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Grain calf FTW!
For MTO Rivets, is there any way to specify that the pockets be cut like the cramerton pockets are cut? button through on the right side, besom on the left?
One minor complaint about the new site format - the tabbed format for the item description, sizing, construction is frustrating. It doesnt fit with the spirit of "as few clicks as possible from view to purchase", and it doesn't translate well to mobile.   It's much easier to scroll than it is to navigate a mouse - I for one preferred the old format.   Obviously the product trumps all, but just something I've noticed
@Epaulet Have you guys ever considered making a Teba jacket? It seems like a natural extension of your past outerwear work with the doyles, kamigatas, field jackets, etc. Somethign different, but not so different that you immediately notice it.   http://56.media.tumblr.com/52d6e6613e883ab9fd1493a3ceee7b33/tumblr_inline_nvvnj6UWzi1qfex1b_500.jpg   http://56.media.tumblr.com/18b2d830c21789eb4e90b9f11cf329b7/tumblr_inline_nvvnf68iSW1qfex1b_500.jpg   Would love to see...
@Epaulet Are the cramertons in the LES store? Those stone ones are the perfect waspy blue blazer complement. I've never worn rivets so I'd like to try them on
Is there any way to put a button on the back pockets, or is the open slit pocket the only option?
@Pastor I was at the Kamakura shirts store on madison - they had a collection of shell belts for $150 or so. Can't recall what colors but worth checking out.
Has anyone bought and worn in the combat boots yet? Clearly they have sold well, since the black is sold out, but haven't seen any pics from this crowd.
Driggs galore in the sale section! Is the seat of Driggs generally looser or tighter in the seat than rivets? Have a pair of driggs already, but they're a little too tight in the seat.
Can we place an order to reserve our fabric with estimated sizing, then come into the shop to get sized & finalize before wednesday?
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