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  Sweater will be bought
I dig this look  yup
Just got this pair. They are 17cm s/s15 in washed black. I've had bad luck with sizing and fit with Saint Laurent but this pair fits me perfectly.        
Silly question but how do you guys dress when it rains? Do you guys go out in your suede boots with leather pants with no fucks given? I always style differently when if rains. Usually stuff I don't care about getting rained on. I was wondering if you guys do the same.
Do I go True to size on ss2015 15cm non raw denim?
I have bad knees so I have to use insoles otherwise I'll have severe knee pain so I'll go TTS and if they are a little big the insoles will help.
On their chelsea boots do I size down or go true to size?     note: ever boot I have ever owned I went down one whole size     thanks
Are these 17cm or 19cm?     http://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/saint-laurent-slim-fit-jeans-item-10914675.aspx?storeid=9053&ffref=lp_89_9_
 Same here. The packaging is just as important as the product. I mean I wouldn't return something because I didn't like the packaging but I've been pretty disappointed with packaging before.  
 lol I didn't mean the jacket! Jeans are fine in the summer time. Me personally, I hate shorts. You can't look as good in shorts as you do in jeans so I don't wear them minus in the gym and the beach.
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