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What last is that austerity brogue on? F?
I'm not big on sneakers but I would actually be interested in seeing a sneaker made from shell.
Yes, that is my goal. I'm looking to pay as close to the 440 euro, without paying VAT or duties, as I possibly can. I live in Canada but I live close enough to the border that I can go across and be back within an hour. I'm just saying I ship something to the US if I'm less likely to pay duties going that way.
Oh ok, that sucks. Well what would be the best way of ordering while avoiding duty and VAT? I live directly on the border with the US so ordering there is an option for me.
What about the whale shirt is that still in the works?
I didn't think Vass did MTO through email outside of Europe and I figured if I had my friend pay for it but have Vass ship it here I could avoid VAT since the order would be going outside Europe.
I have a friend who lives in Germany, would I be able to get them to place an order for me but have ship it to Canada in order to avoid VAT?
Right i completely forgot about VAT. That makes a MTO even more tempting.
Hahah alright thanks!
Awesome. What is the average cost of a MTO shoe in calf?
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