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  Zero fading. Thanks!
Would it be too drastic for a tailor to take a pair of jeans and taper them down from a 18cm to 15.5cm? 
  Suede is tougher than everyone thinks it is. I wear them in the rain, snow, sleet and see zero change to the suede. 
  I wear bottega veneta Chelsea boots
  So go to a shoe store and have them measure your foot.
 Need a side by side comparison someone post their sigaro pair
Got the leather jodhpurs a month ago and just got the suede pair in new cigaro, SS17. Man, I regret not picking these up sooner but my experience with slp boots was a negative one so I sore them off. These are a beautiful piece of art. I would like to get a pair of the harness but not sure if my high arch can take the heel high.        
People who own some flannels, do you take them to the dry cleaners or hand wash?
  That flannel is so nice. Wish I picked it up.
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