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Any list of Sanders stockists online or in the US? If I do order them from across the pond how badly will I be fucked by customs? Tres-Bien never hits me with anything so I've been a bit spoiled....
Hey man really interested in the FBTs. If you could send more pics and give me a bit more info on the sizing that'd be great. ( I heard it runs a half to a size big) I have some feedback on grailed and on Ebay. Please reply when you can here or email me at adj24@hotmail.com. Thanks again.
If someone can help me find white KVA Icarus/Multi-Lace highs in a sz EU 42/US 9 it would be very much appreciated.
How did you size on the Ramones?
Hey guys I'm looking for something that fits similar to a Levis 511. I guess that means I'm looking at a Weird Guy or Skinny Guy. The only difference b/w those two is the amount of space in the top block/thigh area correct?   Thanks.
  Havent posted here in forever. Not that I did that much anyways.  but w.e
Anything doing with this thread ?
Yeah my soles are blackened but not quite worn away. Also still need to find a suitable place to have them resoled.
Anyone have any advice on resoling beeswax DBs with a Vibram Cristy outsole? Any stores/repair shops in NYC?   Would love to have them looking like this, not to mention the added durability in the rain  
This is almost perfect
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