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Somehow I always find a way to be locked deep in the middle of a contract during a new iphone launch. Guess it'll have to wait.
 Interested to hear about fit/quality.
 Are you subscribed to buzzfeed?
Looks like I'm getting that MH blk dnm in XL since there's only one left. At 350 if it's even remotely average I'll consider it a win. My only concern is the sleeve length.
This whole it's ok for them to copy because there's never been an original thought is some mindlessly regurgitated bullshit.
It's just Wooster being Wooster.
It's been 3 weeks and 3 days since this post. Hope to see pics soon.
They don't seem to know the difference between selvedge and raw denim.  
He will throw out your TOJ leather and take you shopping at Macy's to buy a Guess/Diesel brand one. He will also take you to his tailor from the Jersey Shore to make sure all your shirts have the most muscular of muscle fits.
New Posts  All Forums: