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How did you size on the Ramones?
Hey guys I'm looking for something that fits similar to a Levis 511. I guess that means I'm looking at a Weird Guy or Skinny Guy. The only difference b/w those two is the amount of space in the top block/thigh area correct?   Thanks.
  Havent posted here in forever. Not that I did that much anyways.  but w.e
Anything doing with this thread ?
Yeah my soles are blackened but not quite worn away. Also still need to find a suitable place to have them resoled.
Anyone have any advice on resoling beeswax DBs with a Vibram Cristy outsole? Any stores/repair shops in NYC?   Would love to have them looking like this, not to mention the added durability in the rain  
This is almost perfect
Anyone have pictures of the coated black jeans N&F offers? Seen pictures with varying levels of gloss and shine.
Thanks to all that responded. As for slim dark denim Zara, Uniqlo Selvage, Unbranded Selvage, Levis 511/513, Gap Selvage, even HM are options. You can also find on sale Nudies or N&F if you look hard enough. 
  Currently my DBs look similar to this^           On this pair, I notice a lighter color around the eyelets and just above the toe compared to the toe and ankle area. While the third pair has been treated with Obenauf's, it again looks noticeably lighter compared to the first.
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