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  Nice. I've been eyeing this one for the past few days. What I like most is that it's not distressed so I can wear it 5 years from now.
  Japan and mine say D10
 Height is not the only factor. Legs and torso length differ from person to person even though they are the height. I'm 5'10" with this seasons double knee slits on (love the silk tees)    
  Cause the outlet isn't in NYC. It's in the woodbury commons in central valley. 
Damn dude, you look freakin awesome!!
Welp, I kick myself for not getting that black and blue flannel from last season. Time to stock up on some denim now.
 Are your jeans these? http://www.ysl.com/us/shop-product/men/ready-to-wear-denim-pants-original-low-waisted-skinny-jean-in-medium-blue-80-s-denim_cod36809916bw.html#section=men_rtw
   They look great Harry!
 Oh yeah I forgot about that. Thanks!
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