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 LOL, yes, it does appear that the website is "wonky," but is one supposed to assume that their pricing online is incorrect and hope that they correct it when processed?  That appears to be what you are saying.  Common sense tells me to believe that a vendor has their website correct before going "live." I was just pointing out something I noticed online, which is the gmto pricing appears to be incorrect, unless they are charging the 50% upcharge.  It does appear that the...
Maybe they are having issues with the USA site, but the price is showing up as $818.97 for me
 Uh, the price online says $819, and it's not shell.  Carmina might have priced themselves out of a lot of customers with their new pricing structure....
Sooooo good!  I need both Balmoral boots lol.  Anything coming in a 5.5?
That waxed kudu is awesome!
Can't remember exactly but I don't remember them being there long.  I think I received my shoes (a shoe already in stock) in less than 3 weeks
^ Ugh, I regret not getting that cxl wingtip boot from Unipair when I had the chance
My Carmina collection is at 7 right now (will be 9 after a few gmto's come in) and all have come with some kind of small QC issue, including: glue around an edge, missing coloring/stain on the leather around the sole (usually happens in a tough area to get to like the inside of the instep), terrible laces on boots with hooks (first set didn't last a month), and inconsistent fit when comparing the same size and last.     The only time I've return a pair was when a shoe...
Bump for offers
Just a little Friday snuffaluffagus:
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