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Sounds very conservative - almost funereal - for  a wedding. I say go a little crazy with the pocket square (and perhaps the tie) to match the occasion.
I have a DAKS blazer and a cashmire overcoat (marvellous charity shop find) that I have had more than 10 years. Neither show much wear.
Because my mother would have wanted it. Go Scotland, go. Make history today.
Master Classer.  Thanks for feedback. I’d only worn these pants/trousers a couple of times and haven’t taken them in to be altered. My body seems to be morphing with age and having to hitch trousers up (no matter how well made or fitted) seems to be a recurrent and increasing problem. The (horrible) shoes… bought at least ten years ago in NYC and only had occasion to wear them three or four times since them. Frequently consigned to the charity/thrift shop pile but always...
Love these... very very much. But why have you posted when the discount expires at the BEGINNING of this month? Can you extend it?
  At my niece's beach wedding this weekend. If only I had an excuse to dress up like this every day!
Glad to be of help Cleav. I think if I were to have a map pocket square I would want one of those silk escape maps they gave to bomber crew so that they could find their way back from Stalag Luft XX, if shot down. But a golf course is good even if you have to whip it out every so often to describe your progress round the dog-leg 6th hole.   On a completely different note yesterday my granddaughter decided to take all of my pocket squares out of the drawer where they...
I do like this – design, typography – but not so much the message. Seeing only a few letters displayed people are bound to ask what it says. I’d love to have one with a favourite personalised quote than a “T-shirt/poster” style motto.   I’ve just bought this market scene pocket square from the USA on ebay… should arrive this week.       I noticed that Drakes did a limited edition last year of pocket squares decorated with the covers of Beatles’ albums – would have...
I notice that Richard Branson (forced to wear a tie for Wimbledon) said today:  "I loathe ties, and encourage everyone to say bye to them at every opportunity. I often carry scissors, just in case an opportunity arises to cut off somebody’s tie.”     I feel exactly the same way about beards, but doubt if I could get away with it.
I’ve had my hair cut at Trumpers in Jermyn Street for years and frequently browse or buy – usually the former – at the shops there, visit St James’ Church and the adjacent market and coffee shop. It’s probably my favorite London street and I thought I knew a lot about it until Friday when a chance correspondence with a newspaper columnist led to me being invited on her Jermyn Street London Walk.   As well as a behind-the-scenes look at a bespoke shirtmaker and...
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