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Are there any pics available? Interested...
Any APC New Standard wearers on the thread? I'm looking to buy my annual pair of jeans and I've worn new standards in 30 for the past few years. If anyone has experience with them, did you buy the same size in Wilshires? Measurements in 31 look to be about the same, save for a higher rise which is an improvement in my book. I guess my primary concern is the amount of stretch in the Epaulet's vs the APCs
I know the sale ends at 4:30, but will the unsold items stay up until they're sold? Have 2 different walt sizes and don't recall which I prefer... need to check when I get home.
Mike, can you make me pajamas out of the Tartan? A Robe?   @Epaulet 
See that Brixtons are on sale at a stop light - click through. See that my size is available. Make note to buy when I get to the office.   Gone by the time I get to the office.  
No one wears a tie, but I'd say wool is more common than cotton for pants. But then again, most of those people are wearing golf shirts 2 sizes too big with square toed shoes as well.... as long as they look like they belong indoors vs. outdoors I think they'd be fine.
I've never bought rivets before....Which would be the better intro, duck, 8 oz, or G&L Twill? Are any of these office appropriate or close to office appropriate?
@Epaulet The Garand inseam is listed at 34.5 on the measurements, but the product description says "The inseam is finished at a plain-bottom 33". I know it can be let out, but I need a 34" inseam so you I'm hoping the measurements are right.
Any plans for V Neck and Crew Neck lambswool sweaters? Or any "staple" type sweaters in general. First day it has been cold enough to necessitate a sweater, and I've got a green Epaulet one on I got last February. My favorite EP piece, although my experience is limited... 
My BB ESF Oxfords do the same....I think it may be a function of the slim fit pulling the button hole open with movement. I also noticed that it didn't happen when I bought them, but as the fabric softened up with wear it is much more common now
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