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Thanks for the update. Was considering to purchase it thought it was the ace's stay cash.
Do any of you own Feit sneakers, what are your thoughts?    
No MMM are true to size.   CP EU 41 MMM EU 42 Balen EU 41 Lanvin UK 7 Nike 9
The sale is still live.
Do Rick Owen GEOBASKET high top fit true to size or should I size down 1 ?
$260 - $295  is a good price for the white MMM
Great repair job. Looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@needhelp123 and @Shalashaska....................Thank you.
Do rick owen ramones (low cut) fit true to size? also which one do you think is the best buy (bang per buck).          
Contact Tres bien they will reactive it for you.
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