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SS15 previews are popping up and looking great. That clash crew is really dope. The denim looks fucking perfect though.
call over to fred segal man. there were 2 there on saturday. i have no idea what size they were though
Santa Monica
I was at Fred Segal earlier today. They had a good stock of most items except they didnt have any updated denim, which I was pretty bummed about. They had some stuff from the midnight collection left. I think there were 2 hoodies, and almost a FSR of the blue escobars. I got the last mercer tee in XL, they had 1 more in XXL.
Are FW14 esocbars gonna be the same as SS14 (current) or go back to FW13/Midnight sizing?
same here. that one gets my top vote for sure
i want those in suede soooo badly. looks great.
I spent one sleepless morning catching up on this entire thread. There's no doubt I will be buying one of these jackets. Been in the market for a double rider for a while and I'm glad I got to read this all before I made a purchase.
Prob right. The piece I was looking at was 10% cheaper than the ssense sale.
Mr. P sale is live. Some great deals.
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