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'No brown in town'. EXCEPT on Fridays, with the implication you are off to the country for the weekend.   And tan (brown?) colours are OK in warm weather.
Great letter in The Times (London) this weekend about former prime minister Harold 'Supermac' Macmillan (1957-63). Apparently, while a student at Oxford a college porter told Macmillan “that his tailor had arrived to collect a much overdue amount for a suit.”  “Tell him that payment is not possible at the moment,” MacMillan replied. “But I am prepared to order another suit.”
I didn't see Richard Anderson's 'Bespoke: Savile Row Ripped and Smoothed' - the story of his Savile Row apprenticeship mentioned in this thread. (I might have missed it). It's an amusing read and very informative on suit construction in particular.
Please tell me. Where are these Friday challenges posted/announced? I never seem to notice them until they are over.
I tried on a rather smart Irish tweed hat the other day but was wearing a trench coat at the time. Has Sellers spoilt this combination for all time?
Is 'three' not what is sometimes called 'gun club check'? I used to have a jacket like this some years ago but a friend used to call it a 'geography master's jacket' which put me off. I could have seen his point if I had had leather elbow pads.
Sounds very conservative - almost funereal - for  a wedding. I say go a little crazy with the pocket square (and perhaps the tie) to match the occasion.
I have a DAKS blazer and a cashmire overcoat (marvellous charity shop find) that I have had more than 10 years. Neither show much wear.
Because my mother would have wanted it. Go Scotland, go. Make history today.
Master Classer.  Thanks for feedback. I’d only worn these pants/trousers a couple of times and haven’t taken them in to be altered. My body seems to be morphing with age and having to hitch trousers up (no matter how well made or fitted) seems to be a recurrent and increasing problem. The (horrible) shoes… bought at least ten years ago in NYC and only had occasion to wear them three or four times since them. Frequently consigned to the charity/thrift shop pile but always...
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