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That the OL bulk sweat?If so how did you size I was considering it a while ago but decided against it but it looks good on you and now I'm tempted again... I feel its sitting on the fence a little between preppy and casual, either smarten the top half (I like the sweats fade but it doesn't fit here i think) or lose the shirt and trouser cuffs,
Read this whilst listening to 'A quick one while he's away' made me really want to rewatch Rushmore again!
Wearing a pair of first cut raw blacks from last season I think,I wear a 30 x 32 in NN07 chinos and they fit quite slim but room enough in the rise,A 29 in APC is tight on me and 30 is on the slim side (in PS that is) and they are tight in the riseThe only other comparison I can make in terms of size is to my pair of Strike golds in 17oz, i wear a 30 in SG and it fits quite tight in the thighs but looser on the knee and below and they are a bit tight in the rise.So my...
Wow,Just googled, its absolutely beautiful, I'll have to see if I can get hold of some books,Thank you!
With all the summer sales I have been buying lots of the OL stuff I have been eyeing all season, Just got the artisan lab jacket and was wondering about the fit, I want something relaxed and i think the fitted trousers dont help in these pics but does this seem a bit too long to anyone? OL OL NN07 Red Wing     Also thought I would throw this one in, just got the jacket on Ebay and I love it  OL OL NN07 Red Wing   Any criticisms, comments or...
First post to this thread, but i hav been lurking a while: Im a big fan of  Garza cuen     Though I don't know much about photography in general, I would be grateful if you mentioned any similar photographers that spring to mind.
I think people associate them with wide necked 'bros', clubbing and such.Also the way some people wear oversized v necks so you see lots of chest doesn't help with the general image,
BTW fake crocodiles killed my family...
And an OL bomber if im not mistaken? Looking  
No experience with reversibles but if its anything like he great sweat then they fit boxy and slightly short
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