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Has anyone bought and worn in the combat boots yet? Clearly they have sold well, since the black is sold out, but haven't seen any pics from this crowd.
Driggs galore in the sale section! Is the seat of Driggs generally looser or tighter in the seat than rivets? Have a pair of driggs already, but they're a little too tight in the seat.
Can we place an order to reserve our fabric with estimated sizing, then come into the shop to get sized & finalize before wednesday?
@Don L The selvedge id on my Ring Ring is all white - no line
Shamelessly bumping  - while also mentioning that the new Wilshires came in the mail yesterday and they are excellent. Was happy to find that they weren't the ring-ring which I already own and love. Any way to identify which denim they are?
@epaulet Do the driggs listed in the sale section actually have a 33" inseam? I have a pair in the british khaki, which is also listed at 33", and the inseam is definitely at least 34". I ask because 33 is too short for me.   Thanks!
I know this has been asked before - REDA hopsacks are the same as the usually stocked ones? Realizing this may be a dumb question since the photo is a fit photo, but want to verify.
Okay....were gonna need to see some PTB pics!
NYC folks - who do you all use for tailoring - both shirts and trousers? Someone near West Village would be ideal. Figured the clothing nerds here wouldn't steer me wrong
Any shetland v-neck sweaters coming this year? Wearing mine from last year today (hey fall), and itching to get my hands on another for this season
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