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I agree, one of my favorite things about WvG is the almost whimsical nature of the brand. Between some of the prints and the fabrics it's absolutely fascinating to see what Mauro will come out with sometimes.
I'm a 34-33 and I take a small. They are fairly fitted but not too tight at that size.
Well I definitely feel better about it then. I may still order another through them eventually. As someone who is 6'2" and lanky i'm fairly used to everything running a touch short so that isn't much of an issue for me haha.
Thats true. I'm honestly not broken up about the price at all. And looking at the pictures for their store it seems like they dont have much in the way of slim fits. I might try ordering direct from them at some point and opting for a smaller size to see if that works. 
Yeah I would go for both.
I was just looking up info on the shetland sweaters that are still around and I noticed for the first time that the heirloom cardigan is Canadian made. I did not know that, I own nothing made in Canada but plenty made in the US. Now im extra excited for it since ill finally own something made in my own country.   Edit: crap just realized I ate about $70 ordering through Epaulet instead of the company direct since I live in Canada. Damn.
Im actually wearing mine as a base layer right now. I can understand why some might find the tags irritating but they just dont bother me.  Edit: I was only thinking of the label tag for whatever reason. The care tag is pretty irritating when you wear the sweater as a base layer.
Those are drool worthy, nice choice.
Code:Likely a few months.
I think it was mentioned that they have been pushed back to next spring.
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