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@Epaulet those new swatches are killer. Really love that Laguna one. I was looking at those this morning and I thought they were new but I wasn't sure if I just hadn't noticed them before haha. Do you guys have any plans for prints from Individualized?
On the sale page it also lists the original price as $1275, so it sounds like quite a steal really.
I dont have any of the new Enzo's but IIRC my italian denim is a 34 and my Enzo's are a 36. Mine are from the original run of red, charcoal, and indigo and I think he has tweaked the fit since then. 
I asked Mauro about the Crab Linen and he said it isnt a stock fabric for the mill. He said they will start looming the fabric in September or so in order to make shirts in October/November.
I'm also eyeing that linen crab.
Hahah my thoughts were pretty much the same. 
Dammit Mike! My plan was to go on a cop freeze for a bit after that last sweater. Those gables are just too good to pass up.
@Epaulet any other fabric recommendations for this style?
Love it. Definitely planning on getting at least one finestra on my next order.
I'm down for joining a navy Bengal with artisan collar gang! One more and we can be a barbershop quartet. Also I am a weak impulsive man I just kopped another waffle knit in forest! I've opted for Java as well in the same shape.
New Posts  All Forums: