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That Indigo diamond print is pretty cool.
While not exactly that it might be nice to have a soles thread, dainite, leather, etc from different manufacturers and what peoples experiences have been with them.
I use ninja sox personally, they have a rubber heel grip on them to help keep it on your feet. I don't remember how much I paid for them but I will say don't pay a lot. It's way too easy to lose them, even more so than normal socks.
Killer make-up, really love the budapester last. I need some red-brown suede in my life, will definitely have to think of a make-up for fall. Lots of time though, winter here doesn't really end until april haha.
Nice! Is that the red-brown suede?
@jokb do you mind elaborating on what exactly crust calf is and how it's different from regular calf?
That jacket looks really cool @Mauro, im seriously looking forward to seeing the pics of all the sweaters.
R last is gorgeous. Really love your make ups.
I wonder if the current situation in Greece will affect the euro at all.
Yup being Canadian is painful, not only does our dollar suck but we have very few retail options to try shoes on and order from and we get nailed on duty and tax.
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