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My BB ESF Oxfords do the same....I think it may be a function of the slim fit pulling the button hole open with movement. I also noticed that it didn't happen when I bought them, but as the fabric softened up with wear it is much more common now
Mike,   What were the fit details on the Garand? I remember that it was a more casual pant, but how slim is it in the leg?
Any movement regarding the longer body on MTO? I've been itching to buy some dress shirts for work, but the standard fit is just baaaaarely too short to stay tucked in (mostly due to my bad desk posture)
  Got mine in yesterday...the photos on the site absolutely didn't do them justice. Amazing shoe and so comfortable. How have other people been styling them? Wore them with navy twill chinos today to try them out, but I think some dark green cords would be $$$$.
Could the tech herringbone FF rivets be machine washed??
How does the Cooper Chukka fit? I've never bought a Carmina shoe before. Generally wear 11-11.5 in dress shoes...should I go for the pebble?
Hem/Color details?
Don L, do you buy your Alden LHS loafers in the same size as your unlined flex penny loafers?
Without a doubt the most comfortable shoes I own - would love an Epaulet signature version. Also....I remember some talk about roper style cowboy boots  (It was my talk)
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