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 my boxes were in the same shape last time :/
 Fuck it's that expensive too!Anyway, champagne was the best rip-off we French ever invented, seriously (especially pour du veuve clicquot). There are better bubbly wines on the market for less $$$ if you're into that kind of thing
 Hey I'm intrigued how much is it in the US for a bottle??? It's like 60 bucks I think here (state-controlled alcohol shops YEAHHH).Was like 15 EUR in France -___-
US $11,250.00   you didn't dare lowering your BINOBO :o
 me before knowing wtf fused and canvassed was? 
Outerwear!  [[SPOILER]]
 I call dibs on all chinchila blazers mofos.   I think the steam (if  too powerful) can fuck up fused jackets (especially older ones). Obviously you won't destroy any jacket if you only steam it once for flipping lol. I wouldn't steam regularly a fused week round work jacket though but that's personal ^^
Some SCs and deetz on the 60's BB Makers for mr @OrgetorixI can't believe how the Samsung S5 stabilizer is shitty -_-  [[SPOILER]]
 My mother ironed the shit out of my clothes my whole youngster life and she would never use a steamer for tailored clothes :o And tailors do NOT suggest steamers all the time
 aaah It's not that long with an iron an an appropriate cloth you know! And I've read that a steamer can sometimes fuck up the seams of a jacket. Dunno if it's an urban legend or what but my tailor also advised against it. For shirts it's perfect though
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