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So, who has picks of them enjoying today's game in WvG gear?!
 Should definitely work well, although the tee will fit longer
 In general our colors are darker and richer than they are on our website. Mauro recently hired a new photographer so upcoming photos should be better shot and more color true.  Part of the reason department store shirts fit so poorly is they're cut very box-like. Wolf vs. Goat shirts, even sized up, still have much more shaping in the pattern design that they should work fine. Another options is if you're buying our darted BD cut, you can always have the darts let out if...
 Here's where the confusion lies: we have no way of knowing how you wash or dry your clothes. Shrinkage (and shrinking to "normal size") depends on the temperature of your water, the wash and dry cycles you use and how often you're washing and drying your clothes. I'd look at it this way: if the popover is a little big, do a warm (I'd avoid hot at first) wash with a low tumble dry. See how much it shrinks and how it fits on you. If it's still a little big, wash it again,...
 It's a great shirt. Smart move!   Meh look. If you hot wash and hot dry (especially on high) you will get some shrinking. If you cold wash and tumble dry low, you won't get much in the way of shrinking. Our fabrics are pre-shrunk, but if you get any fabric hot enough it'll shrink a little more. 
 I like your chicken (ad your chinos). How you're using the shirt though... I'm not sure why these chinos didn't get snapped up - perfect summer color. Give them a try. WvGBoat Tip of the Day: Buy looser fitting shirts! 
   Great looks and pictures!  We aim to please.
ok, so who shit their wvg chinos while watching that game?   UNBELIEVABLE
So, who has good chino pictures? Perhaps we should run another contest...
 Mauro cares a lot about sexual health.  From the context it does seem like NYC -- call Mauro! 
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