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I'm guessing GAP will be bigger?
Side zips are one thing. Ripping off everything down to the mission statement is another. From JE:All of our clothing is made in Los Angeles from the highest quality materials. Logos are rarely seen, as we feel the garments should speak for themselves. We play with "basics" with deliberate detail, and believe modern clothing can be authentically constructed. Our motivation is simple: we make clothing that people will wear every day RS:Reign and Storm is the new standard...
Wow. That is shameless. They are doing the exact same pose too.
I see the black escobar's have the updated price on the site. Are they the updated fit as well?
@JohnElliottCo Are the escobars gonna be the same sizing as the midnight collection or ss14?
PM me if you're interested in grey villain
SS15 previews are popping up and looking great. That clash crew is really dope. The denim looks fucking perfect though.
call over to fred segal man. there were 2 there on saturday. i have no idea what size they were though
Santa Monica
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