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Hi Guys,   I posted this in the suitsupply thread and wanted to get a tailor's opinion. I'm deciding between the Napoli 38S or the Sienna 40S. I'm concerned with shoulder fit. On both suits, there are some indents at the top of the sleeve wear it meets the shoulder. Can this be fixed by a tailor?   For reference, I'm 5'-7", 165lbs, weight lift and am a cyclist. Thanks!   Napoli Navy 38S. The jacket felt like it fit...
I haven't tried either of those on yet. Are they typically more roomy in the thigh and seat areas?
Thanks jjzara. I agree the 40S napoli is wide both the jacket and pants. The 40S sienna is more tailored off the bat and the pants fit better, not as baggy. 
Thanks for the input donuts.
Napoli 38S vs Sienna 38S. the fits are pretty close with the Sienna being more tapered.  Jacket: The sienna felt snugger in the shoulders, more narrow. The Sienna has a more tapered waist as well.  Pants: The sienna butt and thigh has just slightly more room than the Napoli. 
Hi Guys,   I ordered two Napoli in 38S and 40S and two siennas in 38S and 40S. I'm trying to decide which suit fits best to keep and would appreciate fit critique and/or tailoring suggestions.  The Napoli 40S had the least amount of indents on the upper sleeve where it meets the shoulder. On the other suits, can the indents be fixed by a tailor? What causes it?   For reference, I'm 5'-7", 165lbs, weight lift and am a cyclist. TIA   Napoli Navy 38S. The jacket felt...
Hi! This post is last as I joined a few days ago 
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