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If anyone was curious I took some sandpaper to the sides and back of my boots shoe trees. I jut shaved off a bit and they fit much better. Previously they wouldn't go in all the way and were pushing on the back of the boot if I left the rear up.   I take a narrow fitting (E) and since Vass shoe trees aren't lasted I'm guessing I got a stock 42 in regular width. In future I'll probably just ask if i can order a the trees a size smaller.
Damn, Platinum and Cobalt cotton/linen both sold out. Rust is kind of cool though...
Some dressed up pictures of my boots!       I think this weekend i'm going to take a piece of sandpaper to the trees. I think it might be because I'm using a stock Vass tree in a narrow width but I have the damndest time getting the shoe trees in and out. I had to use a shoe horn to get it out today. 
    EP and Vass today.  Tweed Overcoat is thrifted, fits me perfectly and I didn't need to have it tailored. Shirt is Individualized,  Sweater is Scott and Charters through EP Pants are Brisbane Moss Navy Taylors Boots are Vass.
I washed one accidentally last year and it shrunk a tad but previously i've hand washed my linen shirts and never had an issue. But having a garment steamer or iron helps take out some of the larger wrinkles and the scrunched placket.
Apparently the yummy tees have arrived
Mike said he would run a second round of the Portugal EFF and there were a number of florals in there.
Just got shipping confirmation on my sample sale order! Looking forward to wearing it during summer. I need to pick up some summer trousers whenever the swatches for Hertling come in.
Absolutely, I'll try to convince the missus to do it since she has the nicer camera.
    Some better pictures of my lovely new boots from this morning. It's the best spot in the house for light haha.  42E F Last U-Wing Boot No Speedhooks, Brass Eyelets Red-Brown Suede Shaft Antic Cognac Upper Double to Single Leather Sole Antique Edge Dressing
New Posts  All Forums: