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@John Elliott which la stockists are getting the denim? i saw american rag had most of the stuff up to the cargos and union had just the washed hoodies/mercers
i love it too. i live in socal. its been borderline too hot to wear during the last couple of days. Finally some terry from an LA brand you can actually wear for more than 2 months of the year in LA
JE regular black, our legacy faded black, JE charcoal, JE washed black
ill do it in a little bit. i got it, tried it on, then threw it in the wash on my way out the door. its still drying 
this is what i meant by lighter than expected
I meant in relation to other "washed black". I'm comparing it to an Our legacy sweatshirt I have. yes
Just got my hoodie in washed black. Not that i mind, but the color is closer to JE's charcoal, not black. Its much lighter than I expected. Fit is exactly as I wanted. I have a long torso and short legs, but the length was still fine for me even though it's "cropped." Whoever was commenting about re-attaching bobby pins and returning can rest assured. The new tags are connected.
$198 not bad at all. Didnt know you could check out with amazon now too. Grabbed a black hoodie in L
please dont do this
Man Ive been on the JE sidelines for a couple months, but Im gonna have to hop back in for this new stuff. Denim looks perfect. New hoody is tight too
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