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I discovered Russell a little late into my fascination with footwear, but these have been wonderful companions for hiking and full days on the job-site.  Here's some info on the boots...   Signature South 40 Triple vamp chocolate Weather Tuff Vibram Airbob Size 9D/E Purchased new from Russell's list of in-stock boots (no waiting!!)     Mountain PH Triple vamp green Weather Tuff and green canvas Poron slip sole Vibram Multi-purpose sole Size 8.5D Purchased used...
A few pics of my tan derby boots from the 2016 sample sale, along with some side-by-side pics with my waxed flesh country derby boots.                                
 I have the same boots, and they're some of my favorites.  I wear mine to the office, construction sites, hiking, running errands, etc.  I almost always bring them when I travel for work.  I think mine are going on 3 years of wear.  One of the toes has a cracked toebox, and they're likely due for a resole this year.  Honestly, I think they're the best pair of Vibergs I've owned.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy mine!  Great for getting muddy   After being hosed...
 Those look like Tan Latigo Derby Boots.  The 2040 last is reminiscent of a "Munson last," which is meant to be "anatomically correct."  I will say that my 2040 waxed flesh derby boots are some of my most comfortable footwear, and they have a ton of miles on them.  Hope you enjoy them!!
 I always thought that Red Dog and Redwood were the same leather - is that not the case?  Any chance for a side-by-side comparison?
Rancourt Bison Chukkas with ~50 wears.  These are size 9D on the 2592 last, which run a little long.  I'm a 9.5D (L), 9E (R) on the brannock, and these are some of my favorite and most comfortable shoes.  
 I've never owned any White's with Arch-Ease, but my Wesco's (Packers and Jobmasters) do have some arch support.  I imagine it's less than White's, though, which is perfect for me.
Burgundy Jobmasters       Burgundy Packers  
A couple pictures of my Packers.      
 I had two pairs of Iron Heart x Viberg engineers - 8.5D and 8.5EE.  On the brannock, I measure 9.5D (L) and 9E (R).  The 8.5D's were incredibly small - much shorter and narrower than my 8.5 2030 service boots.  I sold those immediately. My 8.5EE pair was wearable, only because of the width and volume.  They were too short for my left foot, though - the footbed measured 10.5", and my left foot with a sock measures 10.4".
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