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 I have some espresso scotch grain Woodstocks on Dainite, and I couldn't be happier with them.  The leather is thick and fairly stiff, since they're relatively new.  
Scored a pair of Tricker's Regent cap-toes in beechnut calf on ebay today for a little less than 2 bills.  From the pictures they looked like they're in pretty good condition - I'll post some pics when I get them.
 All of those have a storm welt, so I'd assume they're part of Tricker's Country Boot collection.  Unless they're a special makeup, they should use the 4497 last.
 I'd be elated to find those in my size for $85 shipped.  They look like they're in great condition.  I bet they don't last long...better cop while you can.
What are SF's thoughts on these?  Tricker's Woodstock in Scotch Grain   I think they'd be a good year-round shoe for a business casual environment, and they should be good in the rain with the Dainite sole and scotch grain leather.  With a coupon they're about $300.  What I'm worried about is they'd look too chunky to be dressed up with slacks or a suit.
I picked these up from a fellow SF'er.  Malton in C-Shade, with the commando sole.  Super comfy and fit is great.  I'm a 9D/E brannock, 8.5 RW, 8.5 W1k, and these are an 8.5UK (fitting 6 (wide)).  
Welp, I received my nappa suede chukkas yesterday, and the 8 fits nicely.  For reference, I'm a 9D/E Brannock, 8.5 RW, 8.5 W1k.  My feet are somewhat wide, so the 110 last feels comfortable - just enough wiggle room in the toe box.  I was surprised by the leather - it's actually roughout, but with a very low nap, and it's quite thick, compared to split and lined suede.   Anyways, I'll take some pictures and post a thorough review as soon as I'm able to.  I just wanted to...
 Should get mine on Friday.  I'm in the PNW, so it might take a few more days for people on the east coast.
 I ended up buying a pair of the Langstons in suede from STP for $320 shipped.  I'm interested to see how they'll fit into my wardrobe.  I'm stoked to get some dressier boots, though. The wingtip derbies w/ the Dainite sole looked nice, too - maybe in the future...
There's a good explanation here:  http://www.rancourtandcompany.com/leathers I guess what I'm trying to figure out is how thick the uppers are on the suede Langston model.  I have some unlined split suede chukkas from Allen Edmunds, and they can't even support their own weight. I saw that you bought some Langstons - how do you like them?
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