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Why must you release stuff when I'm at work?! lol
 Yeah the wash is sick. They are not Saint Laurent though.. lol They're Balmain.
 I disagree. I only have one pair of 15cm and idk I guess I just don't like skinny cuts. LOL  17cm is perfection on me I think.   17cm  15cm 
Does anyone feel that there isn't enough washes in the 17cm cut and too many in 15cm?
  Thank you!
Question, are the normal crew neck Tees long like for instance, Balmain Tees? Thanks
What about more flannels in different colors?!
@JohnElliottCo are there plans to make more plaid flannels in different colors other then the ones coming out in September? For instantance, a black and blue one? lol
 Why do you say that? I find most of my SL stuff to be quite good quality.
  Quality is the whole point
New Posts  All Forums: