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Whenever you have some spare cash, you should check this guy's auctions A few weeks ago he ran auctions for like 5 or 6 Attolini suits in size 50, you can check the completed listings if you're curious. I think he has a bricks and mortar shop and he sells the most amazing shit.
it's 50 EUR so I'm not sure it would fit you anyway :D I'm used to browsing the german eBay for e-thrifts, just translate everything with google, it does wonders ;D Ow and looking like a NFL retired player? I think it's good 
Not cheap but could be interesting for sizes 50/52.
had a similar case like this once and what happens eventually is that the buyer is refunded (by your initial money or ebay's) and if everything goes well you will be refunded too that's why they charge us 10% fees ahah   NVM i didnt understand first the he didnt use the correct label. This guy is the dumbest mofo ever
yeah that's why Spoo shouldn't see those pictures, he's horrified by those ;D
not sure of the quality of Cuci shoes. Good kop for 48EUR?   (please Spoo do not look those photos )   edit : size 41 for those who might be interested    
would it be too easy to pack a 12 gauge and cap all the other mofos? 
 I didn't read what you wrote (about mickeys being wall clocks) and I was like "WHAT THE FUCK IS DAT MINIATURE LAGUIOLE" ahahahahah 
I'm the worst douchebag when it comes to offers. At 495 BINOBO? I would have my way from 200 up to 250, hoping that he would accept at around 225. But it's also the way I work with my BINOBO listings. Anything more than 50% is accepted (and I look at the value of what I got, to price it accordingly), except some very rare listings like NWT Cucis and etc, where I prefer to get at least 66%. And when someone just click "BIN" I'm like 
Yeah you should have shifted to 4th gear  I love Germany and this left lane full of Porsche and BMW passing at 240 
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