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@epaulet quick bump for a question buried in the shell discussion - were the sweaters from past years also made by William Lockie?
Non-Alden related question: have past EP sweaters also been made by William Lockie? with the exception of Northern Watters, obviously
@epaulet any Shetland sweaters this year? I wore through the elbow of mine from a few years back and haven't found another that is even close in value.   Also like the 5 pocket idea - so many of the fabrics you all use (moleskine, duck canvas) look great in 5 pocket. Combine that w/ the Rivet shape and I think that's a no brainer.
@epaulet While we're all loving the epic EFF going on right now - is this a harbinger of doom for Epaulet x Hertling trousers? 
Flanella vs Wool Cash - which would stand up to frequent wear better? I guess a follow on question is, are there any wools which are particularly durable? I tend to wear out pants quickly.
Can anyone describe the difference between flannel and flanella? Is Flanella slightly more dressy? If I had to guess, it's just thinner flannel.
  Fatigue Canvas Rivets, Cotton Linen EPxGitman shirt, Samuelsohn SC (non-EP) at a friend's rehearsal dinner in Punta Mita
@Epaulet I understand sizing was a little off on the Cramerton's last time. Despite that, I bought a 33 and they're my best fitting pair of chinos by far.   How did the sizing shake out this time? Can we still expect some stretch, and should we order the same size?
@epaulet Can you share with us what F/W Hertling pants are going to come in as stock items? Trying to decide if it's worth doing MTO on certain things prior to the end of the promo 
I have what I believe is the same seed stitch fabric in a full suit from Brooks Bros - purchased about 5 years ago. I love it and it's easily the most versatile when used as separates of any suit I own.   You can go full Reagan with it as well and you look different enough that people take a second look, but not so different as to be the "stylish guy".
New Posts  All Forums: