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I'm either oddly shaped, or my tees are off sized. I'm 6'2/170 with a 38" chest and i size up to XL for tees. I'm definitely not swimming in it or anything. In fact I have one in L and its too tight, so I just wear it under sweatshirts/button-ups.  I wear L in everything else JE.
Has the SL/10H ever released in all white, or just the SL/01? Haven't been able to find any pictures.
Turn down!
thanks, but I meant on a person
I'm the exact same size as you. I only have a 50 and was kinda on the fence, thinking I should get the 48/M (42?) instead. I'm gonna keep the 50 though. I was mostly worried about the M being too short so I'm glad I did.  After wearing it started to form to the body a little almost like a leather jacket. Also, if I had the choice of being slightly too big or slightly too small, I'd rather have big.
lemme see these long sweatpants!
The other colors are softer with a different fabric blend. The grey uses a % of poly to get the heather right
$229? Trigger pulled
http://www.style.com/trends/mens/2014/john-elliott-co-loop-wheel-fleece-capsule-collection   edit: wow we were actually high on the pricing
I didnt realize the gap overshirt came out already. I was gonna grab it when I saw it was announced, but man, gap couldn't have styled/photographed it any worse. Now I'm on the fence.
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