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Rezso has recommended I take a 42.5 in the P2 last and has said that they do have a narrow E width available. Does 42.5E sound about right for a 9.5B/C US? I realize the fit wont be perfect on my narrower foot, but I'm fine with that. 
The package should be insured so after about 30 days you might be able to apply for a refund through usps. Though since it says its been delivered I have no idea what your odds of it succeeding will be. I had to do this last summer when a package fell off the face of the earth. Got a refund from USPS and the package ended up arriving out of nowhere last month.
That's great then, I'll keep that in mind for future. The laces in mine dug into my foot badly enough that I had to unlace them and tie them above the eyelets. No one seems to notice and they are far more comfortable having done it.
They can do that?! Shit that's like the one thing that has kept me from buying another pair of camp mocs. Too bad there isn't room in my budget for a camp moc.
Wearing EP x Gitman Nautical Novelties today. One of my favorite shirts.Shoes and shorts: [[SPOILER]] Not yet, I ordered March 6th I believe.
I'm guessing maybe he used his sneaker size. I have been measured as a 10.5 in running shoes and 9.5 in everything else. 
Sick! I need a pair of WvG corduroy in my life for fall.
Yeah but for this shoe I'm really looking for something fairly chunky. I'll keep the S last in mind for future orders though, thanks!
I have some no show socks I can wear to fill up some of the volume if need be. It really sucks having narrow feet. I've emailed Vass as well for sizing advice.
So it seems Vass does not offer red dainite unfortunately. Oh well, I will stick with the double leather sole then. My final concern then is sizing, I am a 9.5B/C (L/R) US and I am tts in AE's 5 Last and 9.0B/C in the 333 last. Any sizing advice for the P2 last?
New Posts  All Forums: