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It looks like there is a contrast placket on it in the pictures, is that the case?
Does this mean you're just going to have normal names for all the colors from now on? :-(
Digging the cardigan and jacket for sure. Two tone sweater isn't really my thing.
@Epaulet are the yarn choices you guys are offering all on the Nothern Watters website? Or are you guys getting some exclusive colours for this project?   Edit: Also will us Canadians be charged tax if we opt for the direct shipping option?
Definitely interested in the barracuda jacket.
I have both, a hardie and an heirloom and the wool used in the hardie is much softer than that of the heirloom. The heirloom is much warmer I find though.Edit: I also find that the hardie has a tighter weave to it, with less stretch than the heirloom. On the other hand the heirloom is also considerably heavier. The hardie is really nice but I do prefer the heirloom. Especially since the heirloom is so much cheaper.
I went up one, it fits fine in the chest but the arms are a bit big on mine. Though I have really skinny arms. 
Whaaaaaaaaat? Jesus you guys are killing my wallet with this Canadian shipping thing. I'm just going to start mailing my paychecks to you guys...
Oh shit I am so ready for this.
Probably because it makes people think of tighty whities. I dunno man, but I should pick up more undies next time I put in an order. I love the ones I've got.
New Posts  All Forums: