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 I think I will have the pants hemmed slightly (after I make sure they are sitting on my waist correctly ;)) Then figure out what I can do to fix the upper back/neck area.  The majority of my shirts sleeves were too long, until I recently had them tailored, and the shirt I wore underneath in the pictures is one of the exceptions.  The shirt I'll be wearing with the suit will be much better.  Only 3 1/2 more weeks!
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Thank you!   I don't know if I have high shoulders, I've never really thought about and not sure how to tell.  I just know something is definitely wrong with the upper back area for some reason.  Hopefully my tailor can address it when I go see him.
I don't know that it has a model.  On the website it just says Polo Ralph Lauren 2 button charcoal suit.  I hope my tailor can fix the upper back area, because I feel like the rest feels quite good.  It does seem a bit tight in the waist when I am walking in it, but it seems that would be pretty normal in any well-fitting suit.   As for the pants, they are actually rolled up inside, and are much longer than what they seem in the picture, but yeah I have an issue with...
lol, yeah I couldn't wait any longer and called also.  She gave me the line about it taking longer because they didn't know what they wanted to do, but if that's the case they sure did get a lot of orders in last week.  The lady I talked to made it seem like it won't be a problem though, may just take a bit longer.
is anybody still waiting for their shipping confirmation? My transaction is no longer pending on my credit card, although I can still see my order on the RL website.  Wish I would've gotten expedited shipping, this wait is killing me.
Yeah, I may try to just go to the tailor and get their opinion.  I like to get the feedback here first though.  Hopefully everything is fixable, although I'm sure being rtw it won't ever be perfect.
I was wondering does anybody that still has their order pending (mine says "items located in stock") is the transaction been posted to their accounts yet? Mine is still showing as a pending charge, and I haven't gotten a shipping confirmation.  Wondering if I should call or just wait it out.
I purchased this suit to wear to my wedding in May from the Ralph Lauren store.  It's a Polo RL charcoal.  I really like it quite a bit, and I had the RL tailor alter it by shortening the sleeves, and taking in the waist, and letting out the pants waist an inch.     Keep in mind that I think the shirt I'm wearing is a slight bit too long in the pictures, I tried it on with a shirt that had shorter sleeves and it looked a bit better, but I'm still worried they are too...
The question is, is that 800 before the discount or after, because my shoes shirt and tie are definitely over that since the tassel loafers were 850 by themselves.  After the discounts it was only $435 though.
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