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Just received my new fedora from Black Sheep Hat Works and I love it. Great customer service and they'll make the hat you want at a really reasonable price. May want to check them out at www.blacksheephatworks.com/ Hope that helps.
2 Pair each - 11,23,29
Just received two new grenadine ties from Sam Hober. These ties are absolutely amazing - if you don't have one (or two or three), you should definitely check them out. David does a fantastic job and the service is first rate.
+1 on Red Oxx. I own two of their bags and they're fantastic.
PM sent on RLPL and Brioni
PM sent
Brother is looking for either Vintage or Ultimate Indy from Leather Soul. Believe he would prefer Vintage Indy, but Ultimate would be considered. Normally takes size 9.5 so I think size 9 would be required.
PM sent
PM sent on #3.
PM sent.
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