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sup bitches?  
 Looking GOOD bro :D  Oh yeah and I'm gonna start posting more ahah ^^
So many good kops from you guys, so many pages to go through ahahah :D   Not hitting the stores as much as I used to but recent purchases include a Brioni suit, Lanvin DB blazer, Corneliani ultra recent SC, etc... Pics soon. Surely coming to a consignment near you ahah.   My BEST purchase so far? A haggar suit my size that I'm gonna go completely fucking berserk on (+cheap shirt and tie). Classic zombie businessman costume for saturday ahahahah   
Dat fucking beard tho.
Stuff like this give me terrible hard-ons 
hundreds of posts to read, I'm totally out of sync  I owe you guys some PMs too :/   BUT! I had to share this one with y'all :       Quite fitting my lifestyle right now since I'm newly single  I should totally wear it for a date :D
Great! It's still too hot out there to wear a leather jacket but fit pics soon on my side :p
Oh boy a friend sent me another picture from my holidays. I look like a fucking bouncer ahah  
So tempted to use my magic answer of "go fuck yourself" right now but I'm too polite for this shit. Oh wait.
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