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I bought these ties from the E. Marinella store in Naples, Italy in February 2015.  One of them may have been worn once, the other two have never been worn.   US$130 each including shipping to your door by FedEx.
What is the charge to remake the first custom shirt if it doesn't fit?
Any chance the business dress shirt fabrics will be online before the sale ends on the 14th? 
Approximately how much is such a suit from Raymond? More than $2000?
   I appreciate the responses.  I ordered a shirt on Sunday; looking forward to trying it on in a few weeks.  The site is very easy to use.  I appreciated the option to increase the dimension of the left cuff as my watch is very thick. Is "wrinkle resistant" the rough equivalent of the "no iron" Brooks Brothers shirts I have?
Can you provide a few details about Canadian orders?  I understand there is a US$15 shipping charge.  I am wondering about the origin of the shirts from a customs point of view.  Do they have "Made in USA" labels, such that they are exempt from duty through NAFTA?  If they are labeled as being produced in the far east, they will attract stiff duties, for example about $20 on an $85 shirt.   I'm not saying I'm not willing to pay the duty for a good shirt, I'm just asking...
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