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 Ha Ha, I have been looking at these as well. But they are over priced in my opinion. Maybe at 70% off I would purchase it. 
   I agree with both comments. Usually I would get my waist / pants size or size down by 1. 
Do  the CLASSIC HiGH TOP VELCRO SNEAKER raf simons fit true to size?   I am a US 9 in nike, EU 42 in MMM, UK 7 in Lanvin, EU 41 in CP. Raf Simons ?   Thank you 
Yes it is. Why pay a premium when you can purchase it for much less  .
What was the item?
 great deal $94 for MMM sneakers. I saw these but they did n't have my size. 
 USD $103
 Ha Ha, one minute your item is available and the next  .
 Mr Porter USA added a bunch of new items. Wooooooow sharks are everywhere hahahaha but I am a happy camper.   
Size 32 going for $207   https://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/saint_laurent/slim-fit-15-5cm-hem-zebra-print-jeans/410850
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