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Thanks Six!  I talked to Steve at GFW and he has one tobacco suede belt instock so I'm going to pick that up and cut/resize it as needed.  In speaking with him, his tobacco suede belt is a shade different than the tobacco suede I received but it shouldn't be an issue since they will be 3ft from each other. And @V1KTA222 those loafers are sweet!  If they were in my size, I would get them from ya
The leather belt I am referring to:
I'm honestly not super worried about the color not matching exactly, rather I'm wondering if the suede/leather combo would look weird. If you don't think so, then I have a leather belt that would be perfect. If you think I should have at least a suede belt then I need to grab one
I was going to try to sport them with a more "formal" look and wear them to the office (which is typically slacks and a button down). I can pull of the suede shoe/leather belt combo in a casual/jean setting but was worried about it when I had trousers and a button down on
Does anyone have a tobacco suede belt for a size 30-31 waist that they would either sell or know when I can get one? I got a pair of the tobacco suede adels that just came in but forgot a matching belt . I don't think a leather belt, even if it's the same color, would look good with suede shoes when paired with more formal/work attire
^ Holy shit!  Those are amazing
 This is a MTO that Steve and I came up with.  I am on board with this one - burnished brown on a leather sole
 Ditto!  It's tough to beat a dark brown suede monk, especially in the Simpson last.  I hope to own a pair!
^I'm sure he is busy with unpacking the mto's and working in the shop.  Give him a few hours/days to respond.
Pretty sure I would be talking to the cops vs posting on SF. Back to the real advise, I have no experience with Italian dressing drenched suits so I have no comment other than pics of said ex
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