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I just ordered my first pair of Walts in 32, but I'm not totally sure if I am a 32 or 33. Could I come by the soho store and try the two sizes on, then adjust my order for the right size?
Does anyone have a knee measurement for Walts in 32? I tried a search, but no dice...
Still available?
I am interested in these but they would be my first Meermin shoes. I wear an 11-11.5 in most all dress shoes, occasionally a 12 in athletic shoes. Can you give me a neutral opinion as to whether or not you think they would fit? What size do you normally wear?
What are the shoes? 
Would a 9.5UK in the Cooper Handsewn translate well to a 10UK in these shoes? The coopers were a little tight out of the box, but stretched out nicely.
Is the 34.5" inseam still correct on the old Garands? I remember them being released at a 33" inseam for some reason, which is too short for me to wear.
Mike - outside of the recently posted jackets - suede is awesome but not in my price range -  do you have any transitional jackets planned for this spring? Looking for something lined with a somewhat windproof shell like a lightweight bomber or even the Baracuta Harrington, but its hard to justify spending $395 for the Baracuta when it was easily had for $200 before the company was sold. That seems to be the exact type of marketplace void you tend to fill.
Mike, how much orange is in this SC? Does it remain office appropriate? It doesn't look too orange but the "Copper" description has me wondering.... As long as it pairs well with pale grey trousers, I'm sure I'll love it @Epaulet 
How does the Epaulet Samuelsohn "Bernard" compare - with regards to fit - to a Samuelsohn blazer I bought OTR at a department store? I think it is just Samuelsohn's standard fit and after some tailoring, I love it. The fully canvassed construction is incredible
New Posts  All Forums: