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  Rolex Pepsi?
 Ah, you're right. I forgot about that.
  Pretty sure those are fear of god not Saint Laurent
  Great place to order! I would assume it depends on where you live, but it takes 2-3 business days to get to my home in NY.
  Fits slightly oversized but nothing like Vetements crap. I have a few crappy photos.  
Anyone else experience dye from their denim leaving blue marks on their footwear? This is the first time I've experienced this with slp denim. I don't wash my denim but I'm thinking about taking a wet wash cloth and wiping down the hem. Do you think that would stop it from happening again?
Saint Laurent caught on the Bottega and Common Projects wave. lol    
  Thanks, appreciate it
  I have a pair of D10 from SS16 which I took my normal size in, fits me perfectly. Based on what your are saying these should fit me great. How did the waist fit and did you take your normal size?
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