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A couple pictures of my Packers.      
 I had two pairs of Iron Heart x Viberg engineers - 8.5D and 8.5EE.  On the brannock, I measure 9.5D (L) and 9E (R).  The 8.5D's were incredibly small - much shorter and narrower than my 8.5 2030 service boots.  I sold those immediately. My 8.5EE pair was wearable, only because of the width and volume.  They were too short for my left foot, though - the footbed measured 10.5", and my left foot with a sock measures 10.4".
 Within the same size, the 2005 felt shorter than the 2030.  1/2 down from brannock seemed to be good for the 2005.
I stole these from the retricker eBay store.  Marmalade Shell Parade Boots on the 4497.    
 From the sounds of it, that should work!  I really like the 2592, and if I ever do a custom moc, I'll probably ask for it.
 @Whirling What did you order??
  I'd say the width is about the same, except for the toebox.  The 2592 has a wider and rounder toebox, whereas the 800 has a slightly tapered toebox.
A few of my pairs from PNW bootmakers.   Wesco Packers - Burgundy Domain   Wesco Foot Patrol - Redwood Oil Tan   Wesco Jobmasters - Burgundy Domain   Viberg Derby Boots - Waxed Flesh   Viberg Engineers - Brown Oil Tan
 I'd say it's about 1/2 size larger than the 800 last.  In my size 9 Ranger Mocs (800 last), my toes touch the end.  In my size 9 (2592 last) chukkas and boots, I have plenty of room for my toes, even with medium weight socks.
 I believe that's the same last they use for a lot of Eastland's (and other private label) boots.  Size for size, it's longer and has a wider toebox, compared to the 800 last.  Personally, it's one of my favorite lasts for handsewn boots - I'm wearing some Rancourt x Trask bourbon cavalier boots today on the 2592.  I'm not sure how it'd look in Ranger Moc form, but it's certainly worth a try, since it is a comfortable last. HERE's a link to pictures of my Rancourt x Trask...
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