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Thanks bud. I'll try the same and see how it works out.
My T's, particularly the U necks, don't seem to have the same flat look as the model and appear to bunch or ruffle a little bit and not be smooth. This may be because I haven't been dry cleaning them. Any suggestions?
Has anyone else had a problem with their t's bunching up around the collar? or know of a way to fix this?
Do the pullovers fit like the T's or the hoodies? Should I order TTS or size up like I did the hoodie?
How do those of you that have the T's wash/dry them? Thanks
Picked up a black Villain hoodie on RuleOfNext and grey crew and tank on JE. Hopefully I picked the right size since I had differing opinions on S or M. haha
So maybe go medium on the hoodie and small on shirts?
What size in the hoodie/t's would you recommend for someone roughly 5'8 145 pounds?
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