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I wear suede boots in the rain/snow and have yet to see any type of discoloring or change in texture.
What the fucking fuck?! The sneakers are god awful. Everything just looks wrong.  I need to get the Jodhpurs in black and in cigar before it's too late.
  Both are from FW 2016 collection As for comparisons the first one is 90% wool and the other is 100% wool. Both will be itchy as all hell.
 This is why 99.9% all the clothing I buy is from online shops located overseas.
  Yes and it's beautiful. Exactly like the retail stores.
  They had a green and white flannel from a few seasons ago, lots of jackets. Lots of sneakers. 3 low cropped jodhpur's. Two with the huge buckle and the snakeskin pair. They redid the entire store. It looks just like the retail stores now.
Went to the Woodbury commons today and fell in love with the jodhpur's. Unfortunately they were croc embossed and only tried them on for sizing. I'm a 43 which they didn't have so I tried a 43.5 and they fit me perfectly. Should I order a 43.5 of the pair I want or should I order a 43 to see how they fit? Does anyone size up in jodhpur's?
 Yes. I got mine for $320 on farfetch
  I have these. What size are you?
 Yikes!  Good luck with all that. Some of my friends have kids. Their cars have Cheetos dust caked onto their back seats.  I'm 33, single and no kids with zero plans on ever getting married. I feel like my life has just begone.
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