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 FWIW, they used too (I bought a pair from them) but I was told no when I inquired about a shoe after they ended their affiliate status with this forum.
 I'll go further lol.  Most men and women can't tell the difference between those brands, aesthetically, from shoes you can buy from DSW, banana republic, jcrew, dillards, nord's, cole haan's, etc.
When is the second shipment of the Tarnsjo Oak Chukkas coming?  Is the ETA still early/mid October?
Damn it!  Those field boots are killer.  Curse my small feet
^ that oak pair is delicious!
 That's awesome, thanks guys!
Dang, those boots are awesome!  Speaking of Tärnsjö Oak, is the ETA for the Tärnsjö Oak chukkas still October?
If it bothers you a bunch, then try and return it (they apparently tried to make it easier for US returns).  My tobacco belt is different than my tobacco shoes but it's because carmina changed the tobacco coloring.  Mine isn't as different as your but when wearing both, you can't tell at all because they are so far apart. I bet in the shade/indoors, they look very similar.
 Bet your shoes stink after a few wears though....
You don't wear loafers without socks. Buy some of these: Or something similar.
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