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  Thanks, appreciate it
  I have a pair of D10 from SS16 which I took my normal size in, fits me perfectly. Based on what your are saying these should fit me great. How did the waist fit and did you take your normal size?
 Go true to size
 You have no idea how the colors pop in person on the SLP and something from Uniqlo does not.
 Here are some fit pics. They are crappy but I hope they help you out.   
Does anyone have any of the western shirts in green or black? How do they feel? Are the nice and soft?
  Here ya go. I'll get a fit pic tomorrow 
I got this during the private sale. IMO best flannel they've put out. Even better than the black and blue flannel from fw13.    
 I fill them out perfectly. The other seasons are too tight therefor I prefer the past seasons.  16cm is my fit. 15.5cm is too tight and I don't look right in them. 17cm is too loose.
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