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Yeah, but while looking at Pitti Uomo and some blogs I saw lots of double pleats but I don't see those on the major brands website...
Those retail for 1000$+ 
Well I was looking at the Brioni website (not that I had the intention of ordering online.........) and most of their pants have a very "small" single-pleat... It's definitely back  The pleat seems to start an inch under the waistline, which looks modern to me too?!?  
+1. Also works for Canada 
 Gangsta is my middle name  You could always PM me an offer 
Once again ray is the provider, I'm the pusher. Been looking too much Weeds lately 
So this happened yesterday as I just got back home after 5 days in the SHITTIEST place in Canada (I guess), Winnipeg. Not even one single second spent thrifting  I already posted a similar kind of haul several weeks ago, so... prepare to shit your pants guys, or pee in your Zanellas, if you prefer. And sorry for the shitty photos...    [[SPOILER]]
If you want to get rid of it, I'll send you my address :D
mandatory PIMP fit pic!
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