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Mike, how much orange is in this SC? Does it remain office appropriate? It doesn't look too orange but the "Copper" description has me wondering.... As long as it pairs well with pale grey trousers, I'm sure I'll love it @Epaulet 
How does the Epaulet Samuelsohn "Bernard" compare - with regards to fit - to a Samuelsohn blazer I bought OTR at a department store? I think it is just Samuelsohn's standard fit and after some tailoring, I love it. The fully canvassed construction is incredible
It sounds like the shapes have already been narrowed down, but may I suggest a re-up of http://epauletnewyork.com/products/handsewn-chukka-brown-scotchgrain in Kudu? I wear these shoes at least 3 times a week and get compliments every single time. The way they're breaking in and the pics I've seen of the color variations on broken in Kudu has me so excited about the idea of that make up,
 Wow...I misunderstood that until now! I had been hesitant to order things to find my correct sizing if I only got to exchange it/ store credit. So we get a full cash refund and just pay return shipping?
Are there any pics available? Interested...
Any APC New Standard wearers on the thread? I'm looking to buy my annual pair of jeans and I've worn new standards in 30 for the past few years. If anyone has experience with them, did you buy the same size in Wilshires? Measurements in 31 look to be about the same, save for a higher rise which is an improvement in my book. I guess my primary concern is the amount of stretch in the Epaulet's vs the APCs
I know the sale ends at 4:30, but will the unsold items stay up until they're sold? Have 2 different walt sizes and don't recall which I prefer... need to check when I get home.
Mike, can you make me pajamas out of the Tartan? A Robe?   @Epaulet 
See that Brixtons are on sale at a stop light - click through. See that my size is available. Make note to buy when I get to the office.   Gone by the time I get to the office.  
No one wears a tie, but I'd say wool is more common than cotton for pants. But then again, most of those people are wearing golf shirts 2 sizes too big with square toed shoes as well.... as long as they look like they belong indoors vs. outdoors I think they'd be fine.
New Posts  All Forums: