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I haven't seen anything I really wanted to own on sale. Seems like at best stuff is at 50% off with most only being 20 or 30%. Not really anything to jump out of your seat for. 
Stop thinking just buy things.
Seems like mr porter and ssense could mark items down 10% and they would sell out. It's no different from retailers "reducing" prices of items in their stores during black friday and people going nuts to buy them. 
Might pick up a few things now but it's still early. There's gonna be further reductions.
Why even bother buying anything other than t-shirts.
4500 dollars, doesn't include clothing costs or airfare.
What about paying for them in uncut diamonds?
nvm it's all there I just had a filter enabled.
It's just that time of year. Not many notable sales to speak of.
New Posts  All Forums: