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Not a derail if you can thrift it Maserati, Lambo and Aston Martin are also on the line for some pretty sick SUVs... I guess we'll see more of them on the streets
OR brands like Porsche  (and etc.) just release SUVs to gain new markets...Ferarri said they would never create SUVs but... never say never :D
I'll ruin y'all mofos  Lots of underrated stuff on the other side of the pond ^^ The least expensive end up on my ebay ahahah 
Any idea if this is legit? The inside Ittierre tag looks super legit to me but the collar tags look weird. And this is the crappiest shirt I've ever handled (80% poly, feels like shit)........   [[SPOILER]]
 Kinda reminds me of the Tom Ford x Lardini coat that Spoo has (had?). Huge dick needed to pull this look ^^
Small guys buy this please.  Thanks
Better shots of the Cucinelli linen I posted earlier (just before I made sweet love to it) Sometimes I wish I were scrawny to be able to wear those awesome pieces but then I remember I prefer to be capable of standing up against a stiff breeze and, oh, I don't know, moving furniture heavier than an ottoman   [[SPOILER]] ow and since there was some interest, here are the measurements. Available against non-scrawny guy shit  shoulders 18.75chest 21waist 19sleeves...
 Without them elusive monkey arms 
For a few months now I've been ironing all the shirts/pants/SCs I sell on eBay. Obviously I will never be able to appraise my efforts and know the  "added value" of doing that but everything looks super good now, instead of all the wrinkles I had before. I have a ridiculously powerful Iron that steams like fuck. I don't know your deetz but I never use direct contact (fused or not) with a suit, I use iron cloths between the fabric and the iron. If you don't want to buy...
Noice! Is there a problem with the right sleeve or it is just your position? - I was never a fan of plain pocket squares like that (except if you have to be formal with white shirt etc) so I'd put another pattern :D- As already said, a baller pair of sunglasses (Persol or whatever)
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