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Thanks @bradp
Appreciate your feedback very much.The PS was a mistake. Well you live and learn :).
@archibaldleach Thank you very much for the advise. I'm looking to get a few linen ties (I have none atm). I too felt the navy ginham checks were too contrasty to the point of over powering me. Agreed on the PS.   Thanks again!
It's friday .. so it was time to have some fun.  
Could I please get some feedback on the choice of tie and the tie knot please?   The shirt is navy/white gingham check. The tie is a wool chocolate brown. The blazer is linen/cotton mix with patch pockets.   1. Is the tie appropriate for this setting?   2. The knot is 4-in-hand. Does the knot look ok?     Is the dimple correct?   Thanks in advance for your feedback.  
It was a missunderstanding. I provided the inside length and what they expected was the outside length.I'm sure I'm not the only one who confused this measurement. The customer service folks got back to me saying the tailor thought the sleeve length was unusually short and asked me to measure again.But it wasn't made clear it was the outside length that was required. They also said the armhole and bicep width was too small. However I didn't notice any issues there.At least...
Thanks a lot!The response from Modern Tailor has been quite slow.Lets wait and see what they plan to do. I asked if they could redo the shirt for me.
Thank you for your feedback. That could fix the pooling in the back?
I think tie bar is a great option - for students, - folks who are on a budget. - folks who want to try new stuff/express themselves (so in case you make a mistake it's not a costly one) - and for ties to be worn to lounges/pubs/clubs. So in case a drink gets spilled on to it, it's not like you ruined a $100 tie.   I have several of them and their quality is much better then the mall ties at twice or three times the cost.   For the more dressy occasions you could...
Given I have brown skin and warm toned. Ecru/off-white is more flattering to my complexion than the plain crisp white shirts. So naturally they are a staple in my wardrobe along with blue shirts.
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