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Loving the split toes! Even my girlfriends dog wants to check them out. Thanks again Steve!
FWIW, I wear the same size in Robert as I do rain.
I wear a full size less in soller vs Simpson
 Depends on the style of boot and the type of socks worn.  I wear the same size jumper boot as I do oxfords (and I personally would do so for a balmoral) but others have gone up a 1/2 size to allow for thicker socks to be worn. 
 So the 4 GMTO's, including the uetam loafer, will be store stock?   You know my size good sir!  :)
I'm partial to GLCO. I bought a pair of hamptons but unfortunately they don't fit my small head so I picked up a pair of brooks. The Hamptons are in my sig for those that are interested
Is it October yet?  I want my Tarnsjo chukkas!!!
Anyone want to get in on my proposed loafer?   
Dang nice! How does that last fit compared to carmina rain?
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