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Measurements on the sportcoat, please.
Is the Uniqlo jacket single, or double vented?
Sorry to revive an old thread, but I wanted to share my experience. I got gum on my sleeve last night and didn't notice. It then got on the lining of my jacket as well. Warm vinegar and a toothbrush smells terrible, but works amazingly well.
Turns out #2 was a little small on me. More like a 34S, I'd guess. Any takers? I paid $60 incl. shipping CONUS. I'll sell for $50.
I'll take #2
The Euc is still around? Wow... Is the Grog Shop still worth checking out? Beachland Ballroom?
Yes. Luckily just a black satin tie. Does it matter that satin on the vest and tie won't match my lapels? More importantly, do I really care at this point?
Regrettably and despite my best efforts, I couldn't convince my friend to dress his groomsmen (myself included) in classic tuxedos. Instead, we are to wear standard ties instead of bowties. My questions are as follows... I already own a tux. Can I pair a standard tie with my waistcoat, or should I purchase one of those new-fangled shiny vests? Obviously, shirt studs now become unnecessary, but what about the pleated shirt? Should I even bother? Finally, FIH knot,...
I totally agree, and appreciate that candor. Unfortunately, the latter is exactly the situation in which I currently find myself. I think I'll give Jack's a try as well. Thanks, e
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I will be giving Jack's a try on the next few things, just to see if the outcome is more reliable. Bill, I'm curious if you've had an opportunity to try Jack's yet. Thanks.
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