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Matte finisher?
How long does that "like new" look last?My experience is that the bloom-like-creases will come back pretty much immediately when the shoes are worn again.
Vass used to call all brown shell "antic Cognac". The shade could be all over the place.
That's the nature of pull up leather
A proxy buyer on SF used to do just that. Rare color shells were procured through the Horween rep in Asia. Shells were sent to Vass.Not sure if the gentleman is still doing it nowadays.
Haha, probably. Rare shell like color 2, 4, and some models like tankers, definitely. But in any case, Alden the factory and the retailers always win.
Retailers, at least the ones that practice good business, don't just count beans one sale at a time. In reality, you loose some and you win some, and hopefully by the end of the month there is an overall profit. Same applies to one's investment portfolio.
Recently, a retailer was offering 40% off list on some leftover stocks. Granted, they were doing it to move inventory, and they were not loosing money doing so.Our typical $700 shoe is really worth about $350 to the factory
Profit or not depends on the retail operational cost. Regardless, retail list is near 100% over wholesale. As an interesting point of reference, that is about the same for Rolex. Wholesale is about 55% of list price. Next time when you walk by the fancy jewellers, you know who is paying the rent.
No. Most but not all Alden shell shoes have that, regardless of color. The exceptions I can think of are: Leffot cigar x snuff suede saddles. Aof Carmel color 2 lwb, I have also seen a pair of matt surface #8 model form Anatomica years ago.
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