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  The chelsea's from Hedi's first season. Fuck. Great collection.
  Yeah. I just need to get cigar jodhpurs, one or two more pairs of jeans, a flannel or two and I'm done.
    RIP Saint Laurent
Got my first Saint Laurent boots. I tried on the Jodhpurs before and really liked them. Got them at an outlet for $449! I heard they were a pain to put on but I didn't find that to be the case. After wearing them all day they are pretty comfortable but that's probably cause of the insoles I put in.          channeling Echau haha 
  Saw that shirt at the commons. I passed cause I have too many blue shirts.
 Same here
  Copped the 43! Thanks again!
 These are on my list as well plus various flannels
  Yeah, new creative director. Don't worry though. It will probably be a few seasons before every trace of Hedi is gone.
 Keep them cause they might be gone forever soon. This is the best out of the 3.
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