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First Daltons:
 The wingtip derby is my picture.  If anyone wants to see more pictures (ie: in different light) just let me know and I would be happy to take some more!  It definitely isn't light by any means.  I really like the color and wouldn't want them any darker because I think they would get confused with black in darker rooms. 
Tobacco suede:
I would love this shoe in a dark grey calf. I believe unipair has something like it and it's amazing
If it helps, I wear a uk6 in the hiro last, a 5.5 in the rain last and a 6 in the Simpson. The Simpson is long on me but works bc of the lower instep.I got last lengths from Betty at carmina and they are:Rain5.5-26.96- 27.3The hiro last in a size uk6, if I remember correctly, is 264mm long.Hope this helps!
I'll post up again about a leather sole cxl jumper with a natural sole edge . Anyone not want a rubber soled boot this winter? This Texas guy needs a good solid leather soled boot!
 Oh ya, if you get this color and antique it like the pic, I will be sending you my shoes so that you can do the same to mine :)
I love me some Simpson!
 Thanks for your experience!
 I have the 80214 in a different color and I love it!  I would highly recommend that shoe.  Unipair is a supporting vendor on these boards and they ship worldwide.
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