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My turtleneck is crazy comfortable. No itching at all.
Whatever happened to that heavyweight french linen shirt Mauro? It's not on the site.
Just picked up my lavender turtleneck and I love it. This thing is crazy heavy. I wish Mauro had more in my size.
Yeah I've noticed this as well, I think my shipping for four items was about $16. As much as I dislike paying shipping, I'm really glad Mauro has made it so that shipping is automatically applied. I've accidentally screwed Mauro over on shipping a few times, and I always felt terrible about it.
The new sale items aren't showing up on the sale page, at least on mobile.
Got in on the pre-order for the cardigan! Decided to go with the grape. Cant wait to get them, they look so comfortable and gorgeous.
I'm from Windsor rather than Toronto but I am also a size 40.
First nuking the chambray and now stretching the sweater. I think he's trying to get us to ruin our clothes so we'll buy more. Well jokes on him; i'm buying more anyway.
Agreed those are great. I think I might upgrade my green cxl boat shoes at some point and pick up a pair in green shell.
Thinking of putting in an order for a pair of F last double monks in antic cognac scotchgrain with a double leather sole. I want a shoe that's a bit more country than what I have.
New Posts  All Forums: