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 Lucky you, you've got the best in your backyard!  Go see @steveyoo1983 at Gentlemens Footwear
Those are killer!
I was hesitant to sell these even though I had an offer on the table.  Bumping these back up because I haven't worn them in a few months.  They have been in the bag with skotie shoe tress in them.  Asking $225 shipped/paypal gift for the shoes with skotie shoe trees.
Those are beautiful!  Congrats
 It's very odd that the oscar boot was too short, esp since you wear the same size in rain and llubi.  I wear the same size in rain/llubi/oscar/forest
No, these are not polarized
Loving my CXL boots from @steveyoo1983! This is my first boot with CXL leather and it's really neat
Price drop
^ Those trousers are great too!
Speaking of llubi boots: These were worth the wait! Thanks again @steveyoo1983
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