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Just need a few more for the Dark Brown Shell Dundee GMTO!
possibly, but in case they do decide to keep it going, why not fill up the interest sheet in the meantime?
No last second interest in the Dundees?  Looks superior to the Lindricks imo.
Yeah. they told me they'd get back to me on Monday.  I hope the different sizes aren't all the same inseam.
What is the inseam measurements on the fleece Travel Pants?
a) 4+4 is fine.  5+4 would have been ideal for me, but it's not possible on the Dundees.b) I originally joined this with the hope to get brass speed hooks, as the contrast would pop very nicely, like a navy Dundee version of the Alden Parajumpers.  But if majority votes for gunmetal, I'd be okay with that.
Re: Navy Shell Dundees   Still waiting to hear back from @djbanor, who is waiting to hear back about pricing from Lauren.  In the meantime, if you're interested in the GMTO, add yourself to the Google spreadsheet!
Thank you!
seeing these, I'm even more sad the CarminaxGYW gmto didn't have your proposed double monk boot in navy shell.
those are my exact sizes as well! I think I will go with UK8.5E. Thanks!
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