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But are you fat?
I've had just about enough of wearing denim. What options are there in terms of slim fit trousers akin to zam barrett's offerings.
kg fit...astonishing  
These last few pages are something else.
Whoever bought that last cashmere margiela sweater in XL on ssense. I hope it warms your cold heart you greedy bastard.
A constant and unrelenting fear.
I haven't seen anything I really wanted to own on sale. Seems like at best stuff is at 50% off with most only being 20 or 30%. Not really anything to jump out of your seat for. 
Stop thinking just buy things.
Seems like mr porter and ssense could mark items down 10% and they would sell out. It's no different from retailers "reducing" prices of items in their stores during black friday and people going nuts to buy them. 
Might pick up a few things now but it's still early. There's gonna be further reductions.
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