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Bump for offers
Just a little Friday snuffaluffagus:
Personally, I highly recommending going a half size down in soller from rain.  I've had both, worn both, and measure both, and the soller last is a half size longer than rain.  This is the general recommendation as well from members on SF.  Of course everyone's feet are different, but there is very minimal risk in sizing a half size down for soller.
By Boston, you mean Austin, TX right?
Thought you guys would get a kick out of this Reno clip. "New boot goofin!" I died https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myC4WUwF4eA&feature=youtu.be
As promised, some iPhone pics of tobacco vs snuff:
 Ya, I love it :)  Especially since they fit perfectly!  Honestly, I think it's the angle of the shot and the fact that they don't have a design feature (no brogue, no punching, no wings, etc) that makes them appear larger than normal.  I said the same thing when I first put them on but they are the same length as my other rain shoes in the same size.   I HIGHLY recommend the 905!  You are probably right about Tomir, it shouldn't take away from the soft and supple...
Thanks guys!  Personally, I wouldn't want a suede chukka on a rubber sole.  I think it would weigh the shoe down a bit and lose its "soft and buttery" character.  These are exactly how I expect a chukka to fit and feel.     My only complaint about the 905 is that I find it a little hard to get my foot in the shoe; for some reason, the opening for the foot isn't very big?  Anyone else find this true about the 905?     This is the 905 in snuff on the rain last for those...
Maiden voyage shot:
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