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+1   Fit and looks trump everything. Who cares if it's not a 950$ Kiton shirt or a 3000$ Brioni jacket? I've bought so much "shitty" brands that fit me like hell in thrift stores :o   THAT SAID when you find dat Kiton suit your size and it's a current design....  Even better feeling :D
 There's an embargo on food, not on common mail
I'm sending you the in-laws in a month or so. You're not forced to release them in May 
 I'm 99% sure you're right but I had to try it :D And the hardcore way please, without tracking  I had luck before with Russian guys so... 
Just sent a shirt to Yakutsk, Russia. OMFG   https://www.google.ca/maps/place/Iakoutsk,+Sakha,+Russie/@14.2039904,68.9020386,2z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x5bf63939a0d2c47d:0x69b4c4b35cafa2fb
 Hey @SpooPoker, when is that going -70%?  (it's my exact size )  
 Disappointed you didn't meme this sentence, Dos Equis style 
 What about a classy fast food joint?   [[SPOILER]]
 Withdrawal you did say?.. :D
Sooo from the fabric tag I guess my question will be quite dumb but you never know... Some of the luxury makers do their shit in Turkey now.   Is that a thing or an insta-return? eBay is not helpful at all which is not a good sign...      
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