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Yeah just got an email back from Mauro saying as much.
I tried sending an email to Gina but it got bounced back, not the best sign. I shot Mauro an email as well.
I hope it doesn't mean they are closing up shop.
See I feel the same way about living in Canada when it drops to -30, I throw on whatever will keep me warmest without caring about how it looks together. I don't have that issue with summer. That being said I do love sweater weather.
That is sick! Love the high rise and the giant tab closure. Has a really great old school vibe to it! 
That's the one I'm planning on switching to actually. I just moved though so I apparently need to wait for a credit statement from my current card to appear here before they can confirm me.
Just noticed that my credit card has been killing me on foreign currency fees. They charge me $0.10 on the dollar for any foreign transaction, I only noticed because I had a refund happen on the same day as a purchase. Painful to think that I've been paying an extra 10% on many many clothing purchases.
Good call, he could keep the sleeves to use for future patches as well if need be.
Haha no she just wears it anyway.
My girlfriend keeps stealing my cassat Heirloom, she's gotten more wear out of it than I have. So just an FYI to you gents that you might want to pick one up for your lady if you don't want yours stolen!
New Posts  All Forums: