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After not really feeling season 8, im loving season 9. Some really good looks in there. The denim in slide 32 is looks amazing
man, for an LA brand you guys do a lot of nyc exclusives
Not 100% sure but i would check both Union and American Rag. Between the 2 stores it seemed like they had everything from season 7. American Rag would be the best bet though.
OS pocket crew not in the sale. Linen M65 is cheeeap though. Picked up a black one.
i wanna use my code but damn, i just tried on 3 pairs of JE denim at Union and Barneys that were all 34 and they all fit differently. Odeon too big, spring just right, scarab too small. I didnt get to try on 2 sizes of the same wash, so maybe that's effecting it. Anyone else notice this?
im a big fan of the purple tie dyed pullover. wish all those shirt jackets were cut at a normal length. id get the print, black, and beige if they were
really like that m65 shacket looking thing
i just saw a commercial for RG x fourfiveclub on tv
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