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Yeah haha they are mine. I got lucky with Vass for sure. They were my first pair and the fact that I had such a hard time finding a maker convinced me to place the order asap. For such an american shoe the hungarian lasts really do it justice.
I know Vass did at one point. I don't know if they still stock it. If they don't good luck on your hunt!
Those green monks are pretty dope, no idea what I would wear them with.
Fit from a couple days ago, Levi's Type 3 denim jacket, EP Pineberry Plaid, English Drill Taylor's, Rancourt Bison boots with Shearling lining.
I'm Canadian and i've bought from US Amazon lots, don't think I've bought from UK or elsewhere though.
The only thing I can think of is money laundering. Using a stolen credit card to make the purchase so that they can then buy whatever they want off amazon. Bitcoin laundering comes to mind as well but I would that by the time the money is in your paypal you wouldn't have to buy gift cards to make purchases.
I just had a guy email me about something I'm selling using an AOL email address. I didn't even know those still existed.
Unfulfilled just means they haven't shipped it out yet. I have plenty of orders that are marked unfulfilled but have shipped to me. Sometimes they just get missed.
Subtle purples work as well, but blue and grey are your best choices. Black as well, as in the picture.
Could you not have a tailor stitch it in place like they would a dress cuff?
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