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Debating if I want to swap out the white tee I picked up for a polo. Decisions, decisions....
I don't know about UK but the two most popular I see are Dylon dyes and rit dyes. I've used Dylon on a shirt before and it worked well enough. I dyed a white shirt navy and it came out very even and the colour hasn't washed out at all.
I use ninja soxs personally. They have a little rubber heel grip on the inside. They work well enough, I think they have modified their design a bit since I purchased and made them thinner.
I've heard that cordovan pull tabs are prone to tearing if you use them too hard. 
Hahaha I was wondering if you guys took a picture or not! It looks awesome!
Ask for both! I asked for Chesnut and Cinnamon laces when I put my bison boot order in and couldnt decide which would look better, Rancourt was more than happy to send me a second set of laces for free. 
Just got the shipping notive for my Jade Linen shirt! Super pumped to get it!
I just wish there was a navy tennis trainer on a white sole. Though I don't at the same time because I don't need more sneakers Haha.
It might be helpful to post a picture of yourself in the new and old tees so people can get an idea of the difference in fit.
I'm on my 10th week of waiting now :-(
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