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Hey Mauro, another idea for getting in new members is to offer up rewards memberships as a contest prize when naming shirts. Maybe not for the cheaper stuff like tees, but for oxfords the cost of a rewards membership is pretty much the exact same as the oxford plus shipping. This way you might get more outsiders participating instead of just regulars on here, if you happen to pick a colour name from a rewards member then they just get the item for free. 
A trunk show in toronto would be sick. It would be awesome to check everything out. Also Mauro, you mentioned in the video you were making multiple colourways of the sneakers, was this specifically the red suede style or for all of them? I'd probably be all over a blue or green!
The extra discount helps for sure! It certainly makes buying from WvG that much easier to justify. Thankfully I live on a border city so I can avoid the painful costs of shipping.
I would be interested in seeing a pair of bison boat shoes, I think that would be a really unique make up.
I used to not be so hot on them and now its pretty much all I want for summer hahah.
@Mauro the biggest draw for the brand for me has always been the value to price ratio. For specific things I like are the cool prints and the interesting fabrics. I'm definitely going to pick up some of those prints you posted earlier when they are released.    Edit: Oxfords as well, I will always buy more oxfords.
Snagged a Green Linen Polka Dot, I've been wanting that shirt since last summer. Im excited to watch the video once I get home though.
Jesus if only I could request signature on delivery for everything. Thankfully I get all my us packages shipped to a business.
Are the Henleys going to be in today's newsletter?
Yessss, those are sick. Definitely one of the best make-ups ive seen on here. I'm excited for summer as well, I'm thoroughly sick of the cold and want to bust out my handsewns again. 
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