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Kevin Hart Was in all SLP as well, minus his sneakers, on Jimmy Fallon after the Super Bowl.
It sucks I'm going to miss out on this collection as well cause it's releasing at 11am on a Thursday (2pm eastern time). I don't get it. Why not wait until Saturday morning to drop it? 
Got my first taste of JE. I went with the U neck Tee. Quality is ok. Priced right but compared to other brands in it's price range it's not as soft as I would like it to be. I think LNA tees are much nicer however they are not as long and that's what I like most about the JE tee. The length of the tee is prefect and the fit is great. The tone of the gray is really nice as well. I will most likely buy more.        
 I  finally ordered my first John Elliott piece. Ordered the U neck Tee in gray. Excited to find out how the quality is.
  Lincoln E-Z suede cleaner is the best! My sister got dye from her denim stain her suede boots. Used Lincoln EZ cleaner and completely removed it.
Why must you release stuff when I'm at work?! lol
 Yeah the wash is sick. They are not Saint Laurent though.. lol They're Balmain.
 I disagree. I only have one pair of 15cm and idk I guess I just don't like skinny cuts. LOL  17cm is perfection on me I think.   17cm  15cm 
Does anyone feel that there isn't enough washes in the 17cm cut and too many in 15cm?
  Thank you!
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