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I'm wearing my graphite Cramertons right now, I really like them. Never owned a pair of Rivets before but I love the colour on these. 
In addition to this, @Epaulet for those of us who's sweaters were back ordered, are they going to be made at the original mis-size? Or are they going to be made to the new size that was posted early?
Weird question but has anyone ever added side tabs to a pair of pants without them? I rarely wear a belt. Kind of thinking of doing it, I imagine you could just hem them slightly and use the extra fabric to make the tabs. I'm interested in having it done but hell if I'm really being honest I'm probably too lazy to do it.
I know what you mean, some of those Donegals are really cool. The steel Twords are awesome though, they're crazy soft and a really awesome fall pant. I'm going to get a lot of use out of mine.
Picked up my MTO trousers today! The steel cords are really soft and the colour is really cool on them. I love the brown tweed as well and I'm looking forward to having temperatures that I can wear them in. I'm just disappointed that they didn't do the flap coin and rear pockets I requested. Edit: I really should pay more attention to when I'm shooting in landscape vs portrait.
My Steel Twords came today but my mailbox hadn't scanned them in yet when I went to pick up my other packages so I'll have to go next week Haha.
He could mean the rivet wool cords, in which case it is a different fabric. But the trouser tweed cords are the exact same as before.
We're all such enablers here. It's a wonder we aren't all broke haha. Though at least we'd be the flyest homeless on the block.
@Epaulet Hey Mike are there any updates on the Heirloom cardigans for those of us still waiting on them? I know the forest yarn was on backorder but that was a month ago. Just wondering if anything has changed.
I've strangely never bought a pair of Rivets, shocking even though I've been a customer for like 4 years now. Those Graphite Cramertons are calling my name, they remind me of a pair I bought from Norse Projects a few years ago, I think the colour was Iron or some such thing. I take a 35 Taylor but have no idea what size rivet I should take. 
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