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What are you thoughts on these? I am considering buying these.  
 They fit true to size.
 @spenceclothing do you have to pay duty for shipping to USA?
 The smaller one looks better in my opinion. If you don't plan on layering underneath it go with the smaller one. 
 My feet are very narrow.
Size down by one. I am a 9US in nike.A 42 in Martin Margiela.A 41 in CP.
 In the US the VAT is deducted. 
 You don't need to contact them. It's already marked down. 
 Certain styles can be purchased for under $200 on sale. The CP Achilles can be purchased for $280 from Tres-bien (discount code 25-EURO-USD).
 Damn it! Was going to get another pair but my size is now sold out  .
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