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Oxblood V caps arrived today! Will take pictures soon.
Deets on that sweater? I've been after a fair isle sweater for a while.
Nice! I have the Lovat from last year actually. It's really great as well. My girlfriend wants me to pick up the pumpkin as well, though im generally pretty apprehensive about wearing any red or orange tops since im a ginger.
Finally picked up my Ivy Marl Shetland! The depth of color on this thing is crazy. It has some really fantastic light green and blue hues to it. My camera does not do it justice at all. Really fantastic sweater.
That is straight up brilliant. Ill have to pick up a seam ripper and do exactly this. My fear with scissors was that it would look frayed and fall apart in the wash but this is perfect.
Has anyone had any success modifying a buttondown or regular collared shirt into a band collar? I realize you could just take a pair of scissors to it but I am reluctant to do so. I've been really tempted to modify my gonzo poplin and sunny madras EP shirts into band collars from button down. As much as Iove them and button downs I don't care for Gitman's smaller button down collars. I was just wondering if anyone had some experience doing this and had recommendations for...
My last pair, back during the summer took 8 or 9 weeks so it definitely varies. I think they quote 7 weeks though so its tough to say when they will come exactly.
September 4th. These took about a month and a half. I honestly didn't expect them for another week or two so im pleasantly surprised with the speed they took.
My new shoes are finished! U last oxblood V cap Italian oxford! I am in love for sure! Though they look brown in the picture Mr. Kuti has assured me that they are oxblood. Really excited to get my hands on these.
I've heard plenty of praise about Epaulet's though I don't own any myself.
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