close in size and I wear 31 slims in your denim.
 I hear we can add an inch to sleeve/length on certain special orders which is what i will most likely end up doing. I wonder if there will be any options for this in the next newsletter? I almost wish the AD shirts were sized down; the After Dinners now feel more like an After Dessert shirt. The medium BD fits me decent, although a bit tight in spots. But then the medium AD is just too baggy even for a casual summer shirt. I've tried small AD too and that would be perfect...
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