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@spacepope Awesome again. I effin' love your fits.
@bene Great fit. I also love the hair. The buzz cut suits you pretty well.
^^ Looks like a granddad costume to me.
@SuperbObo Great fit. Love it!
Too much stacking for my taste. Otherwise it's a cool fit.
Study Finds Owning Cool Leather Jacket More Rewarding Than Raising Children SEATTLE—A study released Thursday by the Pacific Parenting Institute found that owning a seriously cool leather jacket is significantly more fulfilling than raising a child to adulthood. "Our research suggests that the feeling of purchasing a really amazing leather jacket and then proudly watching over time as it gradually becomes broken in and forms perfectly to your body is, by a very wide...
^ Nice fits. What's the jacket in the first pic? Looks really great.
That looks pretty good, MOK. Nice vibe. You look slimmer than ever.
Thanks for sharing all the pics and stories. Very very cool.
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