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^^^ Even better. Thanks!
  I believe @Leaves said that they could refill the order, but it would have to be the exact same makeup as the one @RogerP posted. I think those have double leather soles? If we can confirm the makeup details and price, I'm in. Thanks @RogerP , @Sotiris , and @bespoken pa for sizing advice. 
What size in Vass F are you?
I'm very interested but need some sizing help too. My best fit is Vass F last in size 42 standard width. What size Galway on 82 last would fit similarly? Maybe 8.5E or 8.5F?
 Killer combo, Roger! Details on the pants please? I like very much.
Thank you, unc. Compliments on your combo as well. Looks fantastic and bet those socks make the unlined PTB even more comfortable.
Enjoying some sun
Sun and shade shots  
 Very pleased with it. I think it's perfect for a casual chukka. Roomy enough to wear thicker socks for winter or casual wear, but not so roomy that they are sloppy. I've worn dress socks with them too, and the fit is still great. I was also pleasantly surprised by their shape. They're considered a wide last, but they are sleeker than I thought they'd be...less blobby than Alden Barrie last.  
My one and only pair of Carminas. I really need to change that soon.   
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