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I would be in for something similar to the shirt on the right for sure!
Does anyone have any side by side pictures of the R and F lasts?
Those definitely were some of the last made. I remember i asked about getting a pair made like yours but they were out, sadly.
I wont have the cash until tuesday but I am strongly considering the navy ones. 
Dammit. I am seriously considering those navy trainers. I definitely did not expect these to be within my price point.
Love those socks Uncle, the texture is fantastic. The shoes are nice too haha.
Is the site not working for anyone else?
What last is that austerity brogue on? F?
I'm not big on sneakers but I would actually be interested in seeing a sneaker made from shell.
Yes, that is my goal. I'm looking to pay as close to the 440 euro, without paying VAT or duties, as I possibly can. I live in Canada but I live close enough to the border that I can go across and be back within an hour. I'm just saying I ship something to the US if I'm less likely to pay duties going that way.
New Posts  All Forums: