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this must be some kind of thrift god's cosmic joke if this guy never found any Barbour  
You actually have to take into account all your unsold backstock to calculate your IRS taxes right?
LOL. It was empty though  One time I spilled my cafe on my laptop keyboard. Surprisingly, no damage at all ^^
Speaking of suckers, the mailman just arrived with goodies from the other side of the pond     [[SPOILER]]
Hmmm yeah I'll ask for more pictures then. French people really SUCK hard at listing on eBay. Still can't believe it
Anyone knows how to authenticate Moncler jackets? (with shitty pictures...)           looks allright to me, especially with the little comic and the shape of the tags..   Thanks!
FTFY. Really dude? don't lie to yourself 
DAMN! I never had any return requests in the past... I wonder if it's because the system has changed recently... I don't think I'm gonna be able to escape this one :/ There is no size tag for the suit so I provided approximate measurements as always... The thing is it's an "old" listing so I didn't have a detailed disclaimer as now (like "it's only approximate measurements etc."). Not even sure if it could change the case if there had been a warning though... I'm pretty...
Yep I have a lava rock and a fabric comb, I use them fairly often but I'm always afraid to "lose" more fabric than needed, that's why I wanted to buy an electrical clothing shaver. I've seen one at my fabrics store for like 8 bucks... what the heck 
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