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Dat fucking beard tho.
Stuff like this give me terrible hard-ons 
hundreds of posts to read, I'm totally out of sync  I owe you guys some PMs too :/   BUT! I had to share this one with y'all :       Quite fitting my lifestyle right now since I'm newly single  I should totally wear it for a date :D
Great! It's still too hot out there to wear a leather jacket but fit pics soon on my side :p
Oh boy a friend sent me another picture from my holidays. I look like a fucking bouncer ahah  
So tempted to use my magic answer of "go fuck yourself" right now but I'm too polite for this shit. Oh wait.
All that for 5000 Kenneth Cole ties. Dang.
 LOL Sadly lots of photos were taken that night. If I ever want to run for public office, I'm fucked. Guys it wasn't like we "really" fucked a doll come on. Just mimicking it ^^
Just found the photo in my luggage (so yeah, it's a pic of a pic lol ) :     Married my best buddy 2 weeks ago. Face still fucking burnt by the Portuguese sun. Canali 1934 suit from @Sam Edge, Matinique shirt thrifted (sadly not sartorialy approved, whatever), thrifted EZ tie and random PS (had to wear something in pink, the wedding "theme").   Fun fact : 2 days before my buddy married his beautiful wife, we tag teamed an inflatable doll together. 
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