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they were sized bigger for just ss14 i believe.
I tried to fight it, but it happened. I'm addicted to JE tees. White co-mix put it over the top. I was wearing uniqlo supima for crews to bring cost down, but I guess that's over now.
What denim is this? Did I miss the Mica?
 Any pics of the white? I had forgotten that one was the closest they were doing to the "prison tee" until you mentioned it.
wow this is such a step up from previous seasons. i would want to rock literally every look they showed.
Saw this last night. Looks like at least an af1 and lebron 12 are in the show. I wonder if Nike is gonna do like Pendleton and have a premium id with greyscale colors and better materials?
According to four-pins JE is judging a fashion show on TNT this Saturday along with Charles and Kenny lol
anyone want to point me in the direction of up to date stockists in LA? American rag still has old cut denim and quilted villain crew with the wide neck. I'm looking for stores with cast/rue/kito.
@JohnElliottCo what stockists have the new gear in LA? Wanted to try court shorts, kito, and cast on before buying.
I'm either oddly shaped, or my tees are off sized. I'm 6'2/170 with a 38" chest and i size up to XL for tees. I'm definitely not swimming in it or anything. In fact I have one in L and its too tight, so I just wear it under sweatshirts/button-ups.  I wear L in everything else JE.
New Posts  All Forums: