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It has been a pleasure! Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and superb service!
^Probably asking because of the ~$200 price difference
Looks to me that the only differences are the punching and the ragged edge on the lines/seems. They are basically the same shoe
+1!  I considered recommending a polo suede jumper with a stormwelt and dainite sole but I really don't need another boot......
I highly recommend the soller jumper!  I've got a pair (well, had a pair....I'm exchanging them for a different size) and they are awesome. 
I know their prices don't fluxuate with the euro/dollar changes so my best guess is they set their prices at what they think is a price that will still drive demand.Either way, it's an option for all buyers of Carmina.
Completely agree. It's tough to compare prices with a company overseas because of the conversion rate, but it's hard to justify a couple hundred bucks. They do a have few pair I would've bought if they were around Skoetie prices. Hell, for me personally, it makes it that much harder however, because they carry small sizes. Either way, Jeff is great and hope they keep stocking some badass shit (maybe with a sale here and there )
The Armoury has a lot of great shoes and many sizes! Sometimes it's hard to justify their prices but if you know your sizing and love what they have, spending a few dollars more isn't "terrible." That said, if their prices were in the mid 4's, they would be really competitive in the U.S. Market. (On the forums at least. Who knows how they do in the store). They do accept returns, which is nice for us US customers.No matter what, Jeff at the Armoury is awesome, highly...
Sun finally poked out today;
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