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Anyone down for a GMTO on some undies in the current colours? I feel like we could reach the minimum pretty easily as a lot of people would be ordering more than one pair.
I love turtlenecks as well but am always unsure of wearing scarves with them. Though when it gets cold enough out I stop caring as much.
Agreed, or even vague timelines like "next couple months." I feel bad for Mauro, he often seems to be stuck between a rock and a hard place but I'm really glad that the rewards member and pricing changes have brought so many new people to the thread!
In for winter socks.
Glad I'm not the only one who feels that way!
But wouldn't you have to pay VAT? Also wouldn't you face the same issues? Someone just posted about being nailed on a pair of used St. Crispin's
I've been thinking a lot about printed button ups lately, I wear a ton of them and some are pretty ridiculous. I love a lot of the fun Gitman prints like the EPxGitman Nautical Novelties one that I own as well as plenty of WvG conversational. I'm interested in hearing where you draw the line between stuff like this:And this: (No EP in this fit so I spoilered it) [[SPOILER]] Versus something like this (which I have seen people wearing):Is it just a matter of quality/fit?...
Any pictures of the Cassat color so far Mike?
I kopped a sea blue and dark sienna tee, I really want a sienna oxford but I'm waiting until my mtm shirt comes in so I can make sure I have enough funds.
I'll have to try out the smart wool ones as that is my least favorite thing about ninja sox
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