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I always have the same thought whenever I see somebody asking for opinions about the "defects" on brand new Alden shoes.   
The gentleman with the $10k #4 listing should revise the auction description. Any customer who would seriously consider such purchase doesn't really need to be remined a million times how rare these shoes are. I assume the seller wants to sell the shoes to someone who appreciates the boots rather than just some sucker.
 Most interesting.  Priceless time capsule samples.  
Very true, but many only care about rarity.  Anything that is labeled as rare, they'll jump on it, regardless of the actual shade of color.  Rare shell trophy shoes, that is.
 TheShoeMart, and Alden Shop of SF/DC offer Cigar LWB, chukka and PTB on a fairly regular basis.   Call them and check, if not in stock, have your name on their waiting list.   Alden of Carmel also offers the Cigar LWB regularly.    I think you should also consider Ravello.   Cigar could be real dark, depending on the particular batch of hide and stain used. 
They need to QC their QC.
I was once told Alden sold more shoes in Japan than in the US or anywhere else in the world.  That was probably five, six years ago.  Not sure about now.
 Maybe my logic was wrong.   Japanese Alden dealers only stock up to size 9.5.   Competition for a 10E is few but fierce.
Teach the _ick a lesson.  For the hack of it, somebody should just buy the boots, wear them a few times and file a Item Not As Described Claim against the seller. Ebay ALWAYS side with the buyer.   
Not for a size 10E, unless someone just buys shoes for display.   A size 7.5EE would fetch $3000.
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