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I've waited as long as 5 months for a shirt before. I ordered a pink check flannel last november and got in at the end of march.
It won't be noticeable. I've done it with a few other shirts and they'll mostly go away after a few washes.
That's good to hear! I have no idea how this stuff works on the commercial side but I seriously hope he gets something out of this and it doesnt just leave him with a shit ton of yellow sweatshirts nobody wants.
Wow, Mauro must be furious about this. Really sucks.
Damn that is too awesome! Not in the budget right now since I have two sweaters still coming that I'll have to pay for :-(
White tennis trainers with a stingray heel sounds awesome!
I've got a polo I would say it's a good fit if you go the same size except for the arms. The arm opening is really narrow and doesn't stretch as much as the rest of the polo. I would say one size up and if you want it slimmer take it to a tailor.
That is nasty. I feel bad for Mauro, hopefully there are no other issues with the factory.
Looks like their might be a couple options from Stumptown, Intelligensia, and Angels' Cup. Not sure how picky you are about coffee but I would rather buy direct from the roaster than through Amazon. Its bound to have been sitting in a warehouse somewhere for a while.
Honestly this really is the best option.
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