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are you guys finding the fit of the co mix any different from the original blend? I know they dont drape the same, but my crew co mix is a couple inches shorter than my reg crews.
where from?
and we're back!
we all know maryland was the middle school grail short haha. great find on those
they were sized bigger for just ss14 i believe.
I tried to fight it, but it happened. I'm addicted to JE tees. White co-mix put it over the top. I was wearing uniqlo supima for crews to bring cost down, but I guess that's over now.
What denim is this? Did I miss the Mica?
 Any pics of the white? I had forgotten that one was the closest they were doing to the "prison tee" until you mentioned it.
wow this is such a step up from previous seasons. i would want to rock literally every look they showed.
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