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Any chance of restoring these Bass shoes to a wearable condition? My cat decided they looked like a scratching post. I wrote these off a long time ago but just pulled them out of my closet recently so I figured I would see if anything could be done.
I always feel bad whenever you pick up shipping for me. Glad to see this fix!
I need these in my life. I hope some a similar make up comes around next summer.
Hahah a lot of time when I wear shoes without socks I just tell my friends im too poor to afford socks after spending so much money on shoes.
That gingham is fantastic.
That Edo print is sick!
Picked up a pair of the Navy Bloodline chinos. Im pretty excited to get them.
My order for the Nautical shirt is order # 12435. So close, yet so far. Oh well. Really looking forward to wearing this next summer. 
What kind of colours will the undies be offered in?
New Posts  All Forums: