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theres a good amount of in season pieces for 30-40% off at east dane. just picked up the fog purple reverse sweat for $128. 
Also about the denim; I could be very wrong but I have a hard time believing JE's plan to reveal the new denim was "hey guys, that denim you've been waiting months to see was actually in all the product shots for the whole season" I'm hoping based on fit that its the old denim with an odd tan sample thrown in there.
natural waist is 33. i wear 32 in slp and 33 in acne denim. they updated the size charts after i ordered. it looks like the waist range is a full size bigger in the engineer pants
I got em in the same size I take my escobars (L) and the waist is huuuge. Gonna have to send em back
I can agree with the pull tab being too thick. I would much prefer a grosgrain one like on slp. It takes a little re-adjusting under my jeans
    Just got the the side-zips in black suede. I really like the toe shape, just wish the shaft was a little slimmer. Probably should have gotten the jodhpur's, but these are still great. Quality was just as good as the first pair I got.
honestly, i probably didnt need those either. taps are more for sole protection than surface grip. i just got the boots in july and didnt want to sacrifice breathability for grip since it doesnt rain here anymore 
might not make a difference to those in colder weather, but adding the topy does make the sole noticeably less breathable. i live in la and ive opted to only get the taps put on. 
i have only classic crews and they definitely switched up the fabric. the old one was so much better. ive noticed pretty much all the fabric blends fit differently. for instance, in the normal cotton/mm blend, the large fits me good but the xl is too big. in silk/comix the xl feels smaller than the cotton/mm does in L (actually wider but shorter). the older cotton/poly blend for grey fit perfectly for me in xl, but now the newer one fits closer to the cotton/mm which makes...
you can kinda see which pieces are reoccurring or based off of current offerings. i really like the cargo pants, the longer anoraks, and most of the shorts. not a fan of any of the jackets really, which is a bummer. hopefully the newer denim coming soon is cut more like this than the FW15 show.
New Posts  All Forums: