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Thank you for the replies, I will go a full size down from my US size.   @TtownMD: I don't own any Carminas/EGs/or GGs.  I am a 9D in Barrie, and 9C in Trubalance, 9.5D in the 65 last.
Ah, so go down a full size from US to UK for Uetem in my Park Ave size?  Do you wear a different 65 last size from your brannock size?
I'm looking to purchasing some suede loafers in the Uetam last. My US size is 9.5D, so my UK size is 8.5. Do I go UK8 or UK8.5 for Uetam?
What are the care instructions for the Task Jacket?  The interior lining is sorta falling apart, so I don't want to unnecessarily damage it any further.
This is not a valid point because the shoes you purchase from Nordstrom, AE, other retailers were not made specifically for you.  So you have to take on the assumption that the shoes could possibly have been tried on before you.  But this is an MTO order, so it should be brand new if he receives it.  It should be made for him because he helped fund it.  I would make no defense if it was a stock store purchase, as those are either canceled orders, surplus, or returns.  But...
This is the second time I've read this, and Gustin really needs to stop pulling this bs with the sneakers.  If people back them knowing full well they have to wait 3 months, don't send them inferior seconds/returns in exchange for less of a wait.  I received mine after a full 3 month wait, and although there is a flaw to them (not serious enough to return, at least not yet), I'm happy that mine were actually brand new,.  I'd have been pissed if they cut off my order by...
Just received my green white low tops. Is it supposed to come with one shoe bag? I guess I could squeeze two shoes in one bag, but I think this may be a mistake.
Doesn't Jos. A. Bank also offer AEs?
I seem to be following you.  4 months ago, no Vibergs.  Now I have 4. Natural Waxed Flesh 1035Black Horsehides 2030Color #8 CXL 2030Boondockers 2045 (on the way)
Gentlemen,   I have a pair of brand new, never been worn or even tried on, pair of Alden Shell Cordovan PCTs in Color #8.  They are size 11D on the Barrie Last.  I purchased them as a gift for a friend, but turns out he already purchased a pair not too much earlier.  I purchased them with gift cards I accumulated, and would like to sell them, rather than return them for store credit.  They cost $730 with taxes.  Looking for $650 shipped CONUS.  PM if interested, thank you.
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