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@ nicelynice Supercool fit. I love the hat.
That's a cool hat. Looks great.
^ I love the jeans. They fit perfect. Looks really really good.
Good luck! Please keep us informed.
Interesting GQ article. Worth to discuss. The GQ Style Guy considers how history will judge our drapey, Bieber-y, box-logo-loving menswear era. Do Men Dress Ridiculous Right Now? The shortest answer: Yes. We do. I get e-mails from a lot of guys in their mid-thirties to early forties who complain about the status quo of menswear. They’ve owned 501 pairs of 501s and believe a suit should be the flashiest thing in a man’s closet. They’d answer the above question about our...
@MoK Yeah, perfect fit on the jeans. The whole outfit looks great on you. Very nice.
@Jbravo That's a great fit. Love it. Enjoy Vienna. Great city, isn't it?
I vaguely remember the time when I wasn't that much into clothes and fashion. I had a handful of pants (mostly denim), shirts, sweaters, a few jackets and some pairs of shoes/boots and that was it. I bought new stuff when I needed it, because something was worn out or not in style anymore (whatever that meant). Then the fashion bug has bitten me. Like many of us here I check fashion/retailers sites on a regular basis and I love to find new stuff. I spend way too much money...
@MoK I'm a big fan of your fits and different styles. It seems like as if you have fun with clothes and fashion. Very inspirational. Also, your wardrobe must be endless. I can't believe how much different stuff you own.
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