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 It also depends on how much conditioner is applied.  I've used Effax Lederbalsam (avocado oil & beeswax, so very similar to LP) on a few pairs of RO shoes, and the key to maintaining the nap is using as little as necessary to condition the leather.  I also scrub it on with an old toothbrush, rather than using a cloth, and that helps to maintain the nap.  I've used the same product, in greater quantities on some waxed flesh Vibergs, and it takes a lot longer for the nap to...
 I'm enjoying them so far, even though they aren't the most practical footwear for an office job.  I mostly wear them on casual days or if I'll be outside (and likely getting rained on).  I've already put several (10-15) miles on them, with no discomfort.  With thin or medium socks, I feel like I could've sized down 1/2, but they're just right with heavy boot socks. Have you looked thru Wesco's Instagram page for ideas??  Wesco Japan also has some wild builds. Like you, I...
 Right on, welcome to the club!  I've owned Vibergs (8 or 9 pairs), Daytons and White's, and I greatly prefer my Wescos.  I know everybody's feet are different, but my Wescos are my most comfortable boots. There are some great deals on WorkingPerson.com.  Around the Holidays they had a 20% off promotion, which put the Jobmasters at $300.  I kind of wish I had purchased another pair, even though it'd be difficult to justify.
I thought I'd cross-post these here, since the Wesco thread is pretty slow.  We all like boots, too, so why not!  Thanks for letting me share!   Wesco 10" Packer in Burgundy Domain, Nickel Eyelets, Heels 1 lift higher, Vibram 430          
 As an additional point of reference, I'm a 9.5D/9E (L/R) on the brannock and my 2040 WF derby boots are a size 9.  They fit very comfortably with medium-weight socks.  I had some size 8.5 2030 service boots that I sold because they were too tight across the toebox for my 9.5 foot.  I feel like the 2040 is slightly narrower thru the heel and waist, compared to the 2030. If you have low-volume or narrow feet, I bet an 8 would be ok.  If you have wide/high-volume feet, an...
Thanks!  Here's the build info.  If you select brass eyelets, standard heel height, and "random leather" insoles, they'd be closer to $500.  
10" Packers in Burgundy Domain.  More pictures here.  
@Kahuna75  Thanks!  I'm 9.5D/9E (L/R) on the brannock, and the tag size is 9D.  They're on Rancourt's 2592 last, so they're a bit longer and more generous in the toebox.  They're a little tight across the instep, but they should loosen a bit.
Picked up a pair of Rancourt x Trask Canyon boots in brown Cavalier this week.  I believe they're on the 2592 last.  Overall, I really like this colorway, and the wool quarters aren't too warm.  They're a little tight across the instep, but I can already feel them loosening up.  I'll take some proper pictures at some point.  
 Of the 9 pairs of Vibergs I've owned, these are my favorite.  For anyone on the fence about the faux cap-toe, it become less noticeable as the WF wears in.        Comparison with unstructured 110, both are size 9:  Length is almost identical, 2040 has a tighter heel and waist, 110 is wider in the heel.  I feel like the 2040 toebox is more comfortable, since it's "anatomically correct."   
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