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My assessment, 379x is similar to Modified, but with a lower instep, and slightly wider waist.
Mdub has become the curator of the Alden Philately Society.
If I were you, I would accept the restoration refund, and sell the shoes. Freshly restored Cigar Alden should comand a decent price. Take the money and get a new pair. Alden or something else, your choice.
Instead, loosely stuff the suede shoes with some rolled up old socks or face towels. Keeping the form while not stretch the shape.
In the pursuit of individual happiness. Guess it is mostly worth it, considering €1000 will only buy you a pair of plain Jane John Lobb Paris RTW.
Personally, I would pay a little more and get the shoes through NMWA. The lead time through Notch has been really lousy.
Call Adam and ask for a partial refund
Alden has a much higher profit margin on calf shoes. The difference in material cost is very significant between calf and shell. A single piece of shell retails for more than $100, depending on size. For the same money, one can get a couple full hides of quality calf, sufficient for half a dozen pairs of shoes.Retailers take on a percentage off retail, so the opposite holds.
 My recommendation for those who wants the glow. 
The #2 LWB has the highest US retail price. I.e $ 825. If you were talking about eboy auctions, i have seen something that's gone to US 3k, but who knows.....
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