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At the end of this month I will be holding the same type of firework the guy in this picture is holding. They shoot sparks up about 10 yards into the air for 10 or so seconds before giving of a big boom out the bottom. Hopefully I will not die (or lose a leg, or half my face). I cannot deny the foolishness of this behavior.
Of those two, creme beige. Whether or not it is stylish will probably have a lot to do with how it actually looks on your head. I have a friend who is slightly short and slightly bulky and caps in that style consistently made him look like Gimli from Lord of the Rings.
Last time I was in Filene's Basement in Chicago this September, I saw a pair of red spring Borrelli trousers for $20 in the clearance section. In my experience they go through periods where they have nothing but crap, and then out of nowhere they have a bunch of nice stuff in their "Vault" section once every few months.
We did the pledge everyday from elementary school through 12th grade where I went to school. By 8th grade or so, I stopped saying the words because I stopped believing in gods and was irked at being told day in day out that a god exists as part of a government-run ritual. By about 10th grade or so, I stopped putting my hand on my heart and only stood, which, as I understand it, is all that teachers and school administrators can force you to do. I am now living in Japan...
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Yes. ... transportation infrastructure ... No. ... transportation subsidies ... Transportation infrastructure is a subsidy to the companies related to that form of transportation. Government provided airports are a subsidy to airline companies. Government provided roads are a subsidy to the automobile industry. Government provided train lines are a subsidy to rail service companies.
I just received my first ascot for my birthday from my girlfriend, and I was thrilled. My attitude: I fully intend to wear it for the shits and giggles.
1 Tuna casserole. 2 Nattō:
Quote: Originally Posted by lilcram Tuna Fish Never tried it and don't think i ever will. I like sushi tuna though. Maybe you just don't like canned tuna? I hate canned tuna myself, but tuna steaks, tuna sashimi, and tuna sushi are great. It was a long time before I would let myself try any of those because I remember how awful my mom's tuna fish sandwiches and tuna casserole were. Just thinking about those disgusting school lunches...
Quote: Originally Posted by hypersonic I am not anti-Obama but this is a thought-provoking thing I read today. Fewer than 100 days into his presidency, Barack Chavez-Obama is shaping up as treasonous, says SOLO Principal Lindsay Perigo. If you're going to use name-calling, you should at least save it till the end of what you have to say. At the top of what you have to say it doesn't do much to provoke anyone to think anything beyond how...
Quote: Originally Posted by ctu92 Thankyou, but im not near any H&M stores and without the style number or name of the jacket it may be hard for them to locate it for me. All i know is its a part of the LOGG line. I'm not sure, but I think the style number of the item you're looking for might be 78-4728. How do I know that number? I went to the H&M website for a country with an online store in a language that is close to English (I picked...
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