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My gf has stolen my turtleneck, would love to get my hands on another so that I can keep one for myself haha. 
I emailed Mauro about it since im still waiting on a sweater and a flannel and he said that they are being held up in customs. Hopefully they come soon.
Copped one of the pumpkin shetland sweaters in the recent sale! Looking forward to getting my hands on it. Fast shipping on this one as well. You guys are always killing it.
I love Mauro's caretags. I always check to see what they say. Its definitely something I look forward to when getting a new piece.
Can't wait for my sweater and flannel to come as well! Really looking forward to seeing how the pink check looks in person.
Really excited for that Barracuda.
My camera can never do these beauties justice. U last oxblood V cap Italian oxford
I should share my V-Caps! I don't think I ever posted them when they arrived. Absolutely gorgeous. Will have to post tomorrow when there is light.
I generally take a medium in most brands, I have a 37" Chest and I bought a 40 from EP. I wanted mine a little bigger and slouchy so it fits exactly as I wanted it to. I own 5 of these sweaters so I would say im a pretty big fan of them.  Also first time I check SF in weeks and someone is asking me a question haha.
Oxblood V caps arrived today! Will take pictures soon.
New Posts  All Forums: