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 The $700 is not all lost.  You may be surprised how much people will pay for second hand Alden Cordovan boots.   More power to you for you can visit Vass frequently.  When you buy from Mr. Vass, you get factory direct pricing.  Not so for Aldens, in which the retailer gets a 50% retail margin.    
Rejoice, there will be more TSM seconds in my size next month.............................................just kidding.
 True but that's what QC is for.   Now, don't tell me the QC "human" makes mistakes too and it is okay.  
 Personally, I have experienced similar loose stitchings in two pairs of boots and one pair of shoes.  It is a common "problem", as I remember seeing a few complains over the past few years on this thread.   In almost all instances, Alden considered that a defect and restitched free of charge for the customers (not easy for oversea customers). I don't have any experience with detached heel stacks, but I assume that is not inconceivable for a boot with 270 degree welt.  I...
 I would be interested in seeing some pictures, seriously. Handmade or not, is not really the issue.  Quality control is.  
The sheen form untreated shell is different. Get a shell wallet form say, Asland, and you will see and fell the difference.Alden put arcylic finisher on both shell and Alpine grain calf to give that instant and durable glossy finish.BTW, a handfull of Alden shell shoes don't have that glossy finish. Examples: #2 lwb, Leffot Cigar shell saddles. Shell belts sold by Alden don't have that Arcylic finisher either.
Dye plus acrylic finisher.
Not the best, but that is pretty normal for Alden. Keep in mind, these are not really $500 boots. The retailer has a 50% margin. That makes only $250 worth of QC.
For common calf skin, yes. Not a good idea for shell Cordovan, thou. Just a lttle vanitian cream or reno, and some rubbing.Shell Cordovan behaves like polished flesh out leather. Rubbing or deer boning will do the trick.
Just noticed some simplified Chinese characters show up on the web site page title. Looks like it is run by some Chinese reseller, at a SF East Bay location (510 area code).Unrelated observation. I remember seeing at least three pairs of NIB #2 LWB of different sizes on ebay from a reseller in Hong Kong. The guy must be a relative of Adam.
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