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Sounds normal to me.  It could be that you have a hard heel-strike.  I wouldn't worry about it.
 I love me some c-shade gorse!  My Malton Commandos (bought them from Carson, actually) are my go-to boots for bad weather and casual outfits.  Here's a pic from today.  I've really only performed minimal maintenance, such as brushing and shoe trees.  The leather doesn't seem to need much conditioner, and it's maintained a consistent and satin finish.  The leather isn't particularly thick, but it seems tough enough for regular casual wear.
I'm a big Rancourt fan.  I just got some green Ranger Mocs from the recent Brooks Brothers sale.  I ordered them TTS, and they were a bit tight to begin with, but now they feel like leather socks.  I also have 2 pairs of Trask branded Rancourts.  One pair is a bison chukka boot, and the other is a wool and whiskey cavalier boot.  
^^That's not bad at all.  Some brown cream will hide that nicely.
I'm a 9D/E Brannock, 8.5 Barrie and an 8.5-fitting 5 UK in the 2298 last fits perfectly.  The 2298 last isn't particularly narrow - it's just a bit sleeker in the toe-box than the 4497 & 4444 lasts. So, I think you'd be good with an 8 UK.
 I think they'd be great with some navy or charcoal wool trousers, oxford-cloth shirt and solid tie.  (At least, that's how I plan on incorporating them into my business casual wardrobe)
 It's just my opinion, but I wouldn't pair dark brown boots with black jeans, unless your Stows have a light/natural welt to provide some contrast.  Lighters shades of brown might look ok with black jeans, though. I usually try to have some contrast between my shoes and pants.  Tan shoes with brown/olive pants, brown shoes with khaki pants, brown/tan shoes with navy pants, etc.
 I have some espresso scotch grain Woodstocks on Dainite, and I couldn't be happier with them.  The leather is thick and fairly stiff, since they're relatively new.  
Scored a pair of Tricker's Regent cap-toes in beechnut calf on ebay today for a little less than 2 bills.  From the pictures they looked like they're in pretty good condition - I'll post some pics when I get them.
 All of those have a storm welt, so I'd assume they're part of Tricker's Country Boot collection.  Unless they're a special makeup, they should use the 4497 last.
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