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In 4 decades of living in Germany I have never ever seen someone wearing a coat + birks.
@AlexanderTG Wow! VERY nice.
Yeah, beautiful. I think I need a pair in my life. Maybe two, since I also love the black version. Damn.
@Gerry Nelson Very nice. I love the shoes.
Beautiful guitar.
Very nice shoes
I like that a lot. Simple and effortless. The jacket is dope. Very nice.
@AlgisLT I really like your style. Simple, clean, well fitting, and effortless. Very nice. Keep posting please.
What a beautiful bag. Totally love it. And it'll get even more beautiful with age. Would love to see it in a couple of years. A great piece of craftmanship. They mentioned your bag even in their blog.Thanks for sharing the link to their website. I didn't know the company and now I'm fascinated by them. They have some great pieces.
New Posts  All Forums: