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My first preference is leather.  It will more than handle anything and will actually provide more traction in the wet than rubber.    I guess I don't get the rubber sole infatuation here on SF.  My shell 973 boots have a rubber sole but I've got to be really careful when walking in the wet.  I mean heck, Indiana Jones didn't have a rubber sole on his Aldens and he kicked more than shit around
I would consider the following: Brown CXL jumper (or brown grain), Oscar last, double leather sole (maybe commando). 
If it helps, Betty sent me this info regarding Oscar vs rain last length:   Oscar uk5.5 -26.5cm uk6-26.9cm Rain uk5.5-26.9cm uk6- 27.3cm  
 +1 :-/
I emailed Meermin (info@meermin.com) Saturday at 330pm and got a response this morning at 1231am.  I was asking about the status of a MTO I joined a few weeks ago.   I've only ordered from them once before and got my shoes in less that two weeks.  So far I've been happy with their service
That navy single monk is the sex
Thanks! How is the instep/waist/vamp area in the parks? Is there a lot more volume when compared to the hiro last or is it similar?
+1. Would love to see a few different pics of the last. Maybe some next to some Carmine's . Are the herring oxfords on the same last as the double monk?
Bump for park last help
Anyone with Park last experience?  I've got a pair of the classic line double monks on the hiro last (which I would assume fit differently than an oxford) in a UK6 and am wanting to get on park lasted adel that's being offered up in the group MTO program right now.  Does the park last fit like the carmina rain last, specifically in the waist/instep/vamp area?  I wear a uk5.5 in the rain last because there is so much volume in this part of the shoe on the rain last.  I...
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