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Can anyone recommend a Taylor Stitch chino that fits similar to the Gustin Chino?
Man.  Gustin Chinos are amazing.  I'm going to need to get more.  @joshgustin  put out more chinos, dude!!
Are these still up for grab?   edit: im dumb
I just don't want to have to do laundry this week.
I can't beleive the stock orders didn't go out yesterday!!
How long will these be in funding?  I'm new to the TS game and just place an order for a few shirts so that I can nail down sizing.
They are not bad if you tuck.
The RgT shirt is not really comparable to the Gustin short sleeve. It is slimmer,has a flat bottom and the stitching is high quality. I really wish they had redesigned the scoops for the short sleeve model. It's a miss on my books.
This thread is also quite good at making people repeat customers. If I can offload my black iron rangers I will likely build the most wonderful fall/winter bot imaginable.
Moleskin at the heal did the trick! Guess I had a bit of heal slippage.
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