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Loving my CXL boots from @steveyoo1983! This is my first boot with CXL leather and it's really neat
Price drop
^ Those trousers are great too!
Speaking of llubi boots: These were worth the wait! Thanks again @steveyoo1983
 FWIW, I wear the same in rain, oscar and hopefully llubi (my llubi boots should be here next week)
This is what the 80191 gmto/pre order will look like:
 Damn!  I'm going to poke around a few local beer stores to see if they know how to get some.  I've had Pliny the elder and it lives up to the hype.  Haven't had the younger, but because I'm in Texas, I probably won't ever have it unless I go to one of their keg tapping events. I had the green flash imperial a few days ago and it was really tasty.  Not as good as Pliny, but it was really good for a mainstream imperial.  Track one down if you can.
 Thanks for the heady topper rec. 
There is something about the BLNR that would make it hard for me to pick the IWC over it.  The BLNR will be my next Rolex 
Do these need to be priced lower?
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