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They are not bad if you tuck.
The RgT shirt is not really comparable to the Gustin short sleeve. It is slimmer,has a flat bottom and the stitching is high quality. I really wish they had redesigned the scoops for the short sleeve model. It's a miss on my books.
This thread is also quite good at making people repeat customers. If I can offload my black iron rangers I will likely build the most wonderful fall/winter bot imaginable.
Moleskin at the heal did the trick! Guess I had a bit of heal slippage.
Amazon should be delivering some terry cloth insoles in the next day or so. I think the air pocket maybe in the instep.
Where should I put moleskin to eliminate a ranger moc from making an audible "swooshing" sound when walking? My right foot is slightly smaller and I'm guessing the extra volume is causing an air pocket? The fit is great otherwise but my girlfriend has misophonia so I have I be conscious about repetitive sounds.
The ranger moc may not work if your goose egg is on the highest part of your arch, that is where most if the pressure is from lacing up. Maybe a boat shoe would be a better fit since more of the top of the foot is exposed?
They are the clymer 2.0 in cxl brown. They are mother stinking beautiful.
Definitely worth the wait. Next go around I will nee to order my right shoe half a size smaller than the left!
The more I wear the Gustin shirts untucked the more I feel like a doofus with such high side scoops and long front.  As someone else on another forum said: "Gustin shirts make a great dick curtain."Luckily I can wear them tucked without an issue.  
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