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Wow, looking really dapper. I really like the combination of gray and black.
They are sure beautiful. You should be in love.
This pair are in a class by themselves.
come on man, they are as classical Alden as they can get. Buy them now.
I'm not sure how much experience you have with manufacturing. Expansion isn't an easy thing. Alden isn't expanding, they are just taking advantage of their capability to hold the market by the .... Why expand when customer are willing (in these days of age) to wait 10+ weeks for horse hide light brown delivery.
Please help me. What is LHS. I see so many 3 characters acronyms WRT Aldens shoes. Maybe someone will provide me with the proper interpretation.
Code: What can I say, with this this chukka collection, I do envy you
People are using so many abbreviation e.g., LHS. LWB, etc. does any one keep catalogue of these abbreviations?
mah ptbs what they are stand for?
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