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comparatively, im 6'3/185 and wear an xl in anti-expo. its def baggier than classic crew, but i didnt find it that oversized. the oversized pocket crews fit larger
man yesterday i was gonna come on here a bitch about how theres no plain black JE denim to pick up. btw, when the denim went up on the site last night, the black jeans were $430. i just double checked if they had my size and price was $385.
this is prob not the case. if i had to, i would guess it's based on first order placed, with some degree of frequency accounted for as well. i see how much some dudes are spending and im not even approaching that, just been ordering for a long time. 
this is exactly what i meant. something looks really off with those product shots compared to the lookbook. Fit pics look to have confirmed this as well 
i was looking forward to the thermal based on the lookbook, but the actual product shots look off to me. Its like the body is too small but the sleeves are too big. I'd love to see pics if anyone grabbed one.   Also, maybe @JOHN ELLIOTTcan comment, but does anyone know what generation of cut the micas on the website are? Like, original cast 2, the original spring/zinc/odeon cut, or the current cut?
Ok got the springs. the thighs are pretty dam tight but if they stretched they would be good to go. I just perused the thread a little, some posts say they stretch too much, some say they wish they had more give. I know the waist stretches, but what's the consensus on thighs?
i tried the skittles on at barneys last week. the fit was very good, definitely slp-like. there was a big difference from the knee down from the old springs i tried a few months ago. glad i passed on the springs initially. 
After not really feeling season 8, im loving season 9. Some really good looks in there. The denim in slide 32 is looks amazing
man, for an LA brand you guys do a lot of nyc exclusives
Not 100% sure but i would check both Union and American Rag. Between the 2 stores it seemed like they had everything from season 7. American Rag would be the best bet though.
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