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@Epaulet Hey Mike, are there any special washing instructions for the Alumo Wool/Cotton shirts? Is it safe to just cold wash and hang dry or would you recommend dry cleaning it?
I'm excited for that one! It's going to be great fall shirt!
The monogram got a good laugh out of me. It's a sick shirt for sure. I'm not normally a fan of the mitered cuffs but it's really well suited to that shirt.
I just realized I still have a shirt I'm waiting for from August 12.
I think its a combination of price and design. While the sweaters are really cool, generally if I'm spending $500 on something I want to make sure I'm going to get as much use out of it as possible. It's why you tend to see more cashmere v-neck, crewneck, and cardigans than things like the explorer or the full zip. Mauro's designs are awesome but sometimes its hard to swallow them at a higher price point.
I don't know if anyone got one. I wish I got it too but I don't think any of those got made. 
The video sold me on the indigo floral. What a gorgeous fabric.
That's really cool. I never would have thought to make a heavyweight shirt into a popover.
IIRC the eplorers were around $300. I think the most expensive sweaters were around $500. One of the issues Mauro faces a lot is that he loves to make unique and interesting pieces with luxury materials and construction but it doesn't always jive with his customer base. A lot of people go to him for stuff in the $100 range for upgraded basics, and its hard for him to move pricier stuff sometimes, like the Nicos. It's one of the reasons so many people pushed for him to go...
That's what it was! That was bothering me Haha.
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