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Haha best! Love AP....I'm thinking it'll be my 40th bday gift to myself. My explorer was my gift to myself on my 30th. Got 9 years to save! Hope everyone is having a nice holiday
If it's only one, a used speedy!
Love the speedy!
Boom! Got a pair I've been eying for a while now! Thanks leaves for activating the code early:slayer:
Anything for Black Friday/cyber Monday? Hope everyone has a great holiday!
Any good Black Friday/cyber Monday sales from carmina retailers?
 For reference, a half size is worth about 4mm in length. That should help with the length decision, but obviously when you change sizes, width changes.   For the Rain last, I would start by subtracting 1 full size from your US size.  
FWIW, Meermin's (at least their basic line) doesn't come close to the quality of Carmina.
Cool thread idea:   Carmina Rain: uk5.5 Carmina Robert: uk5.5 Carmina Uetam: uk5.5 Carmina Simpson: uk5.5-uk6 Carmina Oscar: uk5.5 Carmina Soller: uk5 AE Daltons: US7 (could probably wear a us6.5 if I wanted it really snug)
 I'm 5'8 and love my oscar jumpers.  Not sure why anyone would wear them with anything but long pants....
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