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Batch variation in Cordovan color is pretty much a given. The more important question is color consistency within a pair of shoes, l.e. mis-matched panels within a shoe, or even worse, mis-matched left and right shoes.
I came across these on the net. Anybody knows the model name? Drake?
Not quite grey market. Alden of San Diego only sells certified preowned shoes in size 10c.
Do these belong to Prince Charles as well?
Not everyone is a braggart, but they are plentiful on SF. Cars, watches, shoes, wines, you name it.
Tassels in Hong Kong did the #8 Pebble Grain 
 Looks like a minor problem with the glazing finish.  A sparing application of this will restore the original plasticky luster, if that's what you are looking for.  Alternatively, try using some paste wax.
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A few years ago, uncle Mac posted pictures of himself wearing one saddle NST and one regular NST.
Not all boots are created equal.   Alden leather/rubber Commando soles are not particularly robust.  The leather "mid soles" absorb moisture and could create a lot of problems. 
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