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Thanks - really liking these so far.  The Vibram sole should be great for the PNW weather.
I picked up some Rancourt x Trask Bison Blucher Mocs last week.  I believe these are on the 800 last, same as the Ranger Mocs.  Overall, I like them, and they should be great fall/winter casual shoes.          
Any info on sizing the Williams?   On the Brannock, I'm between a 9E and 9.5D.  In Red Wing, W1k, Viberg 2030, I'm an 8.5 with thin socks and a 9 with medium-weight socks.  In most Allen Edmonds dress shoes I'm a 9.  I have a high instep and somewhat narrow heels.   Thanks!
Here's a profile view of my engineers with the Vibram 705.  The important thing that Viberg does, regardless of the sole, is put in a half-slip to maintain a constant thickness between the back of the sole and the front of the heel.  
My 8.5EE Viberg x IH Engineers are about the same length as my 8.5 2030 service boots.  The main differences that I've noticed are:   The heel pocket on the EE width Engineers is wider and looser, kind of like the 110 heel.  As a byproduct of the additional room, the Engineers feel longer. The Engineers have a wider and taller toebox.  I can easily curl my toes in the Engineers, but not so much in the Service Boots. In general, the EE width Engineers feel like...
 I should revise that part of the review - I have a high instep and high volume feet, so getting my feet in and out require some effort.  I've also had numerous ankle injuries (from soccer), so it's possible I can't extend my ankle as much as I used to.  After I get my feet in, the area across the instep is comfortable, borderline loose with thin socks.  With all that said, I've only worn them a few times, and they have become a bit easier to put on.
If anyone is interested in some engineers, Iron Heart has some on special ($500 shipped).  LINK   I posted a review/pictures on /r/goodyearwelt, too.  LINK
 I'm a US Brannock L: 9.5D, R: 9E, and my feet are fairly high volume.  I like an 8-1/2, Fitting 5 or 6 UK in the 4497 last.  I usually wear thin socks with an insole or thick(er) socks without an insole.
 There were several that ended over the weekend, but I don't think they ended early.  They were mostly unique makeups, too, with two vastly different leathers.  The sizes were mostly 8.5 - 9.5.  Several of them didn't sell, so I'm sure they'll be relisted at some point.
Sounds normal to me.  It could be that you have a hard heel-strike.  I wouldn't worry about it.
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