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my washed black from mr. p are pretty much a full size bigger than my springs. had to get em tailored. 
Got the Purl shirt in. Weave is crazy in person, def not co-mix. IMO this material drapes a lot better. Also, definitely shorter than last year's OS pocket tee, but I prefer it. I need this made in many colors in the same material as anti-expo. Not feeling the extended length and slimmer body on classic crews anymore. Go with normal tee size, it's not that big. 
damn had any denim crossed the $500 threshold yet? that siena price is wild
speaking on these, anyone that knows where to find a pair under retail please PM me. pretty sure theyh were on discount everywhere during black friday, but recent shots I've seen makes me want to pull the trigger
anyone know if the white denim on mr p is skittles or something else?
this goes to show how much individual body shape comes into play with denim. i wear a 34 comfortably in JE. springs fit perfectly, prob gonna have to get my mr. p's taken in a little. my d02's are from ss14 in sz 33 and still fit, but are tight. acne thins, however, i cant even get above my thighs in size 34. everyone that keeps recommending them as a JE alternative makes me feel like a fat boy.
comparatively, im 6'3/185 and wear an xl in anti-expo. its def baggier than classic crew, but i didnt find it that oversized. the oversized pocket crews fit larger
man yesterday i was gonna come on here a bitch about how theres no plain black JE denim to pick up. btw, when the denim went up on the site last night, the black jeans were $430. i just double checked if they had my size and price was $385.
this is prob not the case. if i had to, i would guess it's based on first order placed, with some degree of frequency accounted for as well. i see how much some dudes are spending and im not even approaching that, just been ordering for a long time. 
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