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Are the current mercers tees an identical fit to the original moon one from the midnight collection? That's the only one I have and its pretty damn short in the front tbh. My mercer tank is much longer, and its a size smaller. I remember when that collection dropped some people were complaining that the mercer was shorter than the charcoal villain.
Are those sweatpants a little skinnier than the escobars? Looks like a little bit tighter on this model than the midnight collection. And someone needs to buy the shit in my sig before this drops.
The quilted crew neck was originally released with a wider neck than the current crew. It was updated after the release to close the neck and lose the quilting. The current ones have a much smaller neck. I had the same issue and it seemed like JE changed it due to customer feedback. Another reason I love this brand.
I'm usually a huge fan of SLP footwear, but these are all pretty bad. The paisley and camo skate shoes are really bad.
I'm guessing GAP will be bigger?
Side zips are one thing. Ripping off everything down to the mission statement is another. From JE:All of our clothing is made in Los Angeles from the highest quality materials. Logos are rarely seen, as we feel the garments should speak for themselves. We play with "basics" with deliberate detail, and believe modern clothing can be authentically constructed. Our motivation is simple: we make clothing that people will wear every day RS:Reign and Storm is the new standard...
Wow. That is shameless. They are doing the exact same pose too.
I see the black escobar's have the updated price on the site. Are they the updated fit as well?
@JohnElliottCo Are the escobars gonna be the same sizing as the midnight collection or ss14?
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