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You can absolutely shoot them or Portland Dry Goods an email to see if it's doable. I know my camp mocs are off spec and the leather isn't in the customizer at all. I just emailed and asked if they had any bright colors.
Ugh my ff shirt was apparently delivered to the mailbox of my package pick up place on Saturday, but I haven't gotten any email confirmation that they have it. Not feeling optimistic about this. Edit: Scratch that I emailed them and the delivery confirmation came through, all is good with the world.
I think thats just the nature of how its made. Also it could be the fit isnt snug enough, if your foot doesnt have enough volume to fill out the shoe it will bow out as well. It could be either and it all depends on how snug they feel to you.
Definitely, you want need to mold to your feet and cxl is very stretchy. You may have to go up a width for shell though. The bowing is completely normal.
Woah, how come?
Here's a picture of me wearing my grape heirloom with my Schott peacoat:
That's really cool that your friend noticed. I think one of the ribbed beanies is a military green.
Haha I promise I won't complain :-P
Hey Mauro just want to say that if you ever decide to make a seriously heavy cashmere beanie I am all for it. These ones are nice but I could definitely use one thats even heavier.
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