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 Thanks, its on 28th and 5th ave correct? What did you end up purchasing?
This is crazy, all the Common Projects shoes sold out on TBS in less than 8hrs. Insane!!!!!
Hi,   What are your thoughts about these sandals by Christoper Kane?  I know the forum is for baller sneakers but you guys have great taste and I value your opinions.    Thanks  
Does anyone have any discount or promo codes for thecorner.com ?   Thank you
 Get the Lanvin.      
When purchasing from oki-ni is VAT removed? also when shipping to the USA / New York, do you have to pay additional duties?
Thank you for the feedback.
Does anyone on here own the Grenson Ellery - Double Monk - Brown? I am considering purchasing these and would like to get feedback on the quality of the shoe?   Thanks
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