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Cordo West model K
Some longwings with seams
That kind of visible seams really shouldn't be on a pair of 1k+ calf boots.The Peter lasts are inhouse.
 In contrast the Japanese distributor has been doing a fantastic job marketing the Alden brand.   Allegedly Alden sells more shoes in Japan than anywhere else.  
BTW, the description on our beloved Indy boots follows:   "Alden's authentic work boot.  Famous for its career in film, appreciated today for its timeless design...."   Marketing that is.  
 Not quite a book but a nicely printed 30+ page brochure. Got a copy in the mail directly from the factory a few years ago.   The catalog showcases only the regular production styles.  Not a single mention of rare shells models. Call the factory, they may have an updated version available.  
  The first shoe models that are presented in the Alden printed catalog is the Tassel Moccasin.  The description says "The original tassel moccasin. Often copied... never equalled".  
For those who did not already know, there is one style of shoe that Alden claims to be the inventor, and the company is plenty proud of it.  (Old timers, remember the special packaging tissue paper?)     Tassel loafers, created in the 50's.   http://www.nytimes.com/1993/11/03/garden/the-politicization-of-tasseled-loafers.html
 Apparently, they are a conversation piece more than shoes.   
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