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Rancourt is making canvas leather lined pf flyers for 150$. Gustin NEEDS to come in around there for leather sneakers if hey want my monies.
Wash cold/hang dry. The shrink is minimal and if they are too snug after a wash they will stretch back to prewash levels. Note that they do not stretch as much as denim.
Gustin chinos fit me super well and I want so more, but end of June shipping? Dang.
Anyone else notice that the stock page has been: 1. Up for more than a weekend 2. Getting new items Currently bird dogging for some chinos!!
And now I'm afraid to wash my chinos. Damn.
If I were to be perfectly honest, gustin products do not have the fit and finish to be something worth paying a premium price for. The appeal, for me anyways, is being able to grab something I would normally not wear at a price that is easy to eat. It's super interesting to see how they grow the business in the coming year.
I've watched enough shark tank and the profit to know this is a bad business move.
Can anyone recommend a Taylor Stitch chino that fits similar to the Gustin Chino?
Man.  Gustin Chinos are amazing.  I'm going to need to get more.  @joshgustin  put out more chinos, dude!!
Are these still up for grab?   edit: im dumb
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