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@Epaulet just a bump...any heirlooms available for try on in the stores?
@Epaulet Are there fit samples of the heirlooms in the manhattan shop? Interested in the preorder but would like to try it on since I'm hoping for a slouchier fit
I just ordered my first pair of Walts in 32, but I'm not totally sure if I am a 32 or 33. Could I come by the soho store and try the two sizes on, then adjust my order for the right size?
Does anyone have a knee measurement for Walts in 32? I tried a search, but no dice...
Still available?
I am interested in these but they would be my first Meermin shoes. I wear an 11-11.5 in most all dress shoes, occasionally a 12 in athletic shoes. Can you give me a neutral opinion as to whether or not you think they would fit? What size do you normally wear?
What are the shoes? 
Would a 9.5UK in the Cooper Handsewn translate well to a 10UK in these shoes? The coopers were a little tight out of the box, but stretched out nicely.
Is the 34.5" inseam still correct on the old Garands? I remember them being released at a 33" inseam for some reason, which is too short for me to wear.
Mike - outside of the recently posted jackets - suede is awesome but not in my price range -  do you have any transitional jackets planned for this spring? Looking for something lined with a somewhat windproof shell like a lightweight bomber or even the Baracuta Harrington, but its hard to justify spending $395 for the Baracuta when it was easily had for $200 before the company was sold. That seems to be the exact type of marketplace void you tend to fill.
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