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If you start a list, add me to the list.  Navy shell, 4 eyelets + 4 speedhooks, and preferably dainite.  But I'd like to know the final price first before I commit.
I'm in for navy shell, or even green shell.
I can't decide if I want a dark brown shell Lindrick boot or mahogany shell EB boot for my brown pair of boots. Lindricks look amazing though.
How much are shell Lindrick GMTOs going for now in USD?
 Red Wing for Jcrew 6" Moc-Toes.  Got it on steep discount during a sale, and they're now unfortunately discontinued.  My favorite beater pair by far. 
  Here's one of mine.  Wore them all spring after I got them.
IndigoxIndigo or IndigoxBlack. Preferably from Japan, unless you hate fades and breakin periods.Very popular drop, like the Grey Silks. Love mine.
Quote:I did go down half a size, and it was roomy in the width and had some heel slip.  Wasn't sure if another full size down would be too narrow in both, though.  Does anyone have experience going down a full size and a half?  Too narrow?  Does it break in easily?  Really considering the natural horween cxl sneakers. Not to mention, the gum soles look pretty hideous with the natural cxl leather.  Margom soles look just right.
If you're in between sizes, do you go down a full size and a half?
The only way I received a response was by emailing Mina directly. The email system doesn't seem to work, because apparently they emailed me back but I never received said emails.
New Posts  All Forums: