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It could be a little smaller, but I wear pretty skinny jeans and I dont have a problem getting them over the boot.
Not sure how to feel about the jeans/shoes, but some of those colorful sweaters and jackets are beautiful.
[[SPOILER]] Just got mine too. they fit great sized down to a 9, I wear 10 in nike. Prob gonna order side zips in black suede. Gotta say im pretty damn impressed all around
I emailed him last week about an address change and he added this in the response:   "Everything has been running as planned and the batch is now at the final stage of lasting and will finish next week.   I will keep you updated when I have confirmed the shipping date. I will also next week receive the dust bags and boxes for packaging.   Best, Lian"
any word back from Lian on this?
damn the new splash collection is out of this world. Theres like 6 or 7 pieces I want. Loving the color palatte
so you know I just spoke to Lian and the only options right now are the chelsea in black calf and tan suede. 
every time someone asks the same exact sizing question there's like 5 dudes responding within 20 min so people get lazy
acne has a newer cut called "thin" they put out last year. they are a little slimmer than D02 so i sized up one and they look great.
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