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Thanks for the quick reply! If you rule it in, consider a size 5.5 sold
@Leaves is it possible to order the manolo x sko shoe in a uk5.5? I have the first collaboration and it's one of my favorites. This one is just as wonderful!
Ah ya, good eye. Mine have speed hooks, which I think is neat and compliments the burgundy well Below is a pic Carmina sent me:
Thanks. Ordered a M. I'll report back
Those are clean A.F. Mr Six!  Well done sir.   Love the trousers as well!
Anyone order their T-shirts and have fitting advice?  I measured the non-Gustin shirts I have and they measure right in the middle of their S and M.  Should I size up to M in case they shrink at all?   For ref, I have a few M from banana and a few S from jcrew and they both measure the same.
 Just wanted to follow up with a potential GMTO close date @steveyoo1983 So far we have the following people confirmed:@golfinz, @emidyl, @RogerP, @bbgg, Interested parties:@Bakes11771, @Notreknip For those that would like this boot to arrive after summer, remember the Carmina factory closes in the summer so even if we ordered this boot today, they wouldn't arrive until September, at a minimum.  Cheers! 
 I don't really know.  I know Steve posted an official GMTO post but didn't see a close date.  Some guys were wanting to wait a little bit so they come in in the fall but we don't have to worry about that because the factory closes in the summer time, so even if we ordered today, we wouldn't see them until Sept.
Haha!  Thanks!  They should be pretty neat; haven't owned a burgundy shell before so it'll be fun to watch them age.  My cognac shell has aged great. These have the Victoria sole (I know, I know, the leather sole guy ordered synthetic), but I NEEDED a pair of boots after the grain jumpers didn't work out.  These should keep my boot obsession at bay while the llubi boots are in production. Then it'll be time to order some more boots for the winter
The burgundy shell boots on the Soller last that they have listed on their online shop.  Let me say, the pictures online don't do this boot justice! http://www.shop.carminashoemaker.com/articulo.asp?idarticulo=3465223     This purchase was kind of by "accident."  I was looking for a pair of their grain jumpers in my size because they size I originally bought was too big, so I emailed the Barcelona store and began talking with Hector.  They didn't have any jumpers in my...
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