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http://www.style.com/trends/mens/2014/john-elliott-co-loop-wheel-fleece-capsule-collection   edit: wow we were actually high on the pricing
I didnt realize the gap overshirt came out already. I was gonna grab it when I saw it was announced, but man, gap couldn't have styled/photographed it any worse. Now I'm on the fence.
FYI, I just got my black friday package with pitch black villain. Got the Clash too, and wow, that piece looks dope in that color. Now I see why everyone begs for the charcoal villain.
I'm in the same boat. Brandi emailed back yesterday saying they would be shipped today (12/9)
Kinda hard to tell, as I feel measurements car differ slightly even within the same size. I take L in pretty much all JE and get a relatively tight fit at 6'2/170.
Dooooope. Gonna grab the charcoal one
I saw that. I understood it was for people who weren't able to check out before they sold out. I got my order in before they put the pre-orders up.
Have any west coast guys gotten their pre sale orders yet? I placed one order weds night for the pre sale that I haven't gotten shipping confirmation on yet. I placed another order from the sale section on thursday that is currently in my hands. Maybe JE can comment on this as the order contained a pitch black villain.
this is the best
How are you guys washing grey rebels? It says dry clean only, but IIRC that was because of the white/black one having color transfer issues.
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