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Please don't do that... do what he said - call him in a couple months. Nothing good can come of badgering a person.
This is more for posterity's sake at this point, but Freddy Vandecasteele is my vote... Amazing quality, fit and price. If you're in LA, you'd be silly not to seek him out...
Quote: Freddy doesn't get enough attention around here. He's a great guy to work with. Agreed - Freddy does great work; they are by far the best shirts I own.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Andrew's swatch photos are much better done than what the cloth merchants present themselves, and are a useful resource. He's a stand up guy for putting that much effort into sharing them. - B Agreed. Andrew's photos are incredibly helpful and I'm glad to hear improvements are in the works.
Couple relatively new shirts from Freddy Vandecasteele. Dark blue stripe is TM goldline Light blue/white is Grandi & Rubinelli
^ Those look great. Any chance of a fit pic?
I've had a handful of pants made by Nick the Greek - a good guy and very talkative about his subjects. This is just the inside buttonhole since I was trying out a different style at the time. Nick is a little too far away for me and does not have immediate access to nicer wools/mills, so I've moved toward other tailors, but he is worth checking out if you have fabric and know what you want.
Richard Lim on Wilshire does handwork... actually every buttonhole from pants to suits is done by hand. His prices are extremely cheap - you might even want to offer more money and specify 'do them really nice'. Also, Novex in BH does a bunch of hand work in general, but he's on the [relatively] expensive side. The blue spot-effect flannel is from Richard at the standard cheap price... I've seen Richard's buttonholes on his jackets and they can 'step it up' if...
Tommy John undershirts... about $36 each, but it's worth it and half the price of Zimmerli. Check out their website; they pretty much address every problem with standard undershirts.
Quote: What person? A bunch of other people indulge in a whiney hate fest, someone else links it here, I say "Oh, brother, that's awful" and you single me out for blame? Well, OK. I apologize for noting the badness of that bad thread. How awful of me. Okie dokie, chief.
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