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Your best bet is to email Vass the picture of what you want.
Damn that is fast! Hopefully I'll be ok since I ordered right when it went up!
I think usually around  200-250 USD. Its been a few years since I've bought any so I'm not entirely sure.
I think fedex charges a $30 brokerage fee and they charge tax on top of that.
You still run the risk of getting hit with a brokerage fee and HST. Not terrible by any means though.
Club Monaco is another option, though you could always wait for seconds sales and pray you don't get hit with fees at the border.
Just buy one of everything so you'll never have any regrets! Except when the collections agency comes calling...
I opted for the navy since I really like navy with flecks of other colors. I have a couple brown sweaters and only one blue. The navy fleck is definitely my favorite of this round, though the purple is really nice.
I love watching the videos as well. If I can swing it later I might pick up the light grey flannel or the French blue.
I'm excited to see that French blue. Solid choices.
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