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  non- posers?
  Should of kept the Jodhpur's for rainy days. lol
d01 vs d02   pick one!    D01 in my true size:            D02 up one size  
  I like them!
  Balmain, Saint Laurent and John Elliott U neck.
 So what you're saying is go one size up in the waist?
      Thank for the responses I should of added that I'm 5'10 at 135-138 pounds with a 28 inch waist. Here's the D01 in my true size.  
  I work out 6 days a week
So I have fit issues. My thighs and caves are too big for d02 cut. d01 cut is too wide at the caves and leg opening is too big for my liking. Should I size up in the d02's and wear with a belt or taper the d01's?
  Thank you!
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