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Still haven't gotten any offers, which is wild to me.
Use usps. I returned a pair to carmina and it was $65 with tracking. The pair arrived in Spain in 4 days, sat in customs for about 3 weeks but finally made their way to store. Before using usps I checked with fedex and they quoted me $195
Thanks @steveyoo1983! Can't wait for the chukkas
Agreed. I'm about to crest the double digit number of pairs of carminas, and for the price, I haven't found anything better. EB, C&J, Alden and similar are at least $100 more. AE are priced similar but look like bricks compared to the lasts carmina offers. J Fitzpatrick has an offering in the carmina price range but aren't as widely known or attainable.If you know of a "better" shoe for the money, please let us know. While I own a lot of pairs of carmina, and could be...
Well, I was happy with my grain jumpers till I saw these...thanks for curb stomping my boot game!!Just kidding man, beautiful boot! I love mine but these are on a different level!On a side note, these grain jumpers are my first tall boot. How many speed hooks do yall use? I found that anything above the first one makes wearing them somewhat restrictive, especially when sitting and driving. I've experimented with using one, two and three hooks, and found the first one the...
Agree with the above, you're probably an 8.5 in most lasts. Since you aren't too far from Southern Cali, go see @steveyoo1983 at GF! He is in SD and will get you taken care of
@coolarrow I've used fedex before but paying $30 to receive shoes in 7 days isn't worth it when I can get them in 10 for free. I know this isn't always the case with usps but I'm ok waiting a few more days to avoid the duties (haven't been hit with duties using usps yet) @emidyl Yessir the are! I got them directly from carmina. Now that I know my Oscar fit, the black jumpers from Sko. are really calling my name! I've got 4 more pairs of carminas coming though, so I...
My new favorite boots:
 I received my shoes as well via USPS:  July 2, 2015 , 7:57 am Departed USPS Facility   AUSTIN, TX 78710    Your item departed our USPS facility in AUSTIN, TX 78710 on July 2, 2015 at 7:57 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination. July 2, 2015 , 7:46 am Out for Delivery AUSTIN, TX 78731  July 2, 2015 , 7:36 am Sorting Complete AUSTIN, TX 78731  July...
 Soon, I will have tobacco, snuff and their chocolate/dark brown.  I will post pictures when I get my snuff chukkas in the mail
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