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How do you manage to have no creases on most you your shoes/boots?    
300 Boeing jet order, worthy of a RED ruby shell celebration?
Arcylic finisher came off. Did you brush like mad?Excessive vigorous brushing creates heat, which could melt the finisher.Get a bottle of of Angelus Arcrylic Finisher and wipe the surface gently.
When shell is folded repeatedly (crease area), it becomes particularly porous. Dirt and residual polish will get trapped. Hence the darkening. Thats the nature of shell. There is no real effective way to totally remove the impregnated dirt/polish.You may try using adhesive tape to lift off some of the dirt, followed by a light layer of Reno and vigurous brushing to smooth out the surface.
Saphir Renovateur
Matte finisher?
How long does that "like new" look last?My experience is that the bloom-like-creases will come back pretty much immediately when the shoes are worn again.
Vass used to call all brown shell "antic Cognac". The shade could be all over the place.
That's the nature of pull up leather
A proxy buyer on SF used to do just that. Rare color shells were procured through the Horween rep in Asia. Shells were sent to Vass.Not sure if the gentleman is still doing it nowadays.
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