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Don't worry, swag is included in the purchase 
  You guys are killing me. I spend around 9 CAD to just ship a shirt in my own province -_-
He basically flies his private jet to all our honey holes 
  Do tell 
 As cool as it is to sound badass it's not the case at all ahahah... I have shitloads of work meetings there so whenever I go I just wake up super early or come back insanely late (most of the time both) in order to hit 3 or 4 stores  Cool thing is that I don't have to charge gas money on my flips :D
  I got Quebec City AND Montreal covered guys  (I also swept Ottawa once and grabbed a Canali and a Borrelli shirt, which were my first flips on the bay ).Quebec is shitty and I don,t even bother thrifting on a regular basis there and I only thrift Montreal once or twice a week. There are several guys who already do that on eBay, but not SF members (damn I wish they didn't ahah). Surprinsingly enough, Montreal is not that awesome when I look at US hauls :(
Ahah yeah I already had one of those before. All the scales were just fucked up. The other one i didn't get to shoot indicated 197lbs then 204lbs then 194lbs lol. I didn't weigh that since I was like... 10.
Couldn't give a better answer    At least that's what the Savers fucked up scales say to me... 
So I forgot my thrift bags in the car and I'm too lazy to take shots after my 3 hours drive. Thus I'll be posting some cool story instead :D     It began with that. Canadians will understand and the others, a 2$ bill is as rare as a 1$ US coin I guess ^^ First time I see one of those     I obviously instakop these       And then I popped this shit. I love this weird feeling as I practically never find ultra high-end brands like that     And then I...
Congrats! I wanted to post my 100/teal star but now I'd look like a dick :D
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