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Hmmm I'm puzzled by this one o_O   I got a SNAD case against me, 3 weeks ago, buyer took his sweet time to answer my demands (2 weeks) and eBay revised the case and sided against me... I knew I was fucked since the suit didn't have a size tag, and the buyer claims my shoulders measurements is ONE INCH smaller than described (which is total bullshit but whatever).   However, when revising the case, eBay forced me to pay for return shipping. Is that normal?! Does that...
I quit.
FTFY. But yeah, more seriously, I would only wear a tux once or twice a year ^^ I have some formal TF black tuxedo pants though, I wonder if they would pair easily with a brown jacket
So this happened earlier today (some of you might remember what this is about)         The worst thing? The shoulders fit (and the rest needs some work but whatever)  Wondering if it needs to go back on the bay... or to my tailor.   #firstworldproblems
 Damn this tie is out of this world o_O Can we purchase it too even I'm not a consigner? 
 I would ROCK this shit if it were my size :o
Totes!! I actually went to this store a few months ago and it's much better than the Quebec store (this one is closing too, I'll hit it in January - the best stuff they have is Hugo Boss, Burberry and Zegna Sport lool). Dibs on the 56L :) Thanks bro!
LOL. Let's see if I can do it the French way (i.e. with mayonnaise of course )
Well you gotta love those finds. I actually e-thrifted it and the seller never mentionned it was Sterling. Any polish brand in particular that you would recommend?
Are there any mens jewelry expert around here? I didn't see that before listing them but I got a cufflinks/tie clip set a while ago and it's stamped Sterling Silver. Is that "something"?. It's really used though :)  [[SPOILER]]
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