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I got my Dartmouth jacket in a 38L, I'm about 6'2, perfect fit for me.
I got my Hawaiian seersucker a while back. You should email Mauro if you haven't got yours. 
Warm out today so I busted out some summer stuff!   IS White Linen shirt with Curved collar, Eidos Field Jacket from NWMA EP Khaki Taylors
This one: looks pretty accurate to me. The one pair of walts labeled oxford grey does look a fair bit darker to me.
Yeah I'm debating between blue and walnut.   Edit: Mike is there a code? Just curious.
That's how I feel as well. I live in Canada so they probably have more utility for me than some of you, though its a warm part of Canada. I just thrifted an overcoat last month too. I'd love to get the camelhair coat and the double breasted eidos coat but I'm trying to put my cash towards warm weather stuff.
I'd rather have it be a touch too long than a touch too short. Any tailor can shorten it for you for probably $5 or less. I wear mostly higher rise trousers, but I own one pair of jeans that have a relatively low rise, and whenever I wear them I'm thankful for the extra length on the henleys. 
I've got some old Henley's from maybe 3 years ago that the buttons just started going on. I need to get that fixed.
The worst is when there are only four fabrics you really want... then you have to decide if you want a shirt you dont care that much about or if you want to live without one of your four.
I agree with @Mghart I dont think its so much a sizing issue as how thick the sweater is. I can layer it under a few of my jackets, but they're usually large enough jackets that there's room for me to layer. Even if you buy a size down I imagine youll still have trouble layering. I wouldn't worry about the sweater not fitting you so long as the length works for you as it's quite stretchy. 
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