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also keen to see if anyone will proxy for me for the urban daddy deal. can pay via paypal or credit card via merchant.
clearly they're a bit liberal about the word 'few'
I'm doing most of my suits at Iris in Singpore. Get yourself down there if you want to get yourself sorted.
Dropped into Bonaparte's boutique on the way to the airport today. My first time there, a nice little store. I grabbed an unstructured cotton jacked for a fair price. They're doing some sleeve and shoulder alterations (free) which is nice. Will have more time for a better look through the store when I pick it up. (Loving the inflight wifi !)
no sorry I don't. Most of the regular members I doubt will know either. I think you'll have your best luck elsehwere in the forum for this question.
guys - to find a great construction and detailing benchmark I suggest you grab a pair of Howard Yount pants. If you can get the construction in this league with as good fabrics and great fit I'll be a eager customer
hi, thanks for your prompt reply and email. I've washed and checked and have now emailed you back to request the shirts be corrected.
its a fair swap for a year. The afl cup goes up, the hideous NRL trophy comes down.
received my 2 shirts during the week need to put them through the wash. Surprisingly grimy and marked, hope it all comes out in the wash. Either the button thread was reaaaly grimy or there is a difference in colour in the thread they used for shanking vs the straight button sewing.. First impressions. fabric and general finish look good. Cuffs and collars nice and soft as I requested. Button shanking not as good as other shirts I have. Buttons a little dissapointing. I...
interesting find.
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